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  1. 11th Asian Film Awards Preview: The Nominated Films
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Filmmakers and actors from across Asia gather once again this March for the Asian Film Awards (AFA), a star-studded event that aims to celebrate and promote excellence in Asian cinema. After being held in Macau for the past three years, the AFA returns to its founding city, Hong Kong, for the 11th edition, to be held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on March 21, 2017. With the ceremony less than two weeks away, we take a closer look at this year's major nominated titles. The Wailing (South Korea) Nominations: Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Sound Na Hong Jin collected awards and scared audiences with a serial killer in 2008's The Chaser and a brutal assassin in 2010's... [read more]
  2. YesAsia 2016 Bestsellers - TV Dramas
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    The below rankings are based on sales of television releases on from January 1 to December 31, 2016. TOP 10 TV DRAMAS (OVERALL) 1. Last Healer in Forbidden City 2. Lord of Shanghai 3. She Was Pretty 4 (tie). With or Without You 4 (tie). K9 Cop 6 (tie). Under the Veil 6 (tie). Short End of the Stick 8. Fashion War 9. Nirvana in Fire 10. Captain of Destiny CHINESE TV BESTSELLERS Chinese dramas took nine out of ten spots in 2016's top ten TV bestsellers, and of those, eight were Hong Kong TVB dramas. Period productions were particularly popular with The Last Healer in Forbidden City and Lord of Shanghai leading the way. Wayne Lai alone has three costume dramas in the top ten, and... [read more]
  3. YesAsia 2016 Bestsellers - Chinese Music
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Emerging once again as the highest-selling C-pop artist, EXO also reclaimed the throne in our Chinese music album bestsellers chart in 2016 with their third album. Former member Lu Han, who ranked seventh in total sales, came in second in the album chart with his solo debut release, while member Lay is in fifth place with his first solo album. Jay Chou, who made a fantasy-themed comeback in 2016, continued his reign in both the album and DVD charts. Other singer-songwriters including Mayday, JJ Lin and Gin Lee also took spots in the top ten. Late superstar Leslie Cheung was the second highest-selling artist, followed by fellow pop legends Sandy Lam, Jacky Cheung, Alan Tam, Priscilla Chan... [read more]
  4. YesAsia 2016 Bestsellers - Movies
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    The below rankings are based on sales of movie releases on from January 1 to December 31, 2016. TOP 10 MOVIES (OVERALL) 1. Ip Man 3 2. Our Times 3. Mermaid 4. Monkey King 2 5. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny 6. The Assassin 7. Port of Call 8. Crossing 2 9. EXO Next Door 10. Cold War II BEST-SELLING CHINESE MOVIES After yielding to the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy in 2015, Chinese-language cinema reclaimed the movie charts in 2016, taking nine spots in the overall top ten. Donnie Yen's Ip Man 3 handily beat the competition for #1. Buckling the trend, Taiwan youth romance Our Times charmed its way to second place, but otherwise the top sellers are big-budget and genre... [read more]
  5. YesAsia 2016 Bestsellers - Korean Music
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    2016 was surely the year of BTS. The popular group came out on top as YesAsia's best-selling artist for the first time. They presided over the album bestsellers with three notable releases: the top two albums and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2 which charted for two consecutive years. Crowned as the No. 1 female artist of 2016, Twice was also the only female group to break into top ten albums, and twice at that. SM Entertainment artists are all over the charts as per usual. Though losing the top album spot, EXO again came in first on the DVD chart and ended the year as the second highest-selling artist. SHINee came in third with their strong showing on both the album and DVD charts.... [read more]
  6. YesAsia 2016 Bestsellers - Japanese Music
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Arashi reigned unsurprisingly as the king of J-pop in 2016 with the top-selling album, the top-selling concert and two top-ten singles, making the group our top-selling Japanese music artist for the fourth consecutive year. Hey! Say! JUMP and KinKi Kids also help represent the Johnny's contingent with the former ranking on both the album and concert charts, and the latter cracking into our top-ten singles for the first time this decade. K-pop artists continued to dominate the J-pop charts with EXO claiming the top-selling Japanese single for the second straight year, and groups like BTS, VIXX, B.A.P, SHINee and Apink coming up big with multiple best-selling releases. Diva Utada Hikaru... [read more]
  7. Best Japanese Albums of 2016
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    We end the year with our picks for the best Japanese albums of 2016! AIMER - DAYDREAM Aimer revealed her face and her great potential this year with outstanding alternative rock collaborations. The singer's strong vocals and music sensibilities have been apparent since debut, but Daydream unleashes a more explosive, evocative side of her through distinctive rock numbers produced by One OK Rock's Taka, Ling Tosite Sigure's TK, Androp's Uchisawa Takahito and Radwimps' Noda Yojiro. Taka, in particular, composed four songs, two of which - insane dream and Falling Alone - are among the album's most impactful. Aimer's duets with Egoist's Chelly (the Sawano Hiroyuki-produced Ninelie) and Abe Mao... [read more]
