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Tai Chi Master II (1981) (DVD) (Part 1) (Ep. 1-13) (To Be Continued) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version)It Takes A Thief (1979) (DVD) (Ep. 1-8) (End) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version)Little Wish (1980) (DVD) (End) (2016 Reprint) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version)
  • Tai Chi Master II (1981) (DVD) (Part 1) (Ep. 1-13) (To Be Continued) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region All Alex Man (Actor) | Amy Chan Sau Man (Actor) | Leslie Cheung (Actor) | Law Lok Lam (Actor)
    Aired on RTV in 1981, Hong Kong wuxia classic Tai Chi Master II continues the adventures of Zhang Sanfeng, the believed originator of Tai Chi. Alex Man returns in the title role, and this time he's joined by Amy Chan and a young Leslie Cheung as the Crown Prince.

    Following the uprising against the Yuan Dynasty in the first series, Zhang Sanfeng has become a wandering swordsman, and in his travels he befriends Shuang Shuang (Amy Chan) and Hundred Flower sect leader Hua Wang Zi (Violet Li), both of whom hold a torch for him. Zhang's former brother-in-arm Zhu Yuanzhang (Law Lok Lam) has become the Emperor of the newly established Ming Dynasty, but he sits uneasily on the throne, distrustful of those who once fought with him. Crown Prince Yiwen (Leslie Cheung), however, greatly trusts Sanfeng. The two even become master and disciple, but their close ties only further raise the Emperor's suspicions of Sanfeng. Meanwhile, Sanfeng's enemy Prince Huo Du (Yeung Chak Lam) returns with another identity and plots revenge against Sanfeng by colluding with the Prince of Yan.

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  • It Takes A Thief (1979) (DVD) (Ep. 1-8) (End) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region All Poon Chi Man (Actor) | Johnny Mak (Producer) | Kenneth Tsang (Actor) | Alex Man (Actor)
    Originally aired in 1979, RTV's wuxia series It Takes a Thief is based on Gu Long's Chu Liuxiang novel series about a dashing swordsman who steals in the name of justice and helping the poor. Pat Poon stars as the noble thief alongside a legendary cast that includes Kenneth Tsang, Paul Chun, Alex Man, Law Lok Lam, Nancy Sit, Mary Cheung, Bonny Ngai, Man Man Yee, Miu Kam Fung, Candy Man and Nora Miao. The Hong Kong television classic is produced by Tsui Hark and Johnny Mak, with action choreography by Tony Ching.

    After Shenshui Palace's treasured Holy Water – a colorless, tasteless and highly poisonous liquid that can kill even top martial arts masters with a few drops – gets stolen, three martial arts sect leaders die mysteriously of poison and unrest quickly spreads in the martial world. As it takes a swordsman of extraordinary skills to get past Shenshui Palace's traps, suspicions point to legendary bandit Daoshuai (Pat Poon). Shenshui Palace gives Daoshuai one month to find the culprit and recover the Holy Water, or face death. Posing as a merchant, Daoshuai travels to Jinan to investigate the conspiracy, and uncovers the secret connections of three sect leaders and a mysterious woman. In the course of investigation, he also becomes the target of the top constable in the land.

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  • Little Wish (1980) (DVD) (End) (2016 Reprint) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region All Leslie Cheung (Actor) | Candy Man Suet Yee (Actor) | Yuen Pui Ching (Actor) | Miu Kam Fung (Actor)
    Late superstar Leslie Cheung starred in the 25-episode TV series Little Wish in 1980 when he was still a new actor in his early twenties. Leslie Cheung plays a young man, Kwok Leung, who aspires to join the entertainment circle. His mother pines for a luxurious lifestyle, which Kwok Leung's father finds difficult to support. After the father meets a tragic death in an accident, Kwok Leung's elder brother decides to make some changes in his life. Meanwhile, Kwok Leung becomes attracted to Mei Chu's (Yuen Pui Chun) beauty and innocence, and starts to tune his own goals in life.
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