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House Of Fury (2005) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region All

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Customer Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8.2 out of 10 (38)
All Editions Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 8 out of 10 (45)

YesAsia Editorial Description

Internationally renowned action choreographer Yuen Wo Ping, famous for his action direction in Matrix and Kill Bill, lends actor-turned-director Stephen Fung a helping hand in a House of Fury, a film produced by international super star Jackie Chan. This second title by Stephen Fung is a tribute to the Kung Fu films of the Bruce Lee era and, more recently, those of Jackie Chan. House of Fury was chosen as the opening film for the 29th Hong Kong International Film Festival.

House of Fury stars award-winning actor Anthony Wong, Hong Kong's hottest actor and Kung-fu fans Daniel Wu, martial arts actor-director Wu Ma (best known for his Chinese Ghost Story), and Gillian Chung of Twins, whose knack for action sequences makes her a rising kung-fu princess to be reckoned with! Co-starring fellow Twin Charlene Choi, House of Fury has combined the greatest cast and crew!

Teddy Yu (Anthony Wong) appears to be just a Chinese chiropractor and a widowed father. His son Nicky (Stephen Fung) and daughter Natalie (Gillian Chung) learn Kung-fu from him, but the two kids are always skeptical of Teddy's claim of having a hidden life as a guardian for secret agents in the past. One day Teddy got kidnapped after losing in a vigilant fight. Nicky and Natalie, with support from Natalie's boy friend Jason (Daniel Wu) and goofy schoolmate May (Charlene Choi), launch a mission to save their father. Not only have they proved their father's stories to be true after all, the two kids are also shocked by some greater mysteries and secrets...

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Technical Information

Product Title: House Of Fury (2005) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version) 精武家庭 (2005) (DVD) (香港版) 精武家庭 (DVD) (香港版) ドラゴン・プロジェクト/精武家庭 (香港版) House Of Fury (2005) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
Artist Name(s): Stephen Fung | Anthony Wong | Gillian Chung | Daniel Wu | Charlene Choi | Yuen Shin I | Yuen Wo Ping 馮德倫 | 黃 秋生 | 鍾欣桐 | 吳彥祖 | 蔡卓妍 | 袁信義 | 袁和平 冯德伦 | 黄 秋生 | 锺欣桐 | 吴彦祖 | 蔡卓妍 | 袁信义 | 袁和平 馮徳倫(スティーブン・フォン) | 黄秋生 (アンソニー・ウォン) | 鍾欣桐 (ジリアン・チョン) | 呉彦祖 (ダニエル・ウー)  | 蔡卓妍(シャーリーン・チョイ) | Yuen Shin I | 袁和平(ユエン・ウーピン) Stephen Fung | Anthony Wong | Gillian Chung | Daniel Wu | Charlene Choi | Yuen Shin I | Yuen Wo Ping
Release Date: 2005-05-11
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Place of Origin: Hong Kong
Picture Format: NTSC What is it?
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1
Widescreen Anamorphic: Yes
Sound Information: DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1
Disc Format(s): DVD-9
Region Code: All Region What is it?
Rating: IIB
Duration: 102 (mins)
Publisher: Joy Sales (HK)
Package Weight: 100 (g)
Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1003947384

Product Information


  一代宗師余小寶(黃秋生飾)掛著「精武」招牌的醫館討生活。其子女Nicky (馮德倫飾)與Natalie (鍾欣桐飾)不屑老父常吹噓自己「虛構」的風光日子,兄妹之間亦互相藐視,一家人貌合離。Nicky 情傾其妹Natalie 好友Ella(蔡卓妍飾),更發展出一段似是而非的感情。Jason (吳彥祖飾)是Natalie 的男友,但Jason 隱瞞著一個秘密身份,與小寶更有不可告人的密切關係。

  十二年前,特工精英Rocco(王敏德飾)在一次行動中被戴子龍弄得半身不遂,下半生需與輪椅為伴,更害他入獄。今天,全身癱瘓的Rocco 為了報仇,捉小寶並逼他交出戴子龍的資料。Nicky 與Natalie 追尋小寶下落,發現了平安符內,藏著神秘的記憶精片,而老爸竟是特務組織的人員,責任是保護退役特工在這個世界上隱姓埋名。Nicky 和Natalie 趕往營救父親,展開一場特工與特工之間的敵對角力,Rocco 一步步進迫,小寶一家生命危在旦夕……

  As a widowed father, Yue Siu Bo (Anthony Wong) lived his live as a Chinese chiropractor. His son and daughter, Nicky (Stephen Fung) and Natalie (Gillian Chung), learned martial arts from Yue but were tired of their father’s bragging of his heroic past, so they stayed away from him, but on the other hand, the children constantly quarreled with each other, the family was never in harmony.

