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Adrift in Tokyo (DVD) (Korea Version) DVD Region 3

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Adrift in Tokyo (DVD) (Korea Version)
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YesAsia Editorial Description

To see Tokyo in all it's wacky and scenic splendor, take a long walk with Adrift in Tokyo (a.k.a. Tenten). The latest from director Miki Satoshi (Insects Unlisted in the Encyclopedia ), Adrift in Tokyo is a brilliantly manic road comedy starring the unbeatable tag team of Odagiri Joe (Tokyo Tower - Mom & Me, and Sometimes Dad) and Miura Tomokazu (The Taste of Tea). Both actors are playing roles they could do in their sleep - prickly middle-ager and slacker student with unfortunate hair - and they bring the exact combination of calm calamity and charismatic craziness the film calls for. In the grand tradition of male bonding road movies, Adrift in Tokyo is just the aimless story of two strange guys walking around Tokyo for a few days and the stranger adventures they encounter - and yet, it's so much more.

Underachieving law student Takemura (Odagiri Joe) - on his eighth year and counting - has racked up quite a sizable debt in the name of higher education. The urgency of his financial situation announces itself in the form of hot-tempered debt collector Fukuhara (Miura Tomokazu), who comes bursting into his apartment one night demanding payment and threatening painful repercussions. Short of hitting it big on pachinko, Takemura has no idea how he can possibly pay back the sum. As the deadline closes in, Fukuhara makes Takemura an unexpected proposition: walk with him from Kichijoji (in western Tokyo) to Kasumigaseki (in central Tokyo), and he'll pay the indebted student one million yen, enough to cover his debt. Bewildered but in no position to argue, Takemura hits the road with Fukuhara who, it turns out, just killed his wife and wants to turn himself in at a specific police station in Kasumigaseki. Getting there will take some time though, because many wacky people (including Koizumi Kyoko as a club madam) and surprise detours await them on the road in between.

This release comes with making of, gala premiere, trailer, and other special features.

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Technical Information

Product Title: Adrift in Tokyo (DVD) (Korea Version) Adrift in Tokyo (DVD) (Korea Version) Adrift in Tokyo (DVD) (Korea Version) 転々 텐텐 (한국판)
Also known as: Tenten Tenten Tenten Tenten Tenten
Artist Name(s): Miura Tomokazu | Koizumi Kyoko | Odagiri Joe | Fuse Eri 三浦友和 | 小泉今日子 | 小田切讓 | Fuse Eri 三浦友和 | 小泉今日子 | 小田切让 | Fuse Eri 三浦友和 | 小泉今日子 | オダギリジョー | ふせえり Miura Tomokazu | Koizumi Kyoko | 오다기리 죠 | Fuse Eri
Release Date: 2008-11-26
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Japanese, Korean
Place of Origin: Japan
Picture Format: NTSC What is it?
Disc Format(s): DVD
Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) What is it?
Publisher: Taewon Entertainment, Korea
Other Information: 1Disc
Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1012920241

Product Information

* Screen Format : Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1, NTSC
* Sound Mix : Dolby Digital 2.0
* Extras :
- 메이킹 필름
- 시사회 영상
- 무대 인사
- 특보
- TV 스팟
- 극장 예고편

부적절한 두 남자의 기묘하고도 즐거운 도쿄 산책 무비! 완벽한 화학 반응!
<메종 드 히미코>의 오다기리 죠, <거북이는 의외로 빨리 헤엄친다>의 미키 사토시
걷기 좋은 아름다운 도시, 도쿄!에서 펼쳐지는 본격 산책 무비.
언제나 관객들을 매료시키는 “개성 만점 히트 콤비” <메종 드 히미코>의 “오다기리 죠” 주연 X <거북이는 의외로 빨리 헤엄친다> <시효경찰(TV)>의 “미키 사토시” 감독!

도쿄의 아름다운 가을을 구석구석 만끽할 수 있는 영화! 상큼/유쾌하고 따뜻한 행복의 기분이 전해지는 영화!

미키 사토시
1961년 가나가와현 출생. 전설적인 히트 프로그램을 내놓았던 구성작가 출신으로 나오키상을 수상한 오쿠다 히데오의 <인 더 풀>로 2004년 장편영화에 데뷔했다. 이어서 우에노 주리, 아오이 유우 주연의 영화 <거북이는 의외로 빨리 헤엄친다>로 국내에 알려지며 주목 받았다. 이와 함께 국내에도 많은 팬을 확보한 일본드라마 <시효경찰>의 감독과 각본을 맡아 많은 시청자들의 마음을 훔쳤다. 구성작가 시절로 단련된 일목요연한 에피소드와 톡톡 튀는 대사를 절묘한 밸런스 아래 하나로 묶어가는 연출 스타일은 그동안 볼 수 없었던 상쾌한 영화를 만들어냈다. 도회적인 개그 감각으로 포장된 이야기는 가깝게 다가오지만 그 안에 숨겨진 작지만 진실한 메시지는 관객을 저절로 미소 짓게 만든다. 항상 젊고 신선한 감각을 담은 이야기로 관객에게 다가선 미키 사토시 감독은 예상치 못한 곳에서 즐거움을 발견하고 엉뚱한 발상으로 유쾌함을 선사한다. 독특한 캐릭터와 기이한 발상, 엉뚱하고도 기막힌 상황 설정과 대사로 웃음을 주는 것이 그의 작품들의 특징이라 할 수 있다. <텐텐>(2007), <도감에 실리지 않은 곤충>(2007), <다메진>(2006), <거북이는 의외로 빨리 헤엄친다>(2005), <인 더 풀>(2005)

