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Newark File (1981) (DVD) (Ep. 1-10) (End) (Digitally Remastered) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version)Fatherland (I) (1980) (DVD) (Ep. 1-12) (To Be Continued) (Digitally Remastered) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version)It Takes A Thief (1979) (DVD) (Ep. 1-8) (End) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version)
  • Newark File (1981) (DVD) (Ep. 1-10) (End) (Digitally Remastered) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region All Paul Chu | Candice Yu | Cheung Ying
    Aired in 1981 on RTV (later ATV), the Hong Kong television classic Newark File has been digitally remastered for DVD release! The drama, set five years in the future, was groundbreaking at the time for its bold and controversial vision of a Hong Kong shaken by political conspiracy and assassination.

    In 1986, Legislative Council member Tam gets murdered as part of a spy organization's plan to frame the government and incite social unrest. At the site of the shooting, photographer Chin (Candice Yu) takes pictures of several witnesses, and these key witnesses also soon get murdered. Prosecutor Kong ({Paul Chu) is appointed to chair the special investigative committee for the case. In the course of the investigation, he discovers the murders seem to be related to David Wong (Cheung Ying), the deputy chief of the Security Bureau.

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  • Fatherland (I) (1980) (DVD) (Ep. 1-12) (To Be Continued) (Digitally Remastered) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region All Ngok Wah (Actor) | Candice Yu (Actor) | Lau Chi Wing (Actor) | Ng Wui (Actor)
    ATV's Fatherland is the station's most classic drama from the RTV years, even beating out TVB in the ratings battle when it started airing in 1980. Fatherland was broadcast in three installments - Home on the River Pearl, Radical City, and American Dream - with the most memorable being the first installment. Set in the late Qing to the early Republican era, Fatherland - Home on the River Pearl is an epic story of small rural life and sweeping historical changes. Hailing from a small Guangdong village, the humble Yeung family and the trials and tribulations they face paint a realistic portrait of the times, from the major historical events and political winds - the establishment of the Republic of China, the Yuan Shikai era - that serve as backdrop, to the individual ordeals that tell the story of so many. With a cast that included David Lau, Ngok Wah, Candice Yu, Poon Chi Man, Bill Tung, and Moon Lee, Fatherland - Home of the River Pearl's sweeping depiction of family, romance, timeless values, and heartrending struggles in rural China served as the model for TVB's later series of Plain Love dramas.
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  • It Takes A Thief (1979) (DVD) (Ep. 1-8) (End) (ATV Drama) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region All Poon Chi Man (Actor) | Kenneth Tsang (Actor) | Johnny Mak (Producer) | Law Lok Lam (Actor)
    Originally aired in 1979, RTV's wuxia series It Takes a Thief is based on Gu Long's Chu Liuxiang novel series about a dashing swordsman who steals in the name of justice and helping the poor. Pat Poon stars as the noble thief alongside a legendary cast that includes Kenneth Tsang, Paul Chun, Alex Man, Law Lok Lam, Nancy Sit, Mary Cheung, Bonny Ngai, Man Man Yee, Miu Kam Fung, Candy Man and Nora Miao. The Hong Kong television classic is produced by Tsui Hark and Johnny Mak, with action choreography by Tony Ching.

    After Shenshui Palace's treasured Holy Water – a colorless, tasteless and highly poisonous liquid that can kill even top martial arts masters with a few drops – gets stolen, three martial arts sect leaders die mysteriously of poison and unrest quickly spreads in the martial world. As it takes a swordsman of extraordinary skills to get past Shenshui Palace's traps, suspicions point to legendary bandit Daoshuai (Pat Poon). Shenshui Palace gives Daoshuai one month to find the culprit and recover the Holy Water, or face death. Posing as a merchant, Daoshuai travels to Jinan to investigate the conspiracy, and uncovers the secret connections of three sect leaders and a mysterious woman. In the course of investigation, he also becomes the target of the top constable in the land.

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