  One day, a mysterious person, Rocco (Michael Wong), arrived in his wheelchair in Yue’s Clinic and asked for a person called Tai Chi Lung. Later on, Yue was found disappeared, leaving behind his clinic a mess. With the assistance of Yue’s old friend Uncle Chiu (Wu Ma), Natalie’s best friend Ella (Chalene Choi) and boyfriend Jason (Daniel Wu), the children successfully escaped from the assassins showed up in their school and found out Uncle Chiu was actually a retired undercover. Astonishingly, there was actually a secret background behind Yue which the children would never have thought of. Now their father’s life was in danger, they had to unite together and ready for an impossible mission, but on the other side they were facing, was a gang of brutal killers.
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Professional Review of "House Of Fury (2005) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)"

May 19, 2009

On the heels of his successful directorial debut Enter the Phoenix, Stephen Fung takes on the martial arts genre with House of Fury. With a bigger budget, Jackie Chan as executive producer, and Yuen Woo-Ping as martial arts coordinator, Fung has the opportunity to establish himself as one of the better young directors working today - and the result is a mixed, yet still watchable effort. House of Fury fails to break any new ground, but it does entertain in a semi-successful fashion.

Anthony Wong is Siu-Bo, a widower who owns a Chinese medical clinic, and is also an ex-bodyguard for retired spies. He has two kids, Nicky (Fung) and Natalie (Gillian Chung of Twins), who he's instructed in martial arts. It was all for self-defense, but the kids have a deep sibling rivalry; they would rather use their fighting skills on each other than on anyone else. Meanwhile, Siu-Bo finds that the only way to relive his spy days is to tell exaggerated tales of his escapades to everyone, including Natalie's best friend Ella (Charlene Choi, the other half of Twins). The kids are obviously embarrassed by dad, and he knows it. Then one day, American ex-operative Rocco (Michael Wong), shows up at the clinic searching for a spy who paralyzed him years ago. When Siu-Bo refuses to talk, Rocco sends his henchmen (Josie Ho and others) to capture Siu-Bo. The kids, finally realizing their father's tales might be true, are now forced to use their martial arts to rescue their father - with a little help from Natalie's too-perfect-to-be-true boyfriend Jason (Daniel Wu).

Fung has said that he wanted to put family values into a martial arts film and make something that people haven't seen before; the problem here is that we have seen this all before. The storyline - of a devoted single parent raising ungrateful teenage kids who finally learn the error of their ways - is nothing new in family films, and Fung relies far too much on dialogue, exposing the extremely thin story. Every character motivation and lesson learned is expressed through dialogue, removing any subtlety from the proceedings. Whenever Fung puts a sugary lesson on family values into the film, it simply falls flat dramatically.

The younger actors aren't given much to do acting-wise. Neither Stephen Fung nor Daniel Wu makes a strong impression, though fans of Twins will love Gillian Chung as a young martial arts heroine. Michael Wong, speaking completely in his native English, fails to elicit neither tension nor fear as the villain. Ultimately, the film belongs to the older generation; Wu Ma gives a fun supporting performance as a frequent visitor of Siu-Bo's clinic, while Anthony Wong owns the film with a funny, appropriately awkward performance as a Chinese James Bond facing a midlife crisis.

Besides Wong, there's also the action. With Yuen Woo-Ping as the "martial arts advisor", the film's action scenes turn out to be definitely fun to watch. Yuen's moves aren't as genre-breaking as his previous works, but Fung's direction is quite impressive for a director making only his second film. The problem here lies in the script. In House of Fury, the fights become redundant. The same evil henchmen who just fought Siu-Bo turn up only moments later to fight the children at a different locale. Repeat cycle. Ultimately, that redundancy takes away from the excitement of the finale.

Still, despite the above issues and minor complaints about filmmaking technique, House of Fury is a fine way to pass the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's a big-budget, well-paced movie with enough laughs for the kids (one cameo ranks as one of the funniest moments in HK film this year), enough action for the adults, and enough idols to please the teens. When it's all over, House of Fury feels like a Lunar New Year movie in disguise: it may not be great filmmaking, but for big-budget entertainment, it's not a bad way to go.

By Kevin Ma

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Customer Review of "House Of Fury (2005) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)"

Average Customer Rating for this Edition: Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8.2 out of 10 (38)
Average Customer Rating for All Editions of this Product: Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 8 out of 10 (45)

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March 29, 2010

really good martial arts. Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
The plot of this film is terrible and you couldnt careless about it not one time does the audience care about the proceeding for there is no tension in the scenes and the dialogue is atrocious. this is not helped by some poor casting; Michael Wong is a terrible actor he delivers his line with no emotion and whats worse is he mixes both poor cantonese and english during his scenes. Being in a wheel chair throughout the whole film he does not let loose any martial arts which is misleading from the box art.

Anthony wong puts in a decent performance along with some nice martial arts (but doubled quite often). Wu Ma and Daniel Wu add nothing to the proceedings and could have been left out all together. The costume department is also appalling villains are clad in biker outfits and shades to make them look the part.