* Director : 미키 사토시

함께 도쿄를 걸으면 현금 100만 엔을?!
대학교 8학년인 후미야(오다기리 죠)는 어릴 적 부모에게 버림 받고 홀로 살아가고 있다. 게다가 그는 무려 84만 엔의 빚을 갚아야 하는 신세... 최악의 인생을 살아가고 있는 후미야에게 어느 날 빚쟁이 후쿠하라(미우라 토모카즈)가 찾아오고 그는 후미야에게 빚을 청산할 수 있는 사흘이란 최후의 기간을 통보한다. 약속한 시간이 되기 하루 전, 후미야를 다시 찾아온 후쿠하라는 놀라운 제안을 한다. 그것은 바로 자신과 함께 ‘도쿄산책’을 하는 대가로 현금 100만 엔을 주겠다는 것! 돈을 마련할 별다른 방법이 없던 후미야는 결국 후쿠하라의 ‘도쿄산책’에 동행하기로 하는데…

목적지는 카스미가세키! 기간은 후쿠하라가 만족할 때까지!
부적절한(?) 두 남자의 기묘한 도쿄산책이 시작된다!

* 텐텐이란? '여기 저기 옮겨 다니다'라는 뜻을 가진 '전전(轉轉)'의 일본식 발음
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Professional Review of "Adrift in Tokyo (DVD) (Korea Version)"

June 12, 2008

This professional review refers to Tenten (Adrift in Tokyo) (DVD) (Premium Edition) (Japan Version)
There's more besides quirk in director Satoshi Miki's Adrift in Tokyo. The esteemed auteur of more weird movies than any filmgoer probably requires, Miki has a gift for finding the odd yet endearing in hidden corners of everyday life. Adrift in Tokyo follows the adventures of two men - a debt collector (Tomokazu Miura) and a deep-in-debt, eighth year law student (Joe Odagiri) - as they go on a languid, foot-propelled road trip. Yep, there are no cars on this road trip. The two walk all over Tokyo, ruminating on their lives, making small observations, and finding connection where there perhaps was none before. They also ride a roller coaster.

The above sounds partly like arthouse cinema in that post-modern, soul-searching kind of way (minus the roller coaster, of course), but if Adrift in Tokyo does any soul-searching, it's rather cursory. There's perhaps some navel-gazing along the way, but none of it is acutely existential; most of the gazing here is outward, observing just how strange, weird and even pleasant things are when you stop and take a good long look. However, there's affection and even understanding in the journey, making Adrift in Tokyo more than just quirk for quirk's sake. This is a road trip with simple, enjoyable, warmly funny pleasures. Joe Odagiri's trademark crazy hair and funky sweater are just the icing on this enjoyable cinema cake.

We first meet debt collector Fukuhara (Tomokazu Miura) when he's stuffing used socks into the mouth of law student Takemura (Joe Odagiri). The footwear force feeding is Fukuhara's way of getting Takemura to pay back his debt, and Takemura wants to oblige, but is strapped for cash. However, when he meets Fukuhara again, the elder gentleman has a new proposition: join him on awalk around Tokyo for a few days and he'll pay Takemura one million yen. Fukuhara has done something that will require a long incarceration, and before he goes to the police, he'd like to walk around, see some sights, and visit a few old haunts. Fukuhara agrees because the payoff will clear him of his debt, but he also warns Fukuhara that the sooner he turns himself in, the better. Can Takemura convince Fukuhara to go to the police before the cops start a manhunt?

Well, no he can't, and it doesn't really matter. If you hear a ticking clock in Adrift in Tokyo then it's only your wristwatch; there's little urgency or forward momentum in Satoshi Miki's aimless celluloid stroll, and the details are less revealing than they are simply curious. The film covers a myriad of topics, including but not limited to: cosplay, street performers, fake marriages, annoyingly perky teens, and small Tokyo retail establishments that conceivably have no way of paying their monthly rent. There's also a detour to meet Fukuhara's fake wife, a club hostess played by Kyoko Koizumi, and a subplot involving Fukuhara's real wife, whose absence from her job bothers her co-workers. Not that that really matters either; they're too busy comparing the smell of their hair, or debating whether or not it's good luck to run into actor Ittoku Kishibe on the street. A gripping time at the movies this is not.

What it is, however, is funny, relaxing, and quietly affecting. Despite abundant gags and the lack of any overt catharsis or revelatory speeches, Adrift in Tokyo does hint at something small and agreeably sentimental. It may not be a huge lot; Takemura doesn't change his career to become a crusading prosecutor, and Fukuhara doesn't repent for a lifetime of shady sin. If these guys change at all, it's not in a way that would get the melodrama fans reaching for their 3-ply hankies. However, thanks to Miki's ability to combine calm with craziness, plus the affable, unwavering charisma of Miura and Odagiri, Adrift in Tokyo feels like it does something. People may not grow up that much, but they do grow a bit closer - if not to each other, then perhaps to themselves. There's stuff to savor in the most minor of the film's details, and Adrift in Tokyo doesn't share those things as much as it simply shows them. The joys in this film are minor, but the complete picture is surprisingly rewarding. Miki does little here besides take a nice little walk, and invite the audience along. It's a trip well worth taking.

by Kozo -

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