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神鵰俠侶 (DVD) (完) (中英文字幕) (美國版) DVD Region 1

黃曉明 (演員) | 劉亦菲 (演員) | 鍾鎮濤 | 王洛勇 (演員)
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顧客評分: 顧客評分為 4 - 4.9 (十分為滿分) (9)
所有版本的平均評分: 顧客評分為 4 - 4.5 (十分為滿分) (19)

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產品名稱: Condor Hero (DVD) (End) (English Subtitled) (US Version) 神鵰俠侶 (DVD) (完) (中英文字幕) (美國版) 神雕侠侣 (DVD) (完) (中英文字幕) (美国版) 神雕侠侶 (完) (中国語/英語字幕) (US版) Condor Hero (DVD) (End) (English Subtitled) (US Version)
藝人名稱: Huang Xiao Ming (演員) | Crystal Liu (演員) | Kenny Bee Chung | Wang Lok Yung (演員) | Meng Guang Mei (演員) | Kong Lin | Zhao Liang | Di Nai She | Jiang Yi (演員) | Zhou Hao Dong | Yang Rui 黃曉明 (演員) | 劉亦菲 (演員) | 鍾鎮濤 | 王洛勇 (演員) | 孟 廣美 (演員) | 孔琳 | 趙亮 | 翟乃社 | 江毅 (演員) | 周浩東 | 楊蕊 黄 晓明 (演員) | 刘亦菲 (演員) | 锺镇涛 | 王洛勇 (演員) | 孟 广美 (演員) | 孔琳 | 赵亮 | 翟乃社 | 江毅 Yi (演員) | 周浩东 | 杨蕊 黄暁明 (ホァン・シァオミン) (演員) | 劉亦菲(リウ・イーフェイ) (演員) | 鍾鎮濤(ケニー・ビー) | 王洛勇(ワン・ルオヨン) (演員) | Meng Guang Mei (演員) | Kong Lin | Zhao Liang | Di Nai She | Jiang Yi (演員) | Zhou Hao Dong | Yang Rui Huang Xiao Ming (演員) | Crystal Liu (演員) | Kenny Bee Chung | Wang Lok Yung (演員) | Meng Guang Mei (演員) | Kong Lin | Zhao Liang | Di Nai She | Jiang Yi (演員) | Zhou Hao Dong | Yang Rui
導演: Yu Min 於敏 于敏 Yu Min Yu Min
推出日期: 2006-07-24
語言: 粵語, 國語
字幕: 英文, 繁體中文
製作來源地: 中國香港
制式: NTSC 這是什麼?
閉鎖式字幕 (CC): Yes
音效資料: Dolby Digital
影碟格式: DVD-9, DVD
區碼: 1- 美國、加拿大、美國管轄區域 這是什麼?
出品商: 泰盛影視市埸推廣 (US)
其他資料: 9DVDs
重量(連包裝): 550 (g)
運費單位: 3 這是什麼?
YesAsia 產品編號: 1004461636


* Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
* DVD Type : DVD-9

原著﹕金庸  制片人﹕張紀中  導演﹕於敏

楊 過—黃曉明飾 小龍女—劉亦菲飾
郭 靖—王洛勇飾 黃 蓉—孔 琳飾
周伯通—趙 亮飾 歐陽鋒—翟乃社飾
傻 姑—黃曉雷飾 丘處機—周浩東飾
柯鎮惡—江 毅飾 裘千仞—李 彧飾
李莫愁—孟廣美飾 郭 襄—楊 冪飾
陸無雙—楊 蕊飾 公孫止—鐘鎮濤飾


In this epic kung fu saga adapted from Louis Cha's beloved martial arts novel THE LEGEND OF CONDOR HERO, the orphaned Yang Gor is taken to Chuen Jun Clan to learn kung fu. However, Yang soon gets tired of the bullying by the clan's priests and escapes. His encounter with the mysterious and beautiful Dragon Girl, leader of the powerful Tomb Sect, will change his life forever. Filled with outlandish fights and arresting visuals, CONDOR HERO is one soaring martial arts adventure!

