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Mr. Lee Vs. Mr. Lee (DVD) (Limited Edition) (Korea Version) DVD Region 3

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Mr. Lee Vs. Mr. Lee (DVD) (Limited Edition) (Korea Version)
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YesAsia Editorial Description

Happy families are all alike, but unhappy families are a totally different story, as can be seen in director Shim Kwang Jin's 2006 film Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee (a.k.a. Long Day's Journey into Night). The "Mr. Lee" in the title refers to both the protagonist and the lead, veteran actor Lee Dae Geun. Having appeared in some 300 films in his 40-year career, Lee is known for his masculine image and is fondly remembered as a sex symbol by older audience members. In Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee, however, he departs from this well-established screen personae, showing both age and vulnerability as an aged father seeking reconciliation. His performance earned him a Best Leading Actor nomination at the 44th Daejong Awards. Loosely based on the play "Happy Family" and Lee Dae Geun's own life experiences, Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee builds an exceptional drama with pointed dialogue, pacing, and storytelling, spinning a theatrical character study into so much more.

For the third anniversary of his wife's death, elderly widower Mr. Lee (Lee Dae Geun) hopes to gather his family together for a reunion. This task, however, is easier said than done. His children haven't visited in three years, and they are a bitter lot, with plenty of their own problems to deal with. His eldest son (Lee Doo Il) is going through a rather nasty divorce, his daughter (Ahn Seon Young) gets held up by a car accident, and his youngest son has been MIA since he went bankrupt a couple years ago. As the estranged family gathers for the memorial, the words and secrets that spill out may make or break their already fragile bonds.

This edition comes with making of, trailer, photo gallery, and other special features.

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Technical Information

Product Title: Mr. Lee Vs. Mr. Lee (DVD) (Limited Edition) (Korea Version) Mr. Lee Vs. Mr. Lee (DVD) (限量版) (韓國版) Mr. Lee Vs. Mr. Lee (DVD) (限量版) (韩国版) イ・デグン、イ・デグン (限定版) (韓国版) 이대근, 이댁은 (한정판)
Artist Name(s): Lee Doo Il | Lee Dae Geun | Jeong Gyeong Soon | Park Cheol Min | Ahn Seon Young | Park Won Sang 李鬥一 | 李大根 | Jeong Gyeong Soon | 朴哲民 | Ahn Seon Young | 朴翁尚 李斗一 | 李大根 | Jeong Gyeong Soon | 朴哲民 | Ahn Seon Young | 朴翁尚 イ・ドゥイル | イ・デグン | チョン・ギョンスン | パク・チョルミン | アン・ソニョン | パク・ウォンサン 이두일 | 이대근 | 정경순 | 박철민 | 안선영 | 박원상
Release Date: 2007-08-21
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean
Place of Origin: South Korea
Picture Format: NTSC What is it?
Disc Format(s): DVD
Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) What is it?
Publisher: KD Media
Other Information: 1 DVD
Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1004954500

Product Information

* Screen Format : Anamorphic Widescreen
* Sound Mix : Dolby 5.1 & 2.0
* Extras :
- 본편
- 메이킹 필름
- 포토 갤러리
- 예고편

* Director : 심광진

2002<집으로>, 2005<말아톤> 그리고 2007<이대근, 이댁은>
실컷 웃고, 맘껏 울리는 징글맞은 말썽원단 이대근 댁 가족이야기

지금이라도 모두 사라져버렸으면 좋을 것 같은 징글징글한 사람들,
그래도 눈에 안보이면 괜히 궁금하고 걱정되는 사람들…
칼날의 양면처럼 아주 상반되는 감정이지만 떼어낼 수 도 없는 관계, 바로 가족의 본질이다.
<이대근, 이댁은>은 시끄럽고 말썽많은 가족에 관한 영화이다.
아버지는 평생 가족을 제대로 돌보지 않았고, 어머니는 병원비 몇 푼 아끼려다 단명한다. 큰 아들은 어설픈 바람기로 가족을 훼손시켰고, 막내아들의 허황된 욕심은 집안을 풍비박산으로 내몰아 가족들을 뿔뿔이 흩어지게 만든다. 아버지는 평생 말썽만 피우는 말썽 원단이고, 자식들은 그 아비에 그 자식 아니랄까봐 하는 짓마다 문제고 사달이다. 눈에 보이면 웬수같기만 자식들이지만, 이대근 노인은 그 자식들을 위해 비밀스럽게 일을 꾸민다. 우여곡절끝에 이 가족은 각자 비밀을 가지고 한자리에 모인다. 하지만 여전히 시끄럽고 정신없고 부산스럽다. 징글 징글맞은 가족이라도 함께 있고 싶은 아버지의 간절한 소망이 만들어낸…거짓말 같은 이야기 <이대근, 이댁은>은 아버지의 마지막 소망으로 인해 벌어지는 꿈 같은 소동극이다.