  8. Best Chinese Albums of 2016
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Here are our picks for the best Chinese albums of 2016! AGA - GINA DOLL Three years into her music career, AGA finally releases her first full-length album, a commemorative release dedicated to her late sister. The best-selling Ginadoll collects the Hong Kong singer-songwriter's most soothing ballads such as "Greeting," as well as sweet love songs like Superman and "1cm." Calm and piano-driven without excessive use of effects and layering, her songs are tranquil to the ear. AGA also demonstrates how to do remakes right with "One" and its follow-up, "One Plus One" featuring labelmate Gin Lee; though they share the same melody, the former is a sad monologue of a lone girl while the latter is... [read more]
  9. Best Korean Albums of 2016
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    We've already written about our favorite movies and dramas of 2016. Now here are our picks for the best Korean albums of the year! THE BARBERETTES - THE BARBERETTES The Barberettes bring smiles to faces in a way that few musical acts can. For their second album, the doo-wop trio has upgraded production and modernized their sound a bit without changing their irresistible signature of barbershop music-inspired retro pop. With harmonized clap-along confections like the wonderfully sweet Like I Do and the funky Love Shoes, slinky lounge numbers like piano ballad "If You Love Me" and the retro soul Gentleman, and warm pieces like the acoustic folk song "Sailor" and the encouraging I'll Be Your... [read more]
  10. Best Asian Movies of 2016
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Our editors' picks for the best Asian movies released on video in 2016! SANWEI'S PICKS After the Storm It seems like every time Kore-eda Hirokazu directs a film, it makes my year-end top ten, but he's simply that masterful at telling small human stories. Like the auteur's last few films, After the Storm gently examines the dynamics of a normal strained family. Kore-eda regular Abe Hiroshi occupies an all too realistic character: the feckless middle-aged straggler who's not bad at heart, but has disappointed his family enough times for them to know that he won't easily change for the better. Behind on child support, Ryota heads to his mother's (Kiki Kirin) and looks for something to pawn.... [read more]
  11. Best Korean Dramas of 2016
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Our editors' picks for the ten best Korean dramas of 2016! 38 Task Force Who knew collecting taxes could be so exciting? Having developed procedurals for cops and detectives of all sorts, OCN expands its genre programming to the fresh topic of a city hall task force dedicated to collecting unpaid taxes. Gruff teddy bear Ma Dong Seok plays against type as a dedicated mild-mannered civil servant who doesn't use his fists. He's also not particularly effective at getting infuriatingly rich and corrupt truants to cough up their fair share of taxes. That all changes when he teams up with a con artist to form a fraud ring that swindles tax payments out of the targets. Unrepentant fat cats don’t... [read more]
  12. Best Japanese Dramas of 2016
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Our editors' picks for the ten best Japanese dramas of 2016! 99.9 - Keiji Senmon Bengoshi 99.9 refers to the notoriously high criminal conviction rate in Japan where the prosecuted are nearly always guilty. TBS's legal suspense drama builds its clever cases around the exception: the 0.1% that gets acquitted. Matsumoto Jun stars as unconventional defense attorney Miyama who specializes in uncovering truths and annoying prosecutors. He also annoys his law firm colleagues, in particular Kagawa Teruyuki as the head of the unprofitable newly formed criminal defense team. Disturbingly cheery MatsuJun and amusingly grumpy Kagawa make a surprisingly compatible tag team, with the former being... [read more]
  13. Best Chinese Dramas of 2016
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    With two weeks left in 2016, we start off the year-end lists with our picks for the ten best Chinese dramas of 2016! Dr. Qin Medical Examiner Based on the third installment of an online mystery novel series written by medical examiner Qin Ming, crime suspense Dr Qin Medical Examiner has been labeled "extreme taste" by Chinese netizens because of its preponderance of headless corpses and severed limbs. Gruesomely realistic props aside, the web drama highlights the use of forensic analysis to crack murder mysteries, and the professional terminology is presumably sound (enough) considering its source material. Zhang Ruoyun solidifies his breakout year as Dr. Qin, the classic cool, smart and... [read more]
  14. 15 K-Pop Summer Songs for Your Summer Playlist
