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Casshern Ultimate Edition DTS (Korean Version) DVD Region 3

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Casshern Ultimate Edition DTS (Korean Version)
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Customer Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10 (1)
All Editions Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8.4 out of 10 (34)

YesAsia Editorial Description

Fashion photographer and music video director Kiriya Kazuaki's long awaited first film, set in a stunning retro-futuristic world, is a visual and philosophical tour de force.

An updated version of an animated television series from Tatsunoko Pro made in the early 1970s, Casshern is a classic tale of good vs. evil. The film is set in the future, where the planet Earth has been divided between two opposing alliances. After a long and bitter war, the Greater Eastern Federation has triumphed over Europa and rules the Eurasian continent. However, the victory is a hollow one. The war has left the planet a wasteland, ravaged by chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and its inhabitants are weak and susceptible to every pestilence and new disease that appears.

With hope running out for the survival of the human race, a geneticist named Dr. Azuma proposes a neo-cell treatment through which he can rejuvenate the human body, and potentially save mankind. The success of his research is critical to him on a personal level as well, as his disease stricken wife Midori is growing weaker each day.

One day, a freak bolt of lightning sends Azuma's neo-cell cloning experiment haywire, and an army of superhuman androids (Shinzo Ningen) are unleashed on the world. The military attacks and kills most of them, but some survive, taking Midori hostage and employing a robot army to wage war on the humans in an effort to wipe them off the face of the earth. As options run out, Tetsuya, Azuma's son who has been killed in fighting, is reborn through his father's neo-cell technology as the hero Casshern. Will he be able to save the world, or is it too late?

Includes 2 special discs containing the making-of , and interviews with the director and cast.

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Technical Information

Product Title: Casshern Ultimate Edition DTS (Korean Version) 再造人卡辛 (DTS終極版) (韓國版) 再造人卡辛 (DTS终极版) (韩国版) CASSHERN (キャシャーン) Ultimate Edition (韓国版) 캐산 Ultimate Edition DTS (한국판)
Artist Name(s): Terao Akira | Toshiaki Karasawa | Iseya Yusuke | Aso Kumiko | Kaname Jun | Higuchi Kanako | Kiriya Kazuaki 寺尾聰 | 唐澤壽明 | 伊勢谷友介 | 麻生久美子 | 要潤 | 樋口可南子 | 紀里谷和明 寺尾聪 | 唐泽寿明 | 伊势谷友介 | 麻生久美子 | 要润 | 樋口可南子 | 纪里谷和明 寺尾聰 | 唐沢 寿明 | 伊勢谷友介 | 麻生久美子 | 要潤 | 樋口可南子 | 紀里谷和明 Terao Akira | Toshiaki Karasawa | Iseya Yusuke | Aso Kumiko | Kaname Jun | Higuchi Kanako | Kiriya Kazuaki
Release Date: 2005-08-24
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Japanese, Korean
Country of Origin: Hong Kong, Japan
Picture Format: NTSC What is it?
Disc Format(s): DVD
Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) What is it?
Duration: 140 (mins)
Publisher: EnterOne
Other Information: 3 DVDs
Shipment Unit: 2 What is it?
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1004048293

Product Information

* Screen Format : Anamorphic Widescreen
* Sound Mix : Dolby 5.1EX & 2.0 / dts-ES
* DVD Type : N/A
* Extras :

- 감독, 배우 코멘터리

- <캐산>기획서
- Cast & Crew
- 디자인 갤러리
- 미공개 씬
- 예고편
- TV-spot

- <캐산> 메이킹 (약 130분 )
- 스틸 갤러리

* Director : 키리야 카즈아키

돌아온 우리들의 영웅!<인조인간 캐산>이 부활하다!

