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YesAsia.com and Cosmos Books Limited join forces to bring more Chinese books to overseas readers

(San Francisco, December 16, 2002) YesAsia.com, the leading Asian on-line entertainment store, today announced its partnership with Cosmos Books Limited, one of the largest book publishers in Hong Kong, to build a "Cosmos Corner" on the YesOutlet platform. Chinese book readers can now view and purchase all books published by Cosmos, from their popular romance novel series to literature from well-known authors including Yi Shu, Lee Pi-Hua, Choi Lan, Li Min, Gu Long, Liang Yu-Sheng and Wan Du-Lao.

The partnership is another step forward in a recent YesAsia initiative known as YesOutlet, which leverages the company’s powerful e-commerce platform to help Asian-centric manufacturers and retailers market and sell products online to YesAsia’s large customer base of overseas Asians. Through the YesOutlet system, YesAsia oversees technology, customer order processing, inquiries, and product delivery, while partners are responsible for product selection, merchandising, stock handling, and daily product management – effectively maximizing the core strengths of each company.

"YesAsia.com has been working with bookstores and publishers in Hong Kong since January 2002 to develop its Chinese book section (Book Outlet). Utilizing the YesOutlet channel, partners can easily list their products and sell them to our 150,000 customers. We have many Cosmos book fans among our customers, and are delighted to be working with this respected publisher to further raise customer satisfaction by providing an even wider book selection. With our solid e-commerce experience and international logistic expertise, we believe we are the ideal partner to help Cosmos to develop its overseas market," said Albert Wong, IT & Operations Director at YesAsia.com.

"Cosmos has many loyal overseas readers, but it has traditionally been difficult for them to find our books, and Chinese books in general. Finding newly released books is even more difficult, as readers are generally forced to wait several months before they are offered at local Chinese booksellers. Our alliance with YesAsia.com has dramatically shortened the distance between Cosmos and its readers, creating real customer value. Readers can now view a full list of Cosmos books on YesAsia’s e-commerce platform, make their purchases online, and have their selections efficiently delivered to the location of their choice. It is this sort of expertise and commitment to service that has allowed YesAsia to thrive in an environment that has proved hostile for most other Internet companies. We are very pleased to be working with them, and are looking forward to great results," said Mr. Lee Chun-Hung, the Deputy General Manager of Cosmos.

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About YesAsia.com, Inc.
Founded in 1998, headquartered in San Francisco with regional offices in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, YesAsia.com has successfully established itself as the leading Internet source of Asian entertainment products including music, videos, karaoke, games, books, magazines, electronics, toys and gifts. Firmly committed to offering good customer service to its customers, YesAsia.com has allied with more than 80 different leading brands worldwide including Sony Music International, EMI Asia, and Universal Music. Besides its renowned global E-Commerce infrastructure, YesAsia.com also owns a highly secure and sophisticated technology platform in four languages, which enables it to provide better browsing and shopping experiences to customers. With its continuous efforts to improve, YesAsia.com has earned the Top Best Music and Movie Shopping Site from CMAsia. It was also ranked one of the top ten shopping sites in Hong Kong by Nielsen NetRatings Sept 2002. The investors support includes Morgan Stanley, PCCW (008), and Walden International. For more information on YesAsia.com, please visit the Company's corporate information page.

About Cosmos Books Limited
Cosmos Books Limited was founded in 1976, and is one of the largest publishers in Hong Kong. In addition to publishing, the company owns and operates two large storefronts selling Chinese and English books, stationery and reading accessories, providing a pleasant environment for readers to browse, read, and purchase books. Cosmos publishes literature from popular novel authors including Liang Yu-Sheng, Gu Long, Wan Du-Lao, Junichi Watanabe, Yi Shu, Lee Pi-Hua, Choi Lan, Li Min to classic series by Gao Xing-Jian, Lau Zoi-Fuk, Chung Shue-Chin, Ba Jin, Gaa Ping-Nap, Yu Qiu-Yu, Sou Tung, Wong On-Jik, and Zhang Li. Cosmos publishes hundreds of book titles every year, including classic literature, popular novels, martial arts novels, history/bibliography, humanities, travel, and arts.
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