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The Whirlwind Girl (2015) (DVD) (Ep. 1-32) (End) (Season One) (China Version)Sparrow (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-61) (End) (China Version)The Mystic Nine (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-48) (End) (China Version)
  • The Whirlwind Girl (2015) (DVD) (Ep. 1-32) (End) (Season One) (China Version) DVD Region All Hu Bing Qing (Actor) | Yang Yang (Actor) | Chen Xiang (Actor) | Leo Wu (Actor)
    Based on a novel by Summer's Desire writer Ming Xiaoxi, sports and romance drama The Whirlwind Girl follows the growth, love and dreams of a group of young taekwondo athletes. Up-and-coming actress Hu Bingqing (The Legend of Qin) takes the title role in the refreshing youth drama co-starring Yang Yang (Just One Smile Is Very Alluring), Chen Xiang (Love Weaves Through a Millennium), Bai Jingting (Back in Time) and Leo Wu (Nirvana in Fire).

    Teenage girl Qi Baicao (Hu Bingqing) was adopted by taekwondo champion Qu (Vincent Chiao) after losing her parents at the age of six. Qu was banned from competition ten years ago after being framed of doping, but Biaocao believes in him and wants to help clear his name. In the process, she joins the Song Bai Taekwondo School where she meets new friends including kind senior Ruobai (Yang Yang), former champ Yu Chuyuan (Bai Jingting) and the cool and playful Fang Tinghao (Chen Xiang). Together, they grow as athletes and experience love and loss on their bright yet bittersweet coming-of-age journeys.

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  • Sparrow (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-61) (End) (China Version) DVD Region All Zhou Dong Yu (Actor) | Li Yi Feng (Actor) | Zhang Lu Yi (Actor) | Zhang Ruo Yun (Actor)
    Li Yifeng (Swords of Legends) becomes a double agent in the hot-topic Republican era-espionage drama Sparrow based on Hai Fei's novel. Golden Horse-winning film actress Zhou Dongyu (Soul Mate) co-stars as a greenhorn agent in her first TV drama. Set amid the espionage crossfire of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Sparrow generated much interest for its new-generation leads and the strong supporting performances of Zhang Ruoyun (Novoland: Castle in the Sky), Zhang Luyi (Love Me If You Dare), Adi Kan (Song in the Clouds), Yin Zheng (Love Me If You Dare) and Li Xiaoran (Endless Love).

    In March 1940 after Nanjing fell to Japan, the collaborationist Reorganized National Government of the Republic of China was established to serve as a puppet regime for the Japanese government. To counter the many resistance fighters and agents in the midst, the Reorganized Government formed a Special Operations Bureau headed by former Nationalist officer Bi Zhongliang (Zhang Luyi). An agent for the Communist resistance, Chen Shen (Li Yifeng), code named "Sparrow," is embedded in the Special Operation Bureau and has Bi's trust, but he has momentarily lost contact with his party.

    Meanwhile, Shen's former sweetheart Xu Bicheng (Zhou Dongyu) and undercover Nationalist agent Tang Shanhai (Zhang Ruoyun), posing as a married couple, also take up positions at the Special Operations Bureau. Bicheng soon finds herself caught between her love for Shen and her commitment to Shanhai, who develops real feelings for her. Unaware that they're both fighting the same enemy, Shen and Shanhai are frequently at dangerous odds while risking their lives to collect intel to fight the Japanese invasion.

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  • The Mystic Nine (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-48) (End) (China Version) DVD Region All William Chan (Actor) | Lay (EXO) (Actor) | Zanilia Zhao (Actor) | Ying Hao Ming (Actor)
    One of China's biggest hits of 2016, the adventure-suspense drama The Mystic Nine is based on Nan Pai San Shu's popular same-titled online novel which serves as a prequel to The Lost Tomb series. Set in the 1930s during the Japanese invasion of China, the drama stars William Chan (Swords of Legends) as a general and EXO member Lay as an opera singer, both of whom are part of the Mystic Nine, a storied coalition of Changsha's nine most powerful clans that together control most of the city's wealth and resources. Amid the turmoil of burgeoning war, power struggle and personal loss, the two form an alliance to decipher the secrets of an ancient tomb and safeguard their hometown from the Japanese government's vicious plans. Zanilia Zhao pairs up with William Chan again after Legend of Zu Mountain to play his headstrong wife.

    An unmanned train arrives at Changsha station and onboard, army commander and Mystic Nine leader Zhang Qishan (William Chan) discovers a shocking number of corpses. He traces the train's origins to a suspicious mine that was once occupied by the Japanese, who were looking for something inside. Zhang enlists the help of fellow Mystic Nine clan masters Qi Tiezui (Ying Haoming), an uncannily accurate fortune-teller, and Er Yuehong (Lay), a devoted opera singer from a tomb-raiding family, to explore the mysterious ancient tomb within the mine, which holds countless traps and a powerful secret that must not fall into enemy hands.

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