우리가 걸어온 역사와는 전혀 다른 역사를 지닌 세계. 50년이나 계속된 큰 전쟁으로 세계는 대아시아연방공화국과 유럽연합이라는 두 개의 진영으로 갈라져 있다. 결국 전쟁은 대아시아연방공화국의 승리로 끝나 동아시아에서 유라시아 대륙 일대를 지배하게 되지만 승리로 얻은 것은 화학, 세균무기, 공해, 바이러스, 방사능 등에 의해 황폐해진 대지와 피폐해져 버린 민심뿐이다.

인류는 이대로 종말을 맞이하게 될 것인가? 여기에 해결책을 제시하고 나선 사람이 바로 아즈마 박사였다. 그는 인간의 모든 부위를 자유자재로 만들 수 있는 '신조세포' 이론을 제창, 학회에 원조를 요청한다. 아즈마는 중병에 걸린 아내 미도리를 위해 무슨 수를 쓰더라도 이 연구를 실용화해야만 했다. 하지만 기득권을 빼앗길까 두려워하는 보건성의 관료들은 박사의 이론을 기각한다. 그러나 박사의 이론으로 사욕을 채우려고 하는 군 관계자의 은밀한 원조로 연구는 조용히 시작되었다.

신조인간 VS 인간
군 당국에서는 무참하게 변이 ‘신조인간’들을 사살하고 몇 명의 ‘신조인간’은 그곳을 탈출, 인간에 대한 증오심을 품고 자신들의 왕국을 만들기 시작한다
한편, 아즈마 박사는 아들 테츠야의 시신을 다시금 신조인간으로 살려낸다. 살아남은 ‘신조인간’들은 로봇을 생산해서 인간들을 공격하고, 테츠야는 루나를 데리고 도망치게 되는데, 그 곳에서 군부대의 공격에 무참히 살해되는 사람들의 모습을 보며 테츠야는 마을의 수호신인 ‘캐산’이라는 이름을 빌어서 사람들을 지켜낸다

드디어 ‘캐산’ 이라는 이름의 영웅이 탄생하고 ‘신조인간’과 로봇부대와의 대혈투가 시작되는데…
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Professional Review of "Casshern Ultimate Edition DTS (Korean Version)"

June 9, 2009

This professional review refers to Casshern (2004) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
Put your eyeballs back in their sockets; Casshern is just a movie. An adaptation of the early-seventies anime Robot Hunter Casshan, Casshern is a gonzo, balls-to-the-wall tech demo that overshadows - or perhaps sidesteps - the usual requirements of narrative filmmaking. While that might seem like a fatal transgression, forgiveness will likely be easy, or simply a fleeting afterthought. When you're subjected to visual crack, little things like logic, character, and coherent storytelling understandably fall by the wayside.

A fifty-year war has left Mother Earth a beaten-up wasteland. Mankind and its vast arsenal of weapons are to blame, and there's a price: many suffer from synthetic diseases. The answer to their problems: more technology, specifically the "neo cell" project from Professor Azuma (Akira Terao). Basically, the old coot is creating a big genetic swimming pool to manufacture replacement body parts. But the neo cell project spawns mutants who crawl out of the genetic sludge and declare war on their creators. Led by the white-haired Burai (Toshiaki Karasawa), these "Neo Sapiens" decide to cleanse the earth of human beings, and manufacture an army of CG robots to do it. But there's still hope: Tetsuya Azuma (Yusuke Iseya), son of Professor Azuma. Tetsuya bought it in the war, but thanks to even more technology, he gets to live again. With a suit of white battle armor and newly acquired superhuman skills, Tetsuya can now fight for mankind as Casshern! Cue CG rumbles galore.

The immediate problem: it's not clear what Tetsuya is fighting for. There are severe emotional, social, political, and probably philosophical reasons for Tetsuya's struggle. Basically, he wasn't too keen on returning from the dead, because while he was a soldier he engaged in ethnic cleansing and the mass slaughter of innocents. Mankind isn't the good guy in this film; in fact, man is portrayed as a misguided, selfish bunch who should get a smackdown for their apocalypse-bringing ways. Rooting for Tetsuya is automatic because he looks so damn cool, but given the circumstances, rooting for the Neo Sapiens isn't such a bad idea, either.

