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The King's Woman (2017) (Ep. 1-48) (End) (DVD) (China Version)Lost Love in Times (2017) (DVD) (Ep. 1-56) (Malaysia Version)The Advisors Alliance (2017) (DVD) (Ep. 1-42) (End) (English Subtitled) (Malaysia Version)
  • The King's Woman (2017) (Ep. 1-48) (End) (DVD) (China Version) DVD Region All Dilraba Dilmurat (Actor) | Vin Zhang (Actor) | Li Tai (Actor) | Zhang Xuan (Actor)
    New-generation stars Dilraba Dilmurat and Vin Zhang from Eternal Love take on their biggest roles yet in the period romance The King's Woman, based on a novel in Wen Shiren's The Legend of Qin series. Vin Zhang steps into the role of Ying Zheng, the King of Qin who would one day unite China under iron-clad rule. Dilraba Dilmurat plays the fictional character of Gongsun Li, the bright granddaughter of military commander Gongsun Yu. As a young girl Gongsun Li once rescued Ying Zheng and left a deep impression on him. Gongsun Li and her grandfather's second disciple Jing Ke (Liu Chang) are childhood sweethearts, and the two only have each other to rely on during the chaos of war. When Jing Ke gets poisoned while protecting her, she agrees to marry Ying Zheng in exchange for the antidote. After entering the palace, Gongsun learns that she is already pregnant, but Ying Zheng keeps her secret hidden and treats the child as his own. Meanwhile, her grandfather's senior disciple Han Shen (Li Tai) follows Gongsun Li into the palace and becomes an imperial guard in order to protect her and her child. Over time, Gongsun Li realizes that there is a gentle side to the outwardly cold and cruel Ying Zheng, and she begins to fall in love with the king.
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  • Lost Love in Times (2017) (DVD) (Ep. 1-56) (Malaysia Version) DVD Region 3 Cecilia Liu (Actor) | William Chan (Actor) | Han Dong (Actor) | Chai Wei (Actor)
    Cecilia Liu (Startling By Each Step) and William Chan (Mystic Nine) fall in love through time and tide in the period fantasy Lost Love in Times. Based on Shi Siye's novel Zui Ling Long, the stirring drama weaves romance and sorcery into a tumultuous tale of royal intrigue and succession struggle during the Western Wei Dynasty.

    Sorcerer Feng Qingchen (Cecilia Liu) is part of a secret mystical tribe that uses their supernatural powers to help safeguard royal rule and, by extension, the peace and stability of the empire. The royal family, however, is rife with internal turmoil and power struggle. Having himself usurped the throne, Emperor Yuan An (Liu Yijun, Nirvana in Fire) rules in autocratic manner and distrusts his own children, in particular 4th Prince Yuan Ling (William Chan). An upright and fearless warrior who is invincible on the battlefield, Yuan Ling has a loyal army at his command and the admiration of the people – all of which makes him a threat to his brothers and the Emperor. After Qingchen rescues Yuan Ling by chance, the two fall deeply in love, and Qingchen assists Yuan Ling's ascension to the throne. Defying all omens and objections, Yuan Ling resolves to make Qingchen his queen. However, on their wedding day, 7th Prince Yuan Zhan (Xu Haiqiao, The Journey of Flower) stages a coup and tragedy unfolds in front of Qingchen's eyes. Desperate to save Yuan Ling, Qingchen uses a forbidden power to reset the world.

    When Qingchen regains consciousness, she finds that she has gone back one year in time. In this new timeline, everyone she knows no longer knows her. Furthermore, sorcerers have been accused of treason by the Emperor. Setting out to save her kin and restore the name of her tribe, Qingchen soon encounters Yuan Ling, Yuan Zhan and the other princes. Qingchen knows that she must not repeat history, but from the moment she meets Yuan Ling, the two are again inexorably connected by fate.

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  • The Advisors Alliance (2017) (DVD) (Ep. 1-42) (End) (English Subtitled) (Malaysia Version) DVD Region 3 Wu Xiu Bo (Actor) | Yu He Wei (Actor) | Li Chen (Actor) | Janine Chang (Actor)
    Wu Xiubo stars as Sima Yi, a noted military general and strategist of the late Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era, in the two-part acclaimed historical series The Advisors Alliance. The first part of the epic series follows the earlier years of Sima's career as an advisor for warlord Cao Cao and subsequently Cao Cao's son, Cao Pi, as he assists them in their military campaigns and ascension to power. The Advisors Alliance co-stars Liu Tao as Sima Yi's wife, Li Chen as Cao Pi, Yu Hewei as Cao Cao, as well as Tang Yixin and Janine Chang.
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