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My Mr. Mermaid (2017) (DVD) (Ep. 1-36) (End) (China Version)The Perfect Match (2017) (DVD) (Ep.1-22) (End) (Taiwan Version)Days We Stared at the Sun II (2017) (DVD) (Ep.1-6) (End) (PTS TV Drama) (Taiwan Version)
  • My Mr. Mermaid (2017) (DVD) (Ep. 1-36) (End) (China Version) DVD Region All Tan Song Yun (Actor) | Huang Sheng Chi (Actor) | Dylan Xiong (Actor) | Wang Zi Xuan (Actor)
    Tan Songyun, the breakout star of The Whirlwind Girl and With You, pairs up with SpeXial's Dylan Xiong (Soul Stitcher) and rising actor Huang Shengchi (The Whirlwind Girl 2) for the sports-themed youth romance My Mr. Mermaid. With the university swimming championships coming up, rival school representatives Qi Qifeng (Huang Shengchi) and Ouyang Heng (Pang Hanchen) are set to duel it out in the pool. Meanwhile, Qifeng's teammate Tang Yibai (Dylan Xiong) is also making his return this season after four years away from competition. His team and coach all have high hopes for him, and he himself wants to give it his all to recover his dreams.

    Before the start of the championships, Yibai meets intern reporter Yun Duo (Tan Songyun), who pledges her whole-hearted support after finding out about Yibai's past and dreams. It turns out that Yun Duo actually rents a room from Yibai's mom, and the two begin to fall for each other as they spend more time together. However, with the high demands of training and competition, Yibai must make a choice between love and dreams.

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  • The Perfect Match (2017) (DVD) (Ep.1-22) (End) (Taiwan Version) DVD Region 3 Ivy Shao (Actor) | Chris Wu (Actor) | Ben Wu (Xiao Le) (Actor) | Chen Nai Rong (Actor)
    After starring in the acclaimed Wake Up, A Touch of Green and Love of Sandstorm, Golden Bell-winning actor Chris Wu returns to idol drama romance in The Perfect Match. He pairs up with Ivy Shao (Back to 1989) for the culinary romantic comedy that also co-stars Ben Wu (Love Cuisine), Xiao Man (Happy Michelin Kitchen) and Nylon Chen (Baby Daddy).

    To Le Cordon Bleu chef Ting En (Chris Wu), his restaurant is his life's greatest calling. His unique and original menu is praised as being worth flying across the Pacific Ocean for. To food stall vendor Fen Qing (Ivy Shao), the night market is her entire life. Though she has never properly learned cooking, her self-created dishes are celebrated by netizens as being as good as that of a three-star restaurant. People say that if you can't afford to eat at Ting En's, you can get the night market version at Fen Qing's. Ting En ends up going to Fen Qing's stall and putting her in her place with a stunning display of cooking skills. Refusing to accept defeat, she goes to his restaurant and takes on the challenge of becoming his apprentice.

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  • Days We Stared at the Sun II (2017) (DVD) (Ep.1-6) (End) (PTS TV Drama) (Taiwan Version) DVD Region 3 Wu Chien He (Actor) | Yang Lieh (Actor) | Doris Wang (Actor) | Song Bo Wei (Actor)
    In 2011, PTS's acclaimed coming-of-age mini-series Days We Stared at the Sun swept the top prizes at the 46th Golden Bell Awards. The troubled and explosive youths of yesteryear return in the highly anticipated 2017 sequel. Again directed by Cheng Yu Chieh, Days We Stared at the Sun 2 is set five years after the original series with stars Wu Chien He and Doris Wang reprising their roles. Touching on many hot-button issues that have affected Taiwan in recent years, the series shifts from the growing pains and generational clashes of the first series to the struggles of young people who are fighting against the system and finding their place in society.

    Working steadily towards her dream, A-Ding (Doris Wang) has found some success as an indie singer. Cheng Wei (Wu Chien He) is studying law and aspires to become a prosecutor. During a campus event, A-Ding encounters student activist Rong (Edison Song). Though his protest ruins her performance, she can't help seeing her late boyfriend Yuan in the rash and idealistic Rong. After meeting with the two of them, Cheng Wei joins Rong's left-wing club, the New Wave Society. Huang Qian (Iris Hu), an exchange student from Mainland China, also joins after picking up one of Rong's flyers. With the passing of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, protests break out in Taiwan, and the members of the New Wave Society are swept into these tumultuous times.

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The Way We Were (DVD) (End) (Taiwan Version) The Way We Were (DVD) (End) (Taiwan Version) DVD Region 3


This film has won 3 award(s) and received 4 award nomination(s).
  • Golden Bell Awards 2015
    • Best Leading Actress in a Television Series Nomination, Ruby Lin
    • Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series Winner, Tiffany Hsu
    • Best Directing for a Television Series Winner, Xu Fu Xiang
    • Best Television Series Winner
    • Best Leading Actor in a Television Series Nomination, Leroy Yang
    • Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series Nomination, Melvin Sia
    • Best Writing for a Television Series Nomination
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