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Considering K-pop's abundance of sexy concepts and hot dance tracks, there's no better musical match for the summer. Here are 15 of our favorite K-pop jams for the hottest days of summer! 1. HyunA - Bubble Pop Known as the rapper of 4Minute, HyunA shows off her vocal talents in Bubble Pop!, the title track of her 2011 solo debut mini-album. With its controversially racy choreography, the energetic electro synth pop dance number is one of the most viewed K-pop music videos on YouTube. The hot summer jam makes you want to shake your body on a beach along with the fun autotuned "Ooh ah ooh ah ooh" and the addictive hook "Bubble bubble bubble pop!" 2. Girl's Day - Darling Girl's Day continues... [read more]
  15. YesAsia 2016 Bestsellers - Half-Year Report
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    The below rankings are based on sales of movie, music and TV releases on from January 1 to June 30, 2016. Sales of all editions and versions of the same title are summed up to determine the total sales and ranking of each title. BEST-SELLING K-POP RELEASES Make way for BTS! The Bangtan Boys come in first at the half-year mark with the special album Young Forever. Even more impressive, their 2015 albums also make the list, giving them three releases in the top ten. Last year's top seller EXO cedes the #1 position for now with their third album, just released in mid-June, at second. A new generation rises with Seventeen continuing their strong performance from last year, and JYP's... [read more]
  16. Those who have seen Korean director E J Yong's works would no doubt marvel at his ability to tell very different stories with equal success. Since his 1998 debut feature An Affair about a housewife's secret affair, he has become a regular presence at overseas festivals with a diverse roster of films that includes a Korean-Japanese drama about loneliness and fantasy (Asako in Ruby Shoes), a Joseon-set adaptation of Dangerous Liaisons (Untold Scandal), a teen sex comedy musical (Dasepo Naughty Girls), two mockumentaries lampooning the filmmaking process (The Actresses and Behind the Camera), and a moving family drama about a boy with advanced aging disorder (My Brilliant Life). After... [read more]
  17. 10th Asian Film Awards Preview: The Nominated Films
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Every March, filmmakers and actors from across Asia gather for the Asian Film Awards (AFA), an ambitious award ceremony that aims to celebrate and promote excellence in Asian cinema. The AFA turns ten this year, and it's certainly come a long way in scope and organization since its start in 2007. The 10th Asian Film Awards will be held soon in Macau on March 17, 2016, so let's brush up on this year's major nominated films before the ceremony. THE ASSASSIN (China / Hong Kong / Taiwan) Nominations: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Original Music, Best Costume Design, Best Production Design, Best Sound Leading the race with nine noms,... [read more]
  18. YesAsia 2015 Bestsellers - TV Dramas
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    The below rankings are based on sales of television releases on from January 1 to December 31, 2015. TOP 10 TV DRAMAS (OVERALL) 1. Eye in the Sky 2. Tiger Cubs II 3. Pinocchio 4. Fated to Love You 5 (tie). It's Okay, That's Love 5 (tie). Officer Geomancer 7. Lady Sour 8 (tie). You Who Came From the Stars 8 (tie). Noblesse Oblige 10. Ghost of Relativity CHINESE TV BESTSELLERS TVB dramas again swept all ten spots on the 2015 Chinese TV bestsellers chart. Police series were well represented with four titles including Tiger Cubs II, Officer Geomancer, Line Walker and the top seller, Eye in the Sky. The surveillance-themed crime procedural starring Kevin Cheng, Tavia Yang and Ruco... [read more]
  19. YesAsia 2015 Bestsellers - Movies
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    The below rankings are based on sales of movie releases on from January 1 to December 31, 2015. TOP 10 MOVIES (OVERALL) 1. Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno 2. Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends 3. Rise of the Legend 4. Kung Fu Jungle 5. Big Hero 6 6. Dragon Blade 7. SPL 2 8. Rurouni Kenshin 9. Stand By Me Doraemon 10. 20, Once Again BEST-SELLING JAPANESE MOVIES In 2014, not a single Japanese movie made it into the top ten overall sellers; in 2015, there were four. Not only did the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy take the top three spots in Japanese movies, Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends also came in first and second overall, the first time a Japanese movie has done so in recent memory.... [read more]
  20. YesAsia 2015 Bestsellers - Korean Music
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    EXO resoundingly reclaimed the top spot on our album bestsellers chart in 2015 with their second full-length album selling nearly double that of the next closest contender (and that's just counting the Korean-language versions). The popular group also appeared twice on the DVD bestsellers, and came out on top as the best-selling K-pop artist for the third consecutive year. Continuing their impressive rise, BTS followed right behind as the second-highest-selling artist, and the only one with two albums in the top ten. Besides EXO, SM Entertainment's other artists also made strong showings as expected, with SHINee, Super Junior, TVXQ and Girls' Generation combining for another seven spots on... [read more]
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