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Tabe Mikako and Baisho Mitsuko to star in Japanese remake of Miss Granny

  October 7, 2015  
Following local adaptations in China and Vietnam, the blockbuster Korean comedy Miss Granny is set to be remade a third time in Japan. Tentatively titled Ayashi Kanojo, the Japanese remake will be directed by Mizuta Nobuo (The Apology King) and feature veteran actress Baisho Mitsuko and Tabe Mikako (Midnight Diner) in the roles originally played by Na Moon Hee and Shim Eun Kyung.

Released in 2014, Miss Granny revolves around a demanding elderly woman who magically transforms into her 20-year-old self after taking a picture at a mysterious photo shop. The original film directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk turned into a massive critical and commercial success, garnering over eight million admissions and multiple Best Actress awards for Shim Eun Kyung. Released in early 2015, Miss Granny's Chinese version 20, Once Again! starring Yang Zishan and Kuei Ya Lei also became a hit in China with box office earnings of 365 million yuan, a new record for Chinese-Korean co-productions. A Chinese television drama adaptation to be produced by Tangren Media has also been announced, and the Vietnamese film remake Sweet 20 will open in December this year.

Like with the previous adaptations, CJ Entertainment collaborates with local companies, including juggernauts Nippon Television and Shochiku and production company C&I Entertainment, with the intention of localizing the story for the Japanese market. CJ Entertainment has also expressed that there are plans to make Thai, Indonesian, Indian and German versions of Miss Granny in the future.

Production for Ayashi Kanojo began in September and the film is slated to open in early 2016

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2015 Golden Horse Award Nominations

  October 5, 2015  
To be held on November 21, 2015, the 52nd Golden Horse Awards have just released its complete list of nominees. Leading the pack with eleven nominations is Hou Hsiao Hsien's The Assassin. The much-heralded film, which has already won Hou Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival and been selected as Taiwan's entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards, tells the story of a female assassin who lived during a tumultuous time in the Tang Dynasty. Besides being nominated for Best Feature Film and Best Director, The Assassin is also nominated for Best Leading Actress (Shu Qi), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Makeup and Costume Design, Best Action Choreography, Best Original Music, Best Film Editing and Best Sound Effects.

Chang Tso Chi's Thanatos, Drunk, the big winner of this year's Taipei Film Awards, is nominated for a total of ten awards, including Best Feature, Best Director, Best Leading Actor (Hong Chi Lee, also nominated for Best New Performer), Best Supporting Actor (Jen Shuo Cheng), Best Supporting Actress (Lu Xuefeng) and Best Original Screenplay. Philip Yung's Port of Call rounds out the top three nominees with nine nominations: Best Feature Film, Best Actor (Aaron Kwok), Best Supporting Actor (Michael Ning), Best Supporting Actress (Elaine Jin), Best New Performer (Jessie Li, Michael Ning) and Best Original Screenplay, among others. Also nominated for Best Feature Film are Pema Tseden's Tharlo and Jia Zhangke's Mountains May Depart, both also nominated for Best Director along with Tsui Hark for The Taking of Tiger Mountain.

Joining Lee Hong Chi and Aaron Kwok in the Best Leading Actor category are Feng Xiaogang (Mr. Six), Deng Chao (The Dead End) and Dong Zijian (De Lan), while Best Leading Actress nominee Shu Qi is joined by Karena Lam (Zinnia Flower), Sylvia Chang (Office), Vivian Sung (Our Times) and Zhao Tao (Mountains May Depart). New-generation actors dominate the Best Supporting Actor category, with Lawrence Ko (Murmur of the Hearts), Michael Chang (The Laundryman), Wang Qianyuan (Saving Mr. Wu) and the aforementioned Cheng Jen Shuo and Michael Ning receiving nods. Meanwhile, the Best Supporting Actress category sees a mix of veterans and newcomers, with Ma Sichun (The Left Ear) and Jian Man Shu (Maverick) being nominated alongside Lu Xuefeng, Elaine Jin and Jiang Wenli (The Master). Finally, youth films make their presence felt in the Best New Director category, with Frankie Chan (Our Times), Xiang Guoqiang (Young Love Lost) and actor-turned-director Alec Su (The Left Ear) earning nominations along with Lee Chung (The Laundryman) and Bi Gan (Kaili Blues).

