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下女誘罪 (2016) (Blu-ray) (香港版)寒流黑金 (2016) (Blu-ray) (香港版)プリースト 悪魔を葬る者 (2DVD) (通常版) (韓国版)The Wailing (2016) (DVD) (US Version)
  • Best Actress, Best New Actress, Best Art Direction

    下女誘罪 (2016) (Blu-ray) (香港版)
    Park Chan Wook returns to Korean cinema with the highly acclaimed erotic thriller The Handmaiden, which earned him his third Palme d'Or nomination at the Cannes Film Festival. Starring Kim Min Hee (Right Now, Wrong Then) as a wealthy Japanese heiress, breakout newcomer Kim Tae Ri as a maid, Ha Jung Woo (Assassination) as a fake count and Jo Jin Woong (A Hard Day) as the heiress's uncle, the film is an adaptation of Welsh author Sarah Waters's notable lesbian crime novel Fingersmith about the love between a rich heiress and her maid.

  • Adapted from Yoon Tae Ho's webcomic The Insiders, political thriller Inside Men helmed by Woo Min Ho (The Spies) reveals the deep-rooted corruption in Korea involving politicians, businessmen and the media. Starring Best Actor winner Lee Byung Hun, Cho Seung Woo, Baek Yoon Shik and Lee Kyung Young, the award-winning blockbuster became the highest-grossing 18+-rated Korean movie of all time.

  • Based on his award-winning short film 12th Assistant Deacon, director Jang Jae Hyun's The Priests perfectly combines Eastern occultism and Western exorcism. As the first ever exorcism movie in Korea, the supernatural mystery thriller was screened at the 18th Udine Far East Film Festival. Park So Dam delivers an award-winning breakout performance as a possessed high school girl. The film also stars Kim Yoon Seok (The Classified File) as a priest and Kang Dong Won (Kundo: Age of the Rampant) as a rebellious young seminarian.

  • Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Editing, Best Original Score

    The Wailing (2016) (DVD) (US Version)
    Award-winning director Na Hong Jin (The Chaser) draws on the concept of exorcism in the blockbuster suspense The Wailing. Screened at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, the highly acclaimed horror mystery thriller about a police officer who investigates inexplicable deaths with the help of a shaman stars Kwak Do Won (The Magician), Hwang Jung Min (Veteran), Kunimura Jun (Attack on Titan), Chun Woo Hee (Han Gong Ju) and child star Kim Hwan Hee (Born to Sing).



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