Stephen Fung is really annoying most of the time in the picture and along with a pointless role from Charlene Choi who again resorts to her cutsey ways can fustrate, but if you stick with the film you get to see some well choreographed fight scenes scattered through out the picture. Gillian Chung (bias opinion here; i have a soft spot for gillian) shines in this film handling the fight scenes really well and the sibling bickering between Fung and Chung is amusing.

At times the fights do seem to go over bored with some rediculous wire work but that can be forgiven for there are a lot of solid fights. There are also some amazing moves from the villains in the action department, casting real life martial artist Jake strickland, Jon Foo and Philip Ng.

enjoy the fights but ignore the plot.
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March 7, 2008

This customer review refers to House Of Fury (Eng Dub) (US Version)
Much better than I expected! Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
I had a very different idea of this movie before I saw it, and expected it to be more bloody. I was very pleasantly surprised!! It was a great blend of humor and fighting. I greatly enjoyed seeing actors in roles different than I'm used to seeing them in. For example, Daniel Wu had a more comedic role than his violent starring role in "New Police Story", which was great to see! In addition, up-and-comer martial artist/actor Philip Ng has pretty good amount of fight scene time (also in NPS), even if mute the entire time. I could have done without the subplot between Ricky and the sister's bestfriend. Completely extraneous and boring sideplot that should have been trimmed like gross fat.
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October 25, 2007

2 people found this review helpful

Gillian Rocks The House! Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7 out of 10
There's not much I can really add to what as been said about this film, as all the verdicts about this light action thriller comedy banter is spot on. One things for sure, though, that if you haven't seen this yet, I'd recommend you give it a go, as its certainly not short of high energy entertainment in this vibrant action piece. Mainly another pastiche of things HK martial arts, its, however, well delivered (with the art of choreographer Yuen Yo Ping, who as also done "The Matrix" and "Kill Bill") especially with the verve and fun of Gillian and Stephen Fung, showing some nifty action sequences at the latter part. Not exactly the red clad outfit depicted on the cover promotional artwork photos, though, as I imagined and anticipated before watching this, that this reflectively red suited outfit were all going to be members of an elite fighting group, somewhat in the vein of an anime spoof. Well not quite that, as the only fighting team thick in the action here are Anthony Wong (with some unforgettable and quite classic fight scenes mid way through), Gillian and Stephen fighting the bad guys in this comedy action thriller. Charlene makes an appearance at the beginning, after Teddy Yu's (Anthony) 007 skit with a bunch of ninjas, but mainly only supports this film through some of the middle bits, taking more of a back seat this time and letting Twin colleague Gillian take the reigns in all of this. Charlene is more passive here - well except for a cigar scene! The screen writer, director and plot are actually more letting her, too, but you know what I mean - its pretty well Gillys show here. So, alas, due to having only one Twin thruster on the go here, this isn't going to be a 'Twins Effect' action fest as such. Gillian certainly provides some remarkable movements in this, though, and is one feisty and spunky martial arts fighting damsel, not quite as in distress as damsels normally go.

Overall, maybe not a classic movie of its sort, but ironically by the very enjoyable and fluid action sequences, and with some memorable comedy antics and touches of charismatic humor from Anthony, Stephen, Gillian and Daniel, all makes this a very watchable and re-watchable film! Anthony Wong seeing off a group of ninjas with a skeleton's arm in the mode of Fist of Fury, has got to be worth seeing for this alone! Gilly is superb in the action bits (I know I've said that, but I want to say it again) and with such gusto, she provides a lot of the fury here. Your entertainment should be easily satiated, I'm sure, and as long as you don't have expectations of a true grit martial arts movie, or like the more heavier versions with the fighting sequences, you should throughly enjoy this.

One last thing, Charlene's French kissing scene could have been taken a bit further though. Eh, I don't mean in the literal sense, but with the cigar breath gag scene with Stephen not being fully implemented into what could have been a classic funny. In fact, gosh, I wonder who Charlene is trying to be here - Clint Eastwood? Oooh, go on, make your day and get this film!
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Phoenix Lin
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March 22, 2007

This customer review refers to House Of Fury (US Version)
That's Entertainment Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6 out of 10
The biggest draw are the big names in the movie but it almost seems like a waste of talent. The story itself is nothing spectacular but nicely presented with your typical cast of bad guys, henchmen, heros & family conflicts. Fights are nothing to write home about but once again nicely executed with your higher budget effects & choreography. The little boy wonder & his pole work was quite possibly the most impressive display in the movie.
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November 22, 2006

GREAT MOVIE Customer Review Rated Bad 9 - 9 out of 10
I loved this movie, it had a really great cast. The children are forced to learn martial arts at a young age because their dad is a spy, their dad is kidnapped in the movie to protect a fellow spy and friend. Overall I would recommend buying this.
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