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Horikita Maki reprises detective role in Higanbana

  September 30, 2015  
Horikita Maki is set to reprise her role as detective Kinomiya Nagisa in the upcoming Japanese drama Higanbana -Keishicho Sosa Nana-ka-. Originally a 2014 one-off drama special, the story centers on Kinomiya, who has the special ability to hear the voices of criminals and victims "left" in crime scenes.

Kinomiya belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's 7th Investigative Division, which focuses on crimes committed by and against women. She works with an eclectic group of women that includes the stubborn Minegishi Yukino (Dan Rei, Roosevelt Game), genius analyst Nagami Kaoruko (Kang Ji Young, Assassination Classroom), Ito Rin (Takanashi Rin, Hanako to Anne), criminal sketch artist Yanagi Sachiko (YOU, Last Doctor) and department chief Segawa Sumire (Daichi Mao, Rich Man, Poor Woman).

Higanbana -Keishicho Sosa Nana-ka- will air on NTV starting January 2016.

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The Way We Were wins Best TV Series at 50th Golden Bell Awards

  September 29, 2015  
The 50th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan's top television awards event, was held on September 26, 2015 in Taipei. Nostalgic romance series The Way We Were, which led with seven nominations, won Best Television Series, Best Directing and Best Supporting Actress for Tiffany Hsu. Producer and leading lady Ruby Lin, however, lost out on Best Leading Actress honors to Hakka TV series Brave Forward's Chu Chih Ying. Blue Lan won Best Leading Actor for the first time for his role in the romance series Apple In Your Eye while Best Supporting Actor went to crime series IHero's Su Da.

In the Mini-Series/TV Movie section, PTS's medical series Wake Up won Best Mini-Series/TV Movie, Best Directing and Best Supporting Actor for Chris Wu. Kaiser Chuang and Yen Yi Wen, both of whom had double nominations, took home Best Leading Actor and Actress for their roles in PTS "Life Story" movies "The Road Home" and "Angel's Radio," respectively. Chen Qiu Zhen won Best Supporting Actress for "Drifter's Solo Flight."

In the Variety section, Music Viva Viva 3 and its host Mickey Huang swept Best Variety Program and Best Variety Program Host.

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Lost in Hong Kong sets opening week record

  September 29, 2015  
A follow-up to the 2012 hit Lost in Thailand, actor-director Xu Zheng's comedy Lost in Hong Kong has set a bevy of new Chinese box office records since opening on September 25.

The film set an opening day and single day box office record with receipts of 212 million yuan on its first day. Promptly breaking its own record, Lost continued to gross over 200 million yuan per day over the weekend – 245 million on September 26, 225 million on September 27 – bringing its three-day earnings to 680 million yuan. Despite being a 2D film, Lost in Hong Kong outpaces the opening week record set by period fantasy Monster Hunt, which is currently China's biggest film of all time with a total gross of over 2.43 billion yuan.

Xu Zheng's previous directorial effort Lost in Thailand grossed over 1.2 billion yuan in 2012 and remains the second biggest Chinese film of all time, having only recently been dethroned from the top spot by Monster Hunt. Prior to the film's opening, Xu has stated that his box office target for Lost in Hong Kong is 2 billion yuan.

Co-starring Vicki Zhao, Bao Bei'er and Du Juan, Lost in Hong Kong revolves around the misadventures of a harried married man (played by Xu) who sets out to secretly meet his college sweetheart while vacationing in Hong Kong with his wife and overbearing in-laws. However, his annoying brother-in-law, an aspiring director, decides to tail him with a camera, leading to very long day filled with thrills and mishaps that take the duo all over Hong Kong.

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Japan's original kaiju returns in Shin Godzilla

  September 24, 2015  
Eleven years after its last appearance on Japan's silver screen, the undisputed king of the kaiju world is set to make a return in Shin Godzilla. Written by Neon Genesis Evangelion's Anno Hideaki and co-directed by Anno and Higuchi Shinji (Attack on Titan), the film will feature the largest Godzilla in history, surpassing the 108-meter version of Hollywood's 2014 adaptation.