But Tetsuya fights for simpler reasons: the Neo Sapiens have kidnapped his mother, and his true love Luna (Kumiko Asou) is pretty depressed. Even worse, his father shows up and Tetsuya isn't happy to see him. Director Kazuaki Kiriya assaults his audience with both personal and existential, and isn't shy about using voiceover, sudden monologuing, or copious montage to get the message across. The material is potent, but also very dense. Kiriya is a music video director, so getting messages out in flashy, disjointed style is business as usual. But in a 140-minute movie, MTV-style jumps and lightning-quick interludes can prove tiring.

Still, anyone who watches anime is used to dense philosophical storytelling - and they may like it too. Casshern is cut from the same cloth as existential anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, and is so unapologetic about its emotional and thematic excess that it might as well be beating you over the head with a giant plastic Pikachu. So don't think; just sit back and geek out. You can dissect the murky depths of Casshern, or you can let your eyeballs do all the work. Above all else, Casshern is visually astounding. The set designs, lurid cinematography, and impressive CG all add up to one deliriously dazzling package that should delight everyone who owns an X-Box - and also a lot of people who don't. It's questionable if everyone who catches Casshern will dig through the glorious exterior to decipher its densely-packed inner core, but it's all good anyway. Chances are that the abundance of top-notch eye candy will satiate even the most ADD-afflicted. Casshern succeeds on more than one level - especially the superficial one.

By Ross Chen -

This original content has been created by or licensed to, and cannot be copied or republished in any medium without the express written permission of

Customer Review of "Casshern Ultimate Edition DTS (Korean Version)"

Average Customer Rating for this Edition: Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10 (1)
Average Customer Rating for All Editions of this Product: Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8.4 out of 10 (34)

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March 28, 2008

This customer review refers to Casshern (2004) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
Simply amazing! Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
I just finished watching Casshern and I have to say that it is now within my top 3 favorite japanese movies.

I was surprised when I saw that it was made in 2004. This movie has amazing graphics and I love the mystery and hidden messages behind the whole story. One may find it confusing, but I am used to the japanese movies with hidden plots. I happen to love these kinds of movies because they make me think. Not everything is within the mind's reach at first...

I also loved this movie because the characters looked normal and not 'overly beautiful'. I can really tell that this was done Kiriya Kazuaki. I see his creative in this just like the Utada PV's he directed.

Kiriya Kazuaki is one of the photographers/directors that I respect and I must say that his work couldn't have been better.

This is a must for foreign movie collectors. ^_^
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anonymous golf player
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July 13, 2006

This customer review refers to Casshern (2004) (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)
2 people found this review helpful

What HAPPENED??! Customer Review Rated Bad 4 - 4 out of 10
This film got a great look, feel and visuals going for it. But it's a sci-fi, based anime theme movie, so, what happened to the action? There's barely any of it. The best action sequence occurs around the mid point of the movie and it only last about 3 mins. Trully dissappointing. This could have been a classic if the director didn't spend sooooo much time with his philosophical views about men, war, etc., etc., etc. It was like watching a political press conference, with the politicians just going around in circles, never getting to the point or stating anything of any significance!
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May 27, 2006

This customer review refers to CASSHERN - 3DVDs Ultimate Edition (Japan Version - English Subtitles)
oh. Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
this movie was amazing, with all of its themes on how humans are quite unopen to individuality and are always greedy for more when they have enough. i think the director (utada's husband) did an amazing jobs with the direction of the movie and how the characters really mesh well with their roles. i especially like all the effects and settings.
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April 11, 2006

Awesome Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
I love this movie. It has an awesome meaning (world peace) and morale (accepting others' differences). I don't think there is any other movie that can show these things any better.
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February 24, 2006

This customer review refers to Casshern (2004) (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)
1 people found this review helpful

one of the worst Customer Review Rated Bad 1 - 1 out of 10
i hv such high expectation on this movie.. but the fact is that this is one of the worst movie i hv ever seen.
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