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The Last Verse & Upstream (2017) (Blu-ray + DVD) (PTS Originals) (Taiwan Version)Swimming Battle (DVD) (Ep.1-18) (End) (Taiwan Version)Bromance (DVD) (Ep.1-18) (End) (Taiwan Version)
  • The Last Verse & Upstream (2017) (Blu-ray + DVD) (PTS Originals) (Taiwan Version) Blu-ray, DVD Region All Fu Meng Bo (Actor) | Ray Chang (Actor) | Chang Han (Actor) | Jenny Wen (Actor)
    Known for its award-winning social and human dramas including the long-running "Life Story" and "Innovative Story" series, Taiwan broadcaster PTS launches the new imprint "PTS Originals" in 2017 as a creative platform for up-and-coming filmmakers. This video release collects the first two films of the series, The Last Verse and Upstream, both of which depict the struggles of young people.

    The Last Verse
    To Ah Shi (Paul Fu, My Egg Boy), the time spent with Xiao Ping (Jenny Wen, A Touch of Green) are the best days of his youth. He met her in the brightest summer of 2000, and the two vowed to walk hand in hand into the future. They thought that better days would lie ahead after Ah Shi completes his army service, but the harsh reality of society finally pushes them apart. As the years pass and political winds change, can Ah Shi and Xiao Ping still remember the poetry of youth they once recited together? Directed by Tseng Ying Ting, whose Life Story drama The Cat in the Closet won Best Cinematography, Editing and Sound at the 51st Golden Bell Awards.

    In 1998, petrochemical company Zhongwan set up operations in the city of Wanhe. Eighteen years later, the city's south bank region has become a prosperous industrial area while the north bank has turned into a polluted wasteland. As young people move away in droves from the north bank, only the older generation remain to safeguard their hometown. On the eve of the mayoral election, protests against Zhongwan's expansion flare up. Incumbent mayor Kuo (Chang Han, Taipei Exchanges) has long enjoyed the monetary support of Zhongwan, but even with massive campaign spending, he is still lagging behind in polls. To turn the tide of public opinion, Zhongwan hires a young man (Ray Chang, Eternal Summer) from north bank to stage a kidnapping. Directed by David Chuang, who previously directed The Iron Concorde for the Innovative Story series.

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  • Swimming Battle (DVD) (Ep.1-18) (End) (Taiwan Version) DVD Region 3 Kingone Wang (Actor) | Mandy Wei (Actor) | Cindy Yen (Actor) | Zhang Yan Ming (Actor)
    Kingone Wang (Someone Like You) and Mandy Wei (When I See You Again) swim their way to love in SETTV's sports and romance drama Swimming Battle. Wealthy CEO Gao Hai Fei (Kingone Wang) has spent years searching for his first love from 14 years ago. When he finally reencounters Yu Die (Mandy Wei), however, she doesn't recognize him. A former swimming prodigy, Yu Die lost her mother, her memories and her ability to swim in a traumatic drowning accident years ago. The easygoing Yu Die now helps coach the struggling Qingkong High School swimming team. Hiding his true identity, Hai Fei becomes the coach of the Qingkong team, and dedicates a summer to turning the disparaged team from slow hippos to flying fish. As the team grows and improves, Yu Die also begins to recover her memories.
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  • Bromance (DVD) (Ep.1-18) (End) (Taiwan Version) DVD Region 3 Baron Chen (Actor) | Megan Lai (Actor) | Bii (Actor) | Katie Chen (Actor)
    Megan Lai and Baron Chen bring new meaning to the word Bromance in the 2015 Taiwan idol drama romance about a gender-bending heroine and her confused best friend. Singer Bii, Sean Lee (Pleasantly Surprised), Katie Chen (Someone Like You), Amanda Chou (Say Again Yes I Do) and Mandy Tao (Murphy's Law of Love) also co-star in this hit romantic comedy.

    When Pi Ya Nuo (Megan Lai) was born, a fortune teller warned her parents that she must live as a boy and keep her true gender a secret until the age of 26 in order to avoid grave misfortune. And so for 25 years, Ya Nuo has dressed and carried herself like a man. She practices martial arts, regularly rejects girls and wonders if it's really possible for her to live as a woman after all these years. One day, she meets Du Zi Feng (Baron Chen), a theme park CEO who inherited a triad background from his adoptive father. After helping Zi Feng out in a fight, Ya Nuo reluctantly agrees to become sworn brothers with him. Developing a quick rapport with each other, Zi Feng employs Ya Nuo as his assistant, and they're soon spending nearly all their time together while unwittingly creating countless awkward situations for Ya Nuo. She soon falls for Zi Feng who also begins to question whether his feelings for Ya Nuo have crossed the lines of brotherhood.

    This edition comes with behind-the-scenes special features.

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