In reference to the kaiju's film origins, Shin Godzilla takes inspiration from some of the most pressing environmental and geopolitical problems faced by the world today. The film stars Hasegawa Hiroki (Attack on Titan) and Takenouchi Yutaka (Oba: The Last Samurai) as Japanese government operatives, as well as Ishihara Satomi (Attack on Titan) as a CIA agent.

Filming for Shin Godzilla began in early August and the movie is set to be released in Japan in the summer of 2016.

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Wolf Totem wins Best Film at 30th Golden Rooster Awards

  September 22, 2015  
The 30th Golden Rooster Awards were held in Jilin City, China, on September 19. Jean-Jacques Annaud's period epic Wolf Totem, which is also China's entry for this year's foreign-language Oscar race, came out on top as the Best Film. The Cultural Revolution era-set film about a sent-down youth who develops a bond with wolves was also recognized for Best Art Direction.

Tsui Hark's period epic The Taking of Tiger Mountain was the biggest winner of the night with three awards including Best Director, Best Actor for Zhang Hanyu and Best Editing. Tsui Hark is the first Hong Kong filmmaker to win Best Director honors at the Golden Rooster Awards, while Zhang Hanyu completes his collection of Best Actor awards, having previously won at the Huabiao and Hundred Flower Awards as well as the Golden Horse Awards.

In one of the night's more surprising wins, 75-year-old singer-actress Badema, star of the Inner Mongolian film Norjmaa, beat out Dearest's Vicki Zhao to take Best Actress. Following his win at the Golden Horse Awards, actor-turned-director Chen Jianbin picked up another Best New Director for his directorial debut A Fool, which has yet to open in China.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress went to Dearest's Zhang Yi and Silent Witness's Deng Jiajia. Silent Witness was also awarded Best Adapted Screenplay while The Golden Era was awarded Best Original Screenplay. Phurbu & Tenzin (Best Cinematography and Best Music) and Coming Home (Best Sound) also picked up technical prizes. Wang Xiaotong and Zhang Liang received Lifetime Achievement Awards.

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2015 Seoul International Drama Awards

  September 11, 2015  
The 10th Seoul International Drama Awards were held on September 11 in Seoul. Out of 212 entries submitted from 48 countries, Germany's Naked Among Wolves, adapted from the classic novel by Bruno Apitz, took this year's Grand Prize. Angola's Open Your Eyes won the Golden Bird for Serial Dramas, Canada's The Good Sister for TV Movies, and Korea's own Misaeng: Incomplete Life for Mini-Series.

Best Actor went to Turkey's Engin Akyurek for his role in Black Money Love, while Best Actress went to Czech Republic's Simonia Stasova for The Self Lover. In addition, China's Deng Xiaoping and China at a Turning Point, Taiwan's Home Away From Home and Czech Republic's The American Letters were recognized with Jury Special Prizes and Japan's Midnight Diner was named the Most Popular Foreign Drama.

In the Outstanding Korean Drama categories, psychological romantic drama Kill Me Heal Me took top honors, followed by Joseon Gunman and Pinocchio with Excellence Awards. Lee Jun Ki and Hwang Jung Eum won Outstanding Korean Actor and Actress, and Girls' Generation's Tae Yeon won Outstanding Korean Drama OST.

Now in its tenth year, the Seoul International Drama Awards specially awarded 10th Anniversary Korean Wave Contribution prizes to Lee Young Ae, Lee Min Ho and director Lee Byung Hoon. Lee Min Ho also received the Mango TV People's Choice Award along with Choo Ja Hyun and singer The One. Many popular actors from across Asia attended the ceremony this year: Odagiri Joe, Wallace Chung, Ariel Lin and Wilson Chen all received the Asian Star Grand Award, while Aaron Yan, Kamiki Ryunosuke and Zhang Han received the Asian Star Award.

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Ishihara Satomi and Yamashita Tomohisa star in From Five to Nine drama

  September 9, 2015  
Ishihara Satomi (Attack on Titan) and Yamashita Tomohisa (Flowers for Algernon) have been announced as the stars of the drama adaptation of josei manga series From Five to Nine. First published in Cheese! in 2009, the series is written by Aihara Miki and has been likened to a "Tokyo version of Sex and the City."