대근이가 다시 돌아왔소이다!
왕년의 스타 이대근, 우리 시대의 아버지로 돌아오다

7∙80년대 우리시대 강한 남자의 아이콘이었던 이대근이 이제는 늙고 힘없어진 아버지를 연기한다. 한때 그는 힘의 상징이었지만, 시간은 어느덧 그를 60대 노인으로 만들었다. 그런 그의 이미지를 차용해 감독은 늙어버린 우리 시대의 아버지 ‘이대근’을 창조해냈다. 가족의 부양을 위해 자신의 젊음을 희생했던 아버지. 결국 혼자 남아 외롭지만 외롭다고 표현도 못하고 자식들과 부딪치기만 하는 대한민국의 고집불통 아버지. 한국영화의 산 증인 이대근, LA의 용팔이였고, 변강쇠였던 그가 이제는 나이 들고 꼬장꼬장하고 호통치는 것만 제일 잘하는 아버지를 돌아온다. 그 동안 매스컴을 통해서 희화화 된 이미지로만 인식되었던 이대근이 <이대근, 이댁은>에서는 우리에게 가장 친근한 아버지의 모습을 그려낸다. 늙은 아버지도 이대근이 하면 색다르게 재미있고 생기 넘쳐 보인다. 약간의 과장이 섞인 이대근 식 연기로 표현하는 우리 아버지는 그 어떤 배우보다도 친숙하고 흥미롭게 다가올 것이다. 영화 <이대근, 이댁은>은 80년대 한국영화의 한 시대를 풍미했던 ‘이대근’이라는 걸출한 배우에 대한 오마주이자, 홀로 남은 우리의 아버지들에 대한 감독의 헌사이다.

피보다 진한 돈으로 뭉쳤다 !
이대근,호통치다! 집나간 자식들 모두 컴.백.홈 !

악극단 딴따라 인생 40년, 집안 대소사는 커녕 자식도 등지고 살아온 아버지 이.대.근!
2남1녀 자식들의 공통된 한마디_‘아버지가 나한테 해 준 게 뭐 있어?’
파란만장 구구절절한 사연들로 인해 뿔뿔이 흩어져 연락 끊고 산 지 3년,
어머니의 제삿날을 맞아 모처럼 한자리에 모이는 이대근 댁 가족.
하지만, 시간이 다 되도록 막내는 오지 않고, 딸내미는 절하기 싫다고 버티고 아들내미는 아버지를 상대로 물건이나 팔고 있다. 좌충우돌 정신 없는 재회 끝에 어느덧 12시 종은 울리고..이 가족의 숨.넘.어.가.는 비밀이 공개되는데..!
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YumCha! Asian Entertainment Reviews and Features

Professional Review of "Mr. Lee Vs. Mr. Lee (DVD) (Limited Edition) (Korea Version)"

October 22, 2007

Mr Lee vs. Mr Lee (a.k.a. Long Day's Journey into Night) from director Shim Kwang Jin is a dysfunctional family drama based upon the play "Happy Family" and loosely inspired by the life experiences of lead actor Lee Dae Geun. The film is certainly a very personal affair for Lee, whose soul-searching performance won him a Best Leading Actor nomination at the 44th Daejong Awards in a role which is a real departure for the former screen sex symbol.

Here he plays the Mr Lee of the title, an elderly man who attempts to gather his children together for a reunion to mark the anniversary of his wife's death. Unfortunately, he hasn't been the best of fathers, having spent much of his life away from them following his calling as a travelling musician, and so his family are rather reluctant to attend the gathering, especially since the last such event some years back resulted in a blazing row. His children certainly have problems of their own, with his eldest son (Lee Doo Il) embroiled in marital difficulties and his committed Christian daughter (Ahn Seon Young) getting caught up in an accident on the way to the ceremony. Putting further strain on the estranged family is the fact that the youngest son hasn't been seen for years after losing all of their money, despite which Mr Lee hires a private detective to try and track him down.

After beginning in conversational fashion with some voice over narration to introduce the characters, Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee doesn't waste any time in getting down to the airing of dirty laundry and the exploration of the themes of blame and guilt. Packed with reminiscences, it's all quite sad and tragic, though like the central character himself, it is so in a respectable, dignified way, and is thankfully not too melodramatic aside from a few last minute tugs at the heartstrings. There is an unpredictable twist later on in the proceedings which is pretty bizarre and manipulative, though in the context it works well enough, at least enough so to add another layer of grief. The drama for the most part revolves around Mr. Lee himself, though he makes for an interesting protagonist, a grumpy but vulnerable old man who has clearly been neither a good father nor husband, though who does appear to want to make amends, albeit on his own terms. As a result, the story is not a simple one of reconciliation, and the gradual revelation of the many skeletons in the family closet does make for engrossing viewing.

The film's theatrical origins are obvious, and it does feel like a filmed play in places, taking place for the most part in one location with characters entering and exiting in fairly formal fashion. Thankfully director Shim prevents things from getting too static by interweaving the subplot with the detective's search for the missing son into the narrative, which gives a few occasional breaks from the drama at the ceremony. He also includes a few visual flourishes to help make things slightly more cinematic, with some split screen work and sepia tinted flashbacks.

The film also benefits from a sense of economy, with the running time being kept to a lean hour and a half, meaning that there is little scope for wallowing or unnecessary soap opera style shenanigans. This is not to say that the film is too dry, as Shim does throw in a little comic relief, mostly in the form of Mr. Lee's useless cabdriver son-in-law, who has a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Added to this are a few quirky touches, such as a grandson who shows up on horseback wearing historical warrior garb, and these too keep things moving along in entertaining fashion.

However, these are kept fairly subtle, and Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee is a pretty straightforward, mature drama that works as an honest meditation on the nature of family. Well acted and staged, although not offering anything particularly new, it is quietly effective and manages to get its point across with far less distasteful hysteria than is so often the case with films of this type.

by James Mudge -

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