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The Legend of Dugu (2018) (DVD) (Ep. 1-55) (End) (English Subtitled) (Malaysia Version)Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace (2018) (DVD) (Ep. 1-87) (End) (English Subtitled) (Malaysia Version)Nothing Gold Can Stay (2017) (DVD) (Ep. 1-74) (End) (English Subtitled) (Malaysia Version)
  • The Legend of Dugu (2018) (DVD) (Ep. 1-55) (End) (English Subtitled) (Malaysia Version) DVD Region All Li Yi Xiao (Actor) | Zhang Dan Feng (Actor) | Hu Bing Qing (Actor) | Xu Zheng Xi (Actor)
    Set in the sixth century, the 2018 Chinese period drama The Legend of Dugu revolves around three sisters who become empresses of different dynasties of ancient China. During the turmoil and political unrest of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Dugu Xin, a minister of the Northern Zhou, becomes a key figure in the royal power struggle due to a prophecy that the Dugus would determine the world. Dugu Xin is the father of three beautiful daughters. Determined to fulfill the prophecy, eldest daughter Bore (Ady An) gives up her love for Yuwen Hu (Jeremy Tsui) and marries into the Zhou royal family, but she meets tragedy after becoming queen. Calculating and ambitious second daughter Mantuo (Li Yixiao) rejects the man to whom she is originally betrothed and tries to steal the fiance of her younger sister Jialuo (Hu Bingqing). She ends up marrying Northern Zhou official Li Bing, and later gives birth to Li Yuan, the founder of the Tang Dynasty. Youngest daughter Jialuo holds true to herself through troubled times and grows true love from her political marriage with Yang Jian (Zhang Danfeng), the founding emperor of the Sui Dynasty.
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  • Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace (2018) (DVD) (Ep. 1-87) (End) (English Subtitled) (Malaysia Version) DVD Region All Zhou Xun (Actor) | Wallace Huo (Actor) | Dong Jie (Actor) | Janine Chang (Actor)
    Returning to the small screen for her first television series since 2014's Red Sorghum, Zhou Xun headlines the title role of the highly anticipated Qing Dynasty-set drama Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace. Inspired by the historical figure of Empress Hoifa Nara, the blockbuster drama follows the heroine's life and conflicts in the palace and her tumultuous relationship with the Qianlong Emperor, played by Wallace Huo (The Journey of Flower). Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace is based on Liu Lianzi's novel Hou Gong Ru Yi Zhuan, which is a sequel to Hou Gong Zhen Huan Zhuan (Empresses in the Palace).

    In 1735, Qianlong (Wallace Huo) ascends to the throne, and his childhood sweetheart Ruyi (Zhou Xun) soon enters the palace as his consort. Ruyi's favored status and the Empress Dowager's grudge against her family turns her into a target in the royal harem. Meanwhile, the young Emperor also faces a fierce power struggle with the Empress Dowager and senior court officials. Overcoming these obstacles together, Qianlong gradually solidifies his power and Ruyi rises to the position of Empress. However, as the years pass and Qianlong matures into a powerful, wary and self-centered monarch, Ruyi realizes that he is no longer the young man she once knew and loved.

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  • Nothing Gold Can Stay (2017) (DVD) (Ep. 1-74) (End) (English Subtitled) (Malaysia Version) DVD Region 3 Chen Xiao (Actor) | Betty Sun (Actor) | Myolie Wu (Actor) | Peter Ho (Actor)
    Continuing on the success of Empresses in the Palace and The Legend of Mi Yue, Sun Li shows her business acumen in the hit period drama Nothing Gold Can Stay. The popular actress plays the real-life figure of Zhou Ying, who rose from humble origins to become Shanxi's wealthiest female merchant of the late Qing Dynasty. The acclaimed drama co-stars Peter Ho as her ill-fated husband and Chen Xiao as a do-nothing heir who grows for the better after meeting Zhou Ying.

    In 1884, Zhou Ying (Sun Li) arrives in Guanzhong with her adoptive father. After losing all his money, Ying's father sells her into the Shen household as a maid. Ying runs away and unwittingly hides in the palanquin of young merchant Wu Pin (Peter Ho). After impressing the Wu patriarch with her keen business sense, she is allowed to stay on with the Wu household. Xinyi (Chen Xiao), the feckless young master of the Shen family, believes that Pin is responsible for his brother's death and gravely injures him. With Pin in a coma, Ying marries into the Wu family in hopes that a happy event would bring him good luck. However, Pin passes away and the Wu family soon falls into difficult times. Ying steps up to save the Wu family business.

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