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Trivisa (2016) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)The Mobfathers (2016) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)The Bodyguard (2016) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)
  • Trivisa (2016) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version) Blu-ray Region A Gordon Lam (Actor) | Richie Jen (Actor) | Jordan Chan (Actor) | Johnnie To (Producer)
    Produced by Johnnie To and Yau Nai Hoi, the gritty Milkyway thriller Trivisa stars Richie Jen, Gordon Lam and Jordan Chan as notorious criminals facing crossroads in their lives and livelihoods on the eve of Hong Kong's Handover back to China in 1997. New directors Frank Hui, Vicky Wong and Jevons Au are each responsible for one actor's portion in the tense collision course of three thieves of different feathers, all of whom are inspired by infamous real-life mobsters that topped Hong Kong's most wanted list. Like with the Election series, Trivisa is more than just a crime thriller: the film's characters and choices reflect on the Hong Kong mentality and feelings of insecurity, frustration, anger and helplessness as the Handover looms ahead.

    Known for brazen armed robberies and police shootouts in broad daylight, Yip Kwok Foon (Richie Jen) decides to hang up his boots and seek his fortunes in the profitable trade of cross-border electronics smuggling. Though the money is good, he has to constantly wine, dine and kowtow to corrupt Chinese officials to get things done, a process that eats away at his pride. The cautious and meticulous Kwai Ching Hung (Gordon Lam) has pulled off numerous small-scale heists in his time, but he's managed to stay off the police radar by using pseudonyms and maintaining a low profile. The flashy and lavish Cheuk Tse Keung (Jordan Chan) makes his money through abducting and extorting tycoons, and he lives it up accordingly in the loudest and flashiest of ways. These three kings of thieves have nothing to do with each other, but rumors begin to spread in the underworld that they're planning to join forces to pull off something big before the Handover.

    This edition comes with special features including making-of, directors' featurette, character profiles and trailers.

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  • The Mobfathers (2016) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version) Blu-ray Region A Anthony Wong (Actor) | Chapman To (Actor, Producer) | Gregory Wong (Actor) | Philip Keung (Actor)
    Directed by Herman Yau, Hong Kong gangster thriller The Mobfathers references the city's politically charged atmosphere with the timely allegorical tale of a triad's contentious transition of power as it prepares to elect its newest leader. Chapman To, who also served as the film's producer, stars as the defiant gangster who challenges the election process, while Anthony Wong plays the godfather who wields ultimate power. Prepare for all-out war in the streets of Hong Kong when the violent maneuvering of underworld politics meets the creative lobbying of election politics!

    After serving a five-year sentence, gang leader Chuck (Chapman To) returns to the outside world, only to find that it's not exactly a glorious welcome that awaits him. He gets attacked the minute he steps out of jail, his wife (Bonnie Xian) treats him coldly, and his underlings now answer more to his buddy (Philip Keung) who took care of things in his absence. Meanwhile, the time has come to select a new "Dragon Head" to nominally lead the entire triad organization. With the big boss (Anthony Wong) diagnosed with terminal cancer, this election is more crucial than ever, and Chuck decides to stand for the triennial election against the big boss's handpicked incumbent (Tony Ho) and flamboyant upstart rival Wulf (Gregory Wong). The Dragon Head is traditionally selected by a small council of triad elders, but with the system stacked against him, Chuck calls for an open election in which every triad member gets a vote.

    This edition comes with making-of features.

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  • The Bodyguard (2016) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version) Blu-ray Region A Andy Lau (Actor, Producer) | Sammo Hung (Director, Actor) | Zhu Yu Chen (Actor) | Feng Jia Yi (Actor)
    Sammo Hung directs and stars in the highly anticipated crime action drama The Bodyguard! The legendary action star plays a retired security officer suffering from dementia symptoms and the longtime guilt of losing his granddaughter years ago. The aged but still lethal Ding mostly keeps to himself, though he has a soft spot for Cherry (Jacqueline Chan), the little girl next door who likes to come play at his house. Danger comes storming into Ding's quiet neck of the woods when Cherry's good-for-nothing father (Andy Lau) crosses both a Chinese mobster and the Russian mafia. To rescue Cherry, Ding will take on the mob all by himself. Besides Sammo Hung and Andy Lau, The Bodyguard features cameo appearances from a plethora of Hong Kong film veterans including Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Tsui Hark, Dean Shek and Karl Mak.
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