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I Love Hong Kong (DVD) (Taiwan Version) DVD Region 3

Tony Leung Ka Fai (Actor) | Sandra Ng (Actor) | Anita Yuen (Actor) | Kate Tsui (Actor)
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I Love Hong Kong (DVD) (Taiwan Version)
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All Editions Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10 (1)

YesAsia Editorial Description

After the popular success of 72 Tenants of Prosperity last year, Shaw Brothers brings back its winning formula and a crowded cast for another Lunar New Year holiday crowd-pleaser. Led by star, producer, and co-director Eric Tsang, I Love Hong Kong boasts a massive cast toplined by Tony Leung Ka Fai, Sandra Ng, Anita Yuen, Stanley Fung, Aarif Lee, Fala Chen, Bosco Wong, Wong Cho Lam, and a seemingly endless supply of TVB actors and pop singers. Unlike other major Hong Kong films today, I Love Hong Kong is a wholly homegrown production with a story filled with distinctively local-flavored humor and issues of concern to Hong Kong's grassroots class. However, the feel-good family laughfest's all-star appeal and festive atmosphere are surely universally appreciated, as is the traditional neighborhood spirit it champions, which can only be found in a close-knit community like the public housing estate this story takes place in.

Going bankrupt following the failure of his Mainland toy factory in the global financial crisis, Ng Shun (Tony Leung Ka Fai) has no choice but to bring his family back to the cheap public housing estate he left more than ten years ago. Shun has a lot of fond memory of the place he grew up in, but it proves hard for his wife (Sandra Ng), son (Aarif Lee), and daughters to settle down in grandpa's (Stanley Fung) tiny apartment, forcing the family to face the problems they have long neglected. Meanwhile, Shun's childhood buddy Lung (Eric Tsang), who conned a large sum of money from his neighbors many years ago, suddenly shows up again in the estate with a plan that allegedly will make their estate lively and vibrant like in the good old days...