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神鵰俠侶 (DVD) (完) (中英文字幕) (美國版) 》的顧客評論

顧客對此產品的評分: 顧客評分為 4 - 4.9 (十分為滿分) (9)
顧客對所有版本的評分: 顧客評分為 4 - 4.5 (十分為滿分) (19)



此顧客評論來自 神鵰俠侶 (2006) (DVD) (完) (5碟裝) (中英文字幕) (重新發行) (美國版)
1 位顧客認為此評論有幫助︰

神鵰俠侶 (2006) (DVD) (完) (5碟裝) 顧客評分為 6 - 6 (十分為滿分)
這5碟DVD-9應該同等於中國內地的8 DVD-5版本...應該是經濟版的有壓縮...畫質普通...
反倒是一樣泰盛的上一版 9碟DVD-9畫質一定更勝這一版....
你認為此評論可幫助你嗎﹖ (舉報濫用)


Changed my mind.. 顧客評分為 6 - 6 (十分為滿分)
After watching the whole thing in details. Now I agree with some of you who gave it a bad rating. While it is true that the filming of the whole TV drama is gorgeous, the control of the pace and tension has a lot to be desired. Here are some of my thoughts:

1)Bad choice of actors for both Gok Jing and Wong Yung. The guy who plays Gok Jing is way too bony and lack the presense of being a big hero. His expression is wooden and never really gets into his characters that well. The woman who plays Wong Yung has very bad acting. She has the same expression in almost all scenes.
2) Too many unnecessary scenes added for no reasons. I find the one where the Little Dragan Girl fights with Lee Mok Sau with all those umbella flying around very irrating. It drags on and on leading nowhere.
3) Very disturbing scene with those dirty ugly beggers tossing the Little Dragan Girl in the air during the Hero Gathering. Also, there was another disturbing scence where Little Dragan Girl got tricked to go into the home of some ugly guy who clams to know Yeung Gor. Very unnecessary and out of character.
4) The omission of many interesting scenes. For example, there is no excuse to omit the last section of the story where everyone visits Wah Mountain. I cannot believe they completely skipped it.
5) The important scence where Yeung Gor and Siu Lung Lui finally meet after 16 years of wait is pretty disappointing. The way she flies around looking so happy is just not fitting mood which is supposed to be very emotional.

Louis Koo's '95 covers the story in a much better way. First the '95 version follows the novel very closely. The way the director controls the pace was outstanding compare to this one.
你認為此評論可幫助你嗎﹖ (舉報濫用)


Absolutely gorgeous!! 顧客評分為 10 - 10 (十分為滿分)
I really do not understand why even one person would give this series a bad rating. Just what were they watching? Did they even pay attention? I thought this series was pure stunning. Besides all the fanastic choregraphed fighting scenes, beautiful costumes and make-up, the handling of the emotions of the characaters was masterful. I was touched by almost every scenes of the two main character. I am one of those die-hard fans of the 1995 Louis Koo and Carman Lee version. But I will have give to say this version does have an edge over all the previous version. Never did I see a TV series so gorgeous. Every scenes were like a dream.

Here are some of my thoughts so far:

1) Lui Yi Fei is a bit too young to play Siu Lung Lui who is supposed to be more mature than Yeung Gor. I have to give Carman Lee an edge over Yi Fei. Carman's interpretation was near perfection. However, Yi Fei did still did a fantastic job. My favorite scene of her acting was when she found out she was actually raped by that terrible guy. She handled the profound sadness and anger well.

2) There are a couple of disturbing scene that I have no idea what the director were doing. It is the scene of the "Hero Gathering" where the people on the street toss Siu Lung Lui and Yeung Gor in the air to celebrate that they beat the GoldenWheel Monk. This is a disturbing scene because it is so out of character. Siu Lung Lui would never let those ugly men touch her, let alone toss her in the air. She simply would not care for it. I wish the director would have cut the scene out forever.

3) The girls who play Ching Ying and Lok Mo Sheung are not pretty enough. Their looks were too common to play such interesting characters. However, they found the perfect girl to play Gok Sheung. She is just lovely.
你認為此評論可幫助你嗎﹖ (舉報濫用)
movie fan


Don't waste your time & money 顧客評分為 2 - 2 (十分為滿分)
acting is disappointing, The same scenery is shown over and over again.
你認為此評論可幫助你嗎﹖ (舉報濫用)
tv fan


此顧客評論來自 神鵰俠侶 (上部) (待續) (中國版)
1 位顧客認為此評論有幫助︰

Condor heroes 顧客評分為 0 - 0 (十分為滿分)
I totally agree with the previous commenter. You will end up throwing it out the window if you buy it or even watch it. You will find it so horrible and you will regret that you even watch it in the first place. A really really bad series, bad cast, and an absolutely horrible director, zhang ji zhong. He should stop Jin Yong remakes, totally ruining his storyline.
你認為此評論可幫助你嗎﹖ (舉報濫用)
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