The romantic comedy follows Sakuraba Junko (Ishihara Satomi), a 27-year-old English teacher who longs to live a carefree life overseas, just like the characters in the American TV shows she loves so much. After meeting a monk on a blind date, she has sex with him, thinking it would be nothing more than a one-night stand. The monk, Hoshikawa Takane (Yamashita Tomohisa), has different ideas. A traditionally minded man who graduated from the prestigious University of Tokyo with a degree in Indian philosophy, Takane believes that it's only natural for he and Junko to get married now that they've slept together. This clash of values and personalities is further complicated by Mishima Satoshi, Junko's old university friend who begins to pursue her.

The drama is scripted by Fuji Screenwriting Award winner Koyama Shota (The Perfect Insider) and will air in the coveted getsuku timeslot on Fuji TV starting in October.

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Nikaido Fumi and Yamazaki Kento to become Wolf Girl and Black Prince

  September 9, 2015  
In-demand young actors Nikaido Fumi and Yamazaki Kento will star as the titular couple in the film adaptation of shojo manga series Wolf Girl and Black Prince. Written by Hatta Ayuko, the popular romcom series made its debut in Bessatsu Margaret in 2011 and has since been adapted into anime. This marks the first time the actors have worked together since 2010's Atami no Sosakan. Nikaido has received a great deal of acclaim in the past few years for her fantastic performances in movies such as My Man, Why Don't You Play in Hell? and Himizu. Yamazaki, meanwhile, is quick becoming one of the most sought-after actors of his generation, having scored no less than six TV and film roles in 2015 alone.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince tells the story of Shinohara Erika (Nikaido Fumi), a 16-year-old high school student who enjoys nothing more than telling her friends about her great boyfriend. This would be no problem were it not for one tiny caveat – she doesn't actually have a boyfriend. After she takes a photo of a cute boy she sees on the street and claims that he's her boyfriend, Erika is shocked to discover that the boy, Sata Kyoya (Yamazaki Kento), actually goes to her school. Desperate to keep the charade going, she asks Kyoya to pretend to be her boyfriend. Little does she know, the outwardly gentle Kyoya has a well-concealed cruel streak. Thus begins Erika's life as Kyoya's "pet dog."

To be directed by Hiroki Ryuichi (Strobe Edge), the movie will begin filming in December 2015 and is set to be released in Japan in May 2016.

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Ryoo Seung Wan's Veteran enters Korea's all-time top ten

  September 8, 2015  
With over 11.87 million admissions as of September 6, Ryoo Seung Wan's crime action thriller Veteran has surpassed Taegukgi to enter Korea's all-time top ten grossing films.

Veteran is the 13th Korean film to exceed ten million admissions, and the second this year following Choi Dong Hoon's espionage thriller Assassination. Topping the Korean box office for four consecutive weeks after opening on August 5, the film needed only three days to collect one million admissions and it reached the ten million benchmark on its 25th day of release.

Veteran is the most successful film to date for director Ryoo Seung Wan, who is known for crime and action fare like The Berlin File and The Unjust. The action-packed blockbuster follows the cat-and-mouse game between Hwang Jung Min as a tenacious veteran cop who always catches his target and Yoo Ah In as a corrupt corporate heir who lives above the law. The film also co-stars Yu Hae Jin, Jang Yoon Joo and supporting actor extraordinaire Oh Dal Soo, who now has seven ten-million-admission films to his name.

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Go Lala Go returns with sequel starring Ariel Lin and Vic Chou

  September 8, 2015  
Based on the A Story of Lala's Promotion novel series by Li Ke, the Chinese workplace romantic comedy Go Lala Go starring and directed by Xu Jinglei turned into a resounding box office success in 2010. Five years later, the "Du Lala" series is set to return to cinemas with a sequel featuring the fresh new cast of Ariel Lin, Vic Chou, Wilson Chen and After School's Nana.

First published in 2007, Li Ke's best-selling novels about a woman's growth, struggles and career advancement while working in a competitive, male-dominated corporate environment have also previously inspired two TV series and a stage play. The latest film adaptation casts Ariel Lin as the eponymous heroine, independent career woman Du Lala, and Vic Chou as her push-and-pull love interest Wang Wei. Wilson Chen, who famously paired with Ariel Lin in the idol drama series In Time With You, plays the elite Chen Feng, while Nana makes her Chinese film debut as a workplace newbie who develops a subtle rivalry with Du Lala.