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Technical Information

Product Title: I Love Hong Kong (DVD) (Taiwan Version) 我愛HK開心萬歲 (DVD) (台灣版) 我爱HK开心万岁 (DVD) (台湾版) 我愛香港開心萬歲 (DVD) (台湾版) I Love Hong Kong (DVD) (Taiwan Version)
Artist Name(s): Tony Leung Ka Fai (Actor) | Sandra Ng (Actor) | Anita Yuen (Actor) | Kate Tsui (Actor) | Fala Chen (Actor) | Aarif Rahman (Actor) | Mag Lam (Actor) | Eric Tsang (Actor) | Stanley Fung (Actor) | Louis Yuen (Actor) | Michelle Lo (Actor) | Wong Cho Lam (Actor) | Luk Wing (Actor) | Wayne Lai (Actor) | Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (Actor) | Wu Ma (Actor) | Joyce Cheng (Actor) | Bosco Wong (Actor) | Chen Zhuo Ying (Actor) | JJ Jia (Actor) | Raymond Wong (Actor) | Liu Kai Chi (Actor) | Evergreen Mak (Actor) | Kiki Sheung (Actor) | Patrick Tang (Actor) | Kenny Wong (Actor) | Mak Ling Ling (Actor) | Chun Wong (Actor) | Suet Lei (Actor) | Macy Chan (Actor) 梁 家輝 (Actor) | 吳君如 (Actor) | 袁詠儀 (Actor) | 徐子珊 (Actor) | 陳 法拉 (Actor) | 李 治廷 (Actor) | 林 欣彤 (Actor) | 曾志偉 (Actor) | 馮淬帆 (Actor) | 阮兆祥 (Actor) | 盧覓雪 (Actor) | 王祖藍 (Actor) | 6永 陸永 (Actor) | 黎耀祥 (Actor) | 張 可頤 (Actor) | 午馬 (Actor) | 鄭欣宜 (Actor) | 黃宗澤 (Actor) | 沈 卓盈 (Actor) | 賈曉晨 (Actor) | 黃浩然 (Actor) | 廖啟智 (Actor) | 麥長青 (Actor) | 商天娥 (Actor) | 鄧健泓 (Actor) | 黃德斌 (Actor) | 麥玲玲 (Actor) | 秦煌 (Actor) | 雪妮 (Actor) | 陳美詩 (Actor) 梁 家辉 (Actor) | 吴君如 (Actor) | 袁咏仪 (Actor) | 徐子珊 (Actor) | 陈 法拉 (Actor) | 李 治廷 (Actor) | 林 欣彤 (Actor) | 曾志伟 (Actor) | 冯淬帆 (Actor) | 阮兆祥 (Actor) | 卢觅雪 (Actor) | 王祖蓝 (Actor) | 6永 陆永 (Actor) | 黎耀祥 (Actor) | 张 可颐 (Actor) | 午马 (Actor) | 郑欣宜 (Actor) | 黄宗泽 (Actor) | Chen Zhuo Ying (Actor) | 贾晓晨 (Actor) | 黄浩然 (Actor) | 廖启智 (Actor) | 麦长青 (Actor) | 商天娥 (Actor) | 邓健泓 (Actor) | 黄德斌 (Actor) | 麦玲玲 (Actor) | 秦煌 (Actor) | 雪妮 (Actor) | 陈美诗 (Actor) 梁家輝 (レオン・カーファイ) (Actor) | 呉君如 (サンドラ・ン) (Actor) | 袁詠儀(アニタ・ユン) (Actor) | 徐子珊(ケイト・チョイ) (Actor) | 陳法拉(ファラ・チェン) (Actor) | 李治廷(アーリフ・リー) (Actor) | 林欣彤 (マグ・ラム) (Actor) | 曾志偉 (エリック・ツァン) (Actor) | 馮淬帆(スタンリー・フォン) (Actor) | 阮兆祥(ルイス・ユエン) (Actor) | 盧覓雪(ミシェル・ロー) (Actor) | 王祖藍 (ウォン・ジョーラム) (Actor) | 陸永(ロック・ウェン) (Actor) | ライ・ユーチョン (Actor) | 張可頤(マギー・チョン) (Actor) | 午馬(ウー・マー) (Actor) | 鄭欣宜(ジョイス・チェン) (Actor) | 黄宗澤 (ボスコ・ウォン) (Actor) | 沈卓盈(ジェス・サム) (Actor) | 賈曉晨 (ジャー・シャオチェン) (Actor) | 黄浩然(レイモンド・ウォン) (Actor) | 廖啓智(リウ・カイチー) (Actor) | 麥長青(マック・チョンツィン) (Actor) | 商天娥(ション・ティンオー) (Actor) | 鄧健泓(パトリック・タン) (Actor) | 黄徳斌(ケニー・ウォン) (Actor) | 麥玲玲(マック・リンリン) (Actor) | Chun Wong (Actor) | Suet Lei (Actor) | 陳美詩(メイシー・チャン) (Actor) Tony Leung Ka Fai (Actor) | Sandra Ng (Actor) | Anita Yuen (Actor) | Kate Tsui (Actor) | Fala Chen (Actor) | Aarif Rahman (Actor) | Mag Lam (Actor) | Eric Tsang (Actor) | Stanley Fung (Actor) | Louis Yuen (Actor) | Michelle Lo (Actor) | Wong Cho Lam (Actor) | Luk Wing (Actor) | Wayne Lai (Actor) | Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (Actor) | Wu Ma (Actor) | Joyce Cheng (Actor) | Bosco Wong (Actor) | Chen Zhuo Ying (Actor) | JJ Jia (Actor) | Raymond Wong (Actor) | 요 계지 (Actor) | Evergreen Mak (Actor) | Kiki Sheung (Actor) | Patrick Tang (Actor) | Kenny Wong (Actor) | Mak Ling Ling (Actor) | Chun Wong (Actor) | Suet Lei (Actor) | Macy Chan (Actor)
Director: Eric Tsang | Chung Shu Kai 曾志偉 | 鍾 澍佳 曾志伟 | 锺 澍佳 曾志偉 (エリック・ツァン) | 鍾澍佳(チョン・シューガイ) Eric Tsang | Chung Shu Kai
Release Date: 2011-11-30
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese
Place of Origin: Hong Kong
Picture Format: NTSC What is it?
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1
Disc Format(s): DVD
Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) What is it?
Duration: 101 (mins)
Publisher: Deepjoy
Package Weight: 120 (g)
Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1025803289

