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真的真的喜歡你 (DVD) (MBC劇集) (韓/國語配音) (中英文字幕) (馬來西亞版) DVD Region 3

柳鎮 (演員) | 柳真 (演員) | 李民基 (演員) | Yoo Tae Jun (演員)
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真的真的喜歡你 (DVD) (MBC劇集) (韓/國語配音) (中英文字幕) (馬來西亞版)
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顧客評分: 顧客評分為 10 - 10 (十分為滿分) (1)

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MBC電視劇大玩總統府,鄉村女子竟然看上總統先生的兒子﹖因而產生出一段既愛又恨、幽默風趣的愛情喜劇—《真的真的喜歡你》(Really Really Like You)!劇中有《美妙人生》Eugene助陣演出,飾演一位老土又帶有鄉音的鄉村女子Bong Soon,除了有《Be Strong Geum Soon》新人李民基參演外,劇中Eugene的對手乃飾演總統的兒子Jang Joon Won—《薯童謠》柳鎮,劇集搞笑又鬼馬、卻不失真情的可貴,究竟這愛情三角錯最終誰勝誰負﹖劇情《真的真的喜歡你》自有分曉!
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產品名稱: Love Truly (AKA: Really Really Like You) (DVD) (MBC TV Drama) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitles) (Malaysia Version) 真的真的喜歡你 (DVD) (MBC劇集) (韓/國語配音) (中英文字幕) (馬來西亞版) 真的真的喜欢你 (DVD) (MBC剧集) (韩/国语配音) (中英文字幕) (马来西亚版) めっちゃ大好き! (本当に本当に好き) (DVD) (MBC) (マレーシア版) Love Truly (AKA: Really Really Like You) (DVD) (MBC TV Drama) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitles) (Malaysia Version)
藝人名稱: Ryu Jin (演員) | Eugene (Yoo Jin) (演員) | Lee Min Ki (演員) | Yoo Tae Jun (演員) 柳鎮 (演員) | 柳真 (演員) | 李民基 (演員) | Yoo Tae Jun (演員) 柳镇 (演員) | 柳真 (演員) | 李民基 (演員) | Yoo Tae Jun (演員) リュ・ジン (演員) | ユジン(S.E.S) (演員) | イ・ミンギ (演員) | Yoo Tae Jun (演員) 류진 (演員) | 유진 (S.E.S) (演員) | 이민기 (演員) | 유태준 (演員)
推出日期: 2007-06-15
語言: 韓語, 國語
字幕: 英文, 繁體中文, 馬來文
製作來源地: 南韓, 馬來西亞
制式: NTSC 這是什麼?
影碟格式: DVD-9, DVD
區碼: 3 - 東南亞(包括香港、南韓及台灣等) 這是什麼?
出品商: 環宇娛樂 (馬) 有限公司
其他資料: 8DVDs (Ep.1-34)
重量(連包裝): 500 (g)
運費單位: 3 這是什麼?
YesAsia 產品編號: 1004878554



There’s no ‘nobody.’ Everybody is once an important person to somebody.
The Life Story of Beautiful-minded People; ‘The true meaning and hope of life can be learned from ordinary people.’
What makes Love Truly different from other stories is its characters; those who work in the Blue House (Korean presidential residence). This drama introduces the viewers the place considered mysterious and tabooed in TV dramas. It also features the people working inside the most unknown place in the country.

Even though the presidential residence is the main setting of the story, the main characters of the story aren’t the presidential family. The story focuses on the true residents of the Blue House; those who have always been in the very center of the history, but remained nameless for many years. In this story, the viewers will meet the presidential cook, kitchen staff, a carpenter, a photographer, bodyguards and other workers.

These people are working in the most unusual and interesting place in Korea. Nobody recognizes their hard work, but they strongly believe that the food they cook, the door they fix, and a phone call they answer can make a difference. They take their work very seriously and always do their best. The story features the simple, but noble spirit of those who love their job and work hard. Therefore, the Blue House in this story represents the workplace of the hardest working people in the country, rather than the secret and off-limits presidential residence.

真的真的喜歡你 (DVD) (MBC劇集) (韓/國語配音) (中英文字幕) (馬來西亞版) 》的其他推介版本

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真的真的喜歡你 (DVD) (MBC劇集) (韓/國語配音) (中英文字幕) (馬來西亞版) 》的顧客評論

顧客對此產品的評分: 顧客評分為 10 - 10 (十分為滿分) (1)



classic 顧客評分為 10 - 10 (十分為滿分)
The best of lee Min ki, a role tailored for him. Lucky him! He stole the lime- light from the other male actor and kept up part of the watchability of the drama. Eugene was outstanding too. Agree with my fellow reviewer here that this drama has not attracted much attention. Maybe, you all love it, but didn't voice your opinions. Sorry to lee Min Ki, should have give him full compliment long time ago. Judge the quality of a drama by whether one will watch it a second time. This is one of my second timer. Really, really like it.
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