Directed by An Zhujian (the Dive In short film series), Go Lala Go 2 opens in China on "Singles Day" November 11.

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Richie Jen, William So, Edmond Leung and Steve Wong form new group

  September 8, 2015  
Taiwan and Hong Kong singers Richie Jen, William So, Edmond Leung and Steve Wong Kar Keung have come together to form the group Nan Ren Bang (The Men). Besides releasing their first self-titled album on September 15, the group has also announced a three-day concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum starting November 27.

The four friends, who combined have released over 80 albums, first came up with the idea of producing an album together when they participated in a concert event in Malaysia. After performing at the event, they felt that it wasn't enough and officially formed nan Ren Bang. The group's name refers to the qualities real men should have, as all four of them love music, family and life. Their goal is to make music together and keep singing till they're 60 years old.

Each member plays a different role for the group's self-titled album. Richen Jen is responsible for music production and coordination, Steve Wong for songwriting, William So for image styling and Edmond Leung for fitness and dance instruction. The Men have joined Hong Kong's Media Asia Music.

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50th Golden Bell Awards Nominations

  August 28, 2015  
Nominations for the 2015 Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan's top television awards, were announced on August 26. Frontrunner The Way We Were netted seven nominations including Best Leading Actress (Ruby Lin), Best Leading Actor (Leroy Young), Best Supporting Actor (Melvin Sia), Best Supporting Actress (Tiffany Hsu), Best Television Series, Best Directing and Best Writing.

IHero, Apple in Your Eye, and Hakka TV's Long Day's Journey Into Light and Brave Forward were nominated for both Best Television Series and Best Writing. The dramas' leads Kurt Chou (IHero), Blue Lan (Apple), Janel Tsai (IHero), Huang Pei Chia (Brave) and Chu Chih Ying Long), as well as late actress Yang Ko Han (The New World), were nominated in the Best Actor and Actress categories.

In the Mini-Series/TV Movie section, PTS's "Life Story" series garnered four nominations with "The Kids," "Angel's Radio," "The Road Home" and "Drifter's Solo Flight." For Best Leading Actor and Actress, Kaiser Chuang and Yen Yi Wen scored double nominations; Tung Ming Hsiang, Michael Huang, Mei Fang, Jenny Wen and Megan Lai are also shortlisted. Medical drama Wake Up was nominated for Best Mini-Series/TV Movie and Best Directing, and received acting nominations for leading actor Huang Jian Wei and supporting cast Michael Huang, Chris Wu and Hsieh Ying Hsuan.

In the Variety section, only three programs were nominated for Best Variety Program: Super Star, Music Viva Viva 3 and Global Chinese Music. Music Viva Viva's Kay Huang and Sean Lin and Global Chinese Music's Mickey Huang will also compete for Best Variety Program hosts with 100% Entertainment's Show Luo and Alien Huang and Zong Yi Da Re Men's Jacky Wu, Ou Han Sheng, Chen Han Dian and LuLu.

The 50th Golden Bell Awards will be held at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei on September 26.

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Chinese remake of Blind starring Mini Yang and Lu Han to open in fall

  August 25, 2015  
Korean suspense thriller Blind is being remade into a Chinese film which is set to hit cinemas this fall. Titled The Witness, the remake is helmed by the director of the original Korean film, Ahn Sang Hoon, with a script specially adapted for the Chinese market by Gu Xiaobai (Under the Hawthorn Tree). The film's production company recently released a new set of promotional stills featuring stars Mini Yang (Tiny Times) and Lu Han.

Blind/The Witness follows a blind woman and a rebellious youth who are witnesses to the same hit-and-run crime but offer conflicting testimonies. Their lives are thrown into danger when they turn into the targets of the perpetrator. The original Korean film starring Kim Ha Neul and Yoo Seung Ho was a critical and commercial hit, and won Kim Best Actress accolades at the 2011 Blue Dragon and Daejong Film Awards.

The Witness looks to repeat the blockbuster success of other recent Chinese remakes of Korean films like Let's Get Married and 20, Once Again, which also co-starred Lu Han. The Witness marks the former EXO member's first starring role.

The Witness opens in China on October 30.