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Professional Review of "I Love Hong Kong (DVD) (Taiwan Version)"

February 22, 2011

This professional review refers to I Love Hong Kong (DVD) (US Version)
Eric Tsang and TVB join forces once again for their 2011 Lunar New Year special, I Love Hong Kong. Like the duo’s last collaboration, 2010's 72 Tenants of Prosperity, I Love Hong Kong pushes familiar emotions, numerous products and TVB's roster of actors to extensive, potentially annoying effect. However, the film does earn some credit for wickedly skewing local brands, with fixtures like restaurant chain Café de Coral and real estate investment trust The Link getting the raspberry. The result is a film that crassly advertises while also amusingly satirizing commercialization. For a populist film like I Love Hong Kong, such double dealing is nearly a feat. The movie itself? Just fine for Lunar New Year fare. Hey, we take what we can get.

Tony Leung Ka-Fai stars as Shun, who grew up in public housing before making it big with his own toy manufacturing business. However, his business is in the crapper thanks to the financial crisis, and his family of five (including hot actor Aarif Lee and TVB singing sensation Mag Lam) are forced to move into Shun's old family flat with his father (Stanley Fung). The cramped quarters are not pleasant, but everyone makes the best of it, banding together to terrorize a nosy housing inspector (Evergreen Mak) while going about their regular jobs. Since Shun is down-and-out, his wife (Sandra Ng) goes back to her old beautician job, which has since evolved into a cynically-run, state-of-the-art slimming clinic, while his kids deal with their change in social status. Shun is further tested by the return of old friend Lung (Eric Tsang), who once betrayed the community. Will Shun forgive his old pal in time for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival?

I Love Hong Kong gets plenty of mileage from its juxtaposition of past and present Hong Kong. Sporadic flashbacks tell the tale of young Shun (Bosco Wong) and young Lung (Wong Cho-Lam) during a simpler time, when the future seemed much brighter. The years since have made Shun more pragmatic, but don't worry - good times are just around the corner. Lung has seemingly returned with the angels on his side, helping everyone and their kids (literally) rediscover the joy of family, friendship and community. Besides comparing the past and present, I Love Hong Kong goes the extra mile to point out how past values were really kickass, while the present just isn't as cool. Not that the present is really that bad - people just need a gentle reminder that the heart of all life can be found in colorful public housing estates instead of in sterile brand name shopping malls. Eventually the locals are threatened with modernization and urban renewal, but that’s cool, because family and friends can help you solve everything. Yay!

The messages behind I Love Hong Kong have been seen in about a zillion other films, most especially last year's 72 Tenants of Prosperity. Both films feature evil real estate developer subplots, and both push local community and good neighbor values over mass commercialization and selfishness. The anti-commercialization themes are slightly disingenuous, as the filmmakers crassly push brands like the Itacho Sushi restaurant chain and Kee Wah bakeries - both of which conveniently feature Eric Tsang as their main spokesperson. There's also TVB promotion aplenty, and even some choice barbs directed at rival TV station ATV. Thankfully, TVB does prove to be a good sport (that is, when compared to their usual self-aggrandizing media tactics) with some jokes directed at itself and its stars and dramas. Also, the flashbacks give the filmmakers chances to slyly poke fun at past Hong Kong pop culture. One could hardly call this accomplished satire, but the self-referential jokes are amusing, and for an audience familiar with TVB and living in Hong Kong, I Love Hong Kong has its joys.

For international audiences, I Love Hong Kong will mean very little - which is understandable, as universal aspects of filmmaking go largely ignored by everyone involved. