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Sweet Sixteen (2016) (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)The House That Never Dies II (2017) (Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)Soccer Killer (2017) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
  • Sweet Sixteen (2016) (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region 3 Kris Wu (Actor) | Han Geng (Actor) | Joo Won (Actor) | Lu Shan (Actor)
    Kris Wu (Mr. Six), Han Geng (So Young) and Joo Won (Fatai Intuitions) play the three men who change the life of Amber Lu's star-crossed heroine in the romantic melodrama Sweet Sixteen. Helmed by My Wife is a Gangster director Cho Jin Gyu, the China-Korea co-production, based on Zi Yue's hit novel series Xia You Qiao Mu Ya Wang Tian Tang, wrenches the heart with a tempestuous tale of first love and innocence lost.

    As a child, Xia Mu (Kris Wu) closed himself away due to the trauma of witnessing his mother's suicide. He begins to open up after meeting tutor Ya Wang (Amber Lu), who gradually melts his heart with her warmth and smiles. Xia Mu develops a crush on Ya Wang, but she only has eyes for her high school sweetheart Xiao Tian (Han Geng). However, while Xiao Tian is away, the arrogant and aggressive Wei Ran (Joo Won) appears in Ya Wang's life and destroys her happiness. When Xia Mu learns of Wei Ran's actions, he goes to dangerous lengths to protect Ya Wang.

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  • The House That Never Dies II (2017) (Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version) Blu-ray Region A Julian Cheung (Actor) | Gillian Chung (Actor) | Vivian Woo (Actor) | Mei Ting (Actor)
    Return to the famous haunted house at No. 81 Chaonei in The House That Never Dies II, the unrelated sequel to the 2014 blockbuster that broke Chinese box office records for horror films. Producer Gordon Chan and Zombie Fight Club director Joe Chien take over at the helm of the horror thriller inspired by stories surrounding a notorious mansion that housed an ill-fated warlord's family during the Republican era. Julian Cheung (S Storm), Gillian Chung (The Wasted Times) and Mei Ting (Blind Massage) take dual roles in a bone-chilling story connecting the past and present of The House That Never Dies.

    Amid the chaos of the late Republican period, marshal Zhang Jinsheng (Julian Cheung) is forced to marry Ji Jincui (Gillian Chung), the daughter of a mutinous warlord (Jack Kao). Soon, strange things start happening at 81 Chaonei, and baby corpses appear around the city. As panic spreads, fingers point to Ji's original wife Niu Menghe (Mei Ting) as the culprit behind the baby corpse cases. Niu mysteriously disappears and the residents of 81 Chaonei die overnight, leaving behind a dilapidated ghost house. A century later, restorer Song Teng (Julian Cheung) digs up a large number of baby skeletons and cursed talismans while doing renovation work at 81 Chaonei. The past begins to haunt the present as Song, his wife He Fei (Mei Ting) and colleague Lin Yao (Gillian Chung) encounter increasingly strange events in the house.

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  • Soccer Killer (2017) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region All He Jiong (Actor) | Gillian Chung (Actor) | Charlene Choi (Actor) | Jeff Lau (Writer, Actor, Director)
    Hong Kong comedy maestro Jeff Lau (A Chinese Odyssey) applies his madcap nonsensical humor to an ancient sports competition in the period action comedy Soccer Killer. Packed with references to everything from Journey to the West and Chinese mythology to wuxia novels and the Avengers, the film revolves around a high-stakes match of Cuju - an ancient Chinese ball game similar to soccer - between Song China and the Mongol Empire. Popular Chinese television host He Jiong, Twins members Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi, and award-winning actor Patrick Tam lead an eclectic all-star cast that includes special and supporting appearances by Joey Yung, Ma Li, Chai Ge and He's Happy Camp co-hosts Du Haitao, Wu Xin and Li Weijia. Stephy Tang, Lam Tze Chung, funnyman Li Jing and Hong Kong action veterans Corey Yuen, Yuen Cheung Yan, Fung Hak On, Chung Fat and Chiu Chi Ling play martial arts masters recruited for the game.

    During the Song Dynasty, the Mongols use Cuju competitions as an excuse to wipe out soldiers of other states and then seize land in compensation. When the Mongols finally issue a Cuju challenge to the Song, corrupt official Qin Nu (Jeff Lau) suggests collecting taxes and presenting the sum as tribute in order to avoid a fight, but minister Liu Jin fiercely objects. The Emperor (Chai Ge) reluctantly accepts the challenge and launches large-scale trials to recruit a team. Determined to save her homeland, Princess Changping (Gillian Chung) ventures out and manages to invite masters from the top eight martial arts sects to join the team. Maocilang (He Jiong), the head of the small unknown Maoshan sect, also wants to join, but he is ignored by Princess Changping because of his lack of martial arts skills. Meanwhile, Qin Nu collaborates with mountain bandits to abduct Princess Changping.

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