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Lee Sang Il helms film adaptation of Yoshida Shuichi's Ikari

  August 25, 2015  
Following 2010's Villain, director Lee Sang Il is once again adapting one of Yoshida Shuichi's best-selling novels for the silver screen in Ikari. The film features an all-star cast including Watanabe Ken (Unforgiven), Moriyama Mirai (Human Trust), Matsuyama Kenichi (Climbing to Spring), Ayano Go (The Light Shines Only There), Tsumabuki Satoshi (Villain), Miyazaki Aoi (The Great Passage) and Hirose Suzu (Our Little Sister).

Similar to Villain, Ikari delves into the subject of human nature, illustrating the way trust and suspicion shape relationships. The story begins with the murder of a married couple in Tokyo's Hachioji district. Puzzlingly, the killer left the word "Ikari" ("anger") scrawled in blood at the scene of the crime. A year later, three mysterious men emerge as persons of interest in the case, and one of them may be the suspected killer Yamagami Kazuya, who has undergone plastic surgery.

In Chiba, we follow Maki Yohei (Watanabe Ken), who finds himself distrusting his daughter Aiko's (Miyazaki Aoi) new boyfriend Tetsuya (Matsuyama Kenichi). Meanwhile in Tokyo, ad agency employee Fujita Yuma (Tsumabuki Satoshi) harbors suspicions about Onishi Naoto (Ayano Go), a drifter he recently took into his home. And in Okinawa, a high schooler (Hirose Suzu) and her friend encounter a lone backpacker (Morita Mirai) while on a trip to an outlying island.

Ikari began filming in the beginning of August, and is expected to be completed in October and released in Japan in fall 2016.

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Leading cast announced for Itazura na Kiss The Movie

  August 24, 2015  
EXILE member Sato Kanta and actress Bisa Reina (Corpse Party), both newcomers in acting, have been announced as the leads for Japan's upcoming film adaptation of Tada Kaoru's immensely popular shojo manga Itazura Na Kiss.

First serialized in 1990, Tada's original manga revolves around bumbling high school girl Aihara Kotoko who is head over heels in love with her school's top student, handsome and arrogant genius Irie Naoki. After an earthquake destroys Kotoko's house, she and her family end up living with Naoki's family, paving the way for a mishap-filled romance.

Itazura na Kiss has previously been adapted numerous times in multiple regions. The story was first adapted by TV Asahi in 1996 with Sato Aiko and Kashiwabara Takashi in the leading roles. Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin starred in the popular 2005 Taiwan television adaptation It Started with a Kiss and its 2007 sequel They Kiss Again, while Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min starred in the 2010 Korean drama adaptation Playful Kiss. Most recently in 2013 and 2014, Japan's Fuji TV produced two seasons of Itazura na Kiss - Love in Tokyo starring Furukawa Yuki and Miki Honoka. Itazura was also adapted into an anime series in 2008.

Besides Sato Kant and Bisa Reina, other announced cast members include Jinnai Takanori (as Kotoko's father), Ishizuka Hidehiko (as Naoki's father), Ishida Hikari (as Naoki's mother), Ohkura Shimon and E-Girls' Yamaguchi Nonoka. The film will be directed by Mizoguchi Minoru.

Itazura na Kiss The Movie is planned for release in fall 2016.

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Assassination becomes first Korean film of year to pass ten million admissions

  August 18, 2015  
Director Choi Dong Hoon's big-budget period espionage thriller Assassination is the first Korean film of 2015 to pass the ten million ticket sales benchmark. Released on July 22, the film, which features the all-star cast of Jeon Ji Hyun, Lee Jung Jae, Ha Jung Woo, Jo Jin Woong, Oh Dal Soo and Lee Kyoung Young, reached ten million admissions on August 15, its 25th day of release.

Set in the 1930s during the Japanese occupation period, Assassination stars Lee Jung Jae as a double-dealing government agent tasked to assemble a group to assassinate a Japanese commander and a Korean collaborator. He extricates three imprisoned freedom fighters, including Jeon Ji Hyun's sniper, from Shanghai for the mission. However, the Japanese are tipped off about the plans, and a hired gun, played by Ha Jung Woo, is sent on the heels to take out the assassins.

With Assassination, director Choi Dong Hoon, whose last film The Thieves collected nearly 13 million admissions, joins Yoon Je Kyu as the only Korean filmmakers to have two ten-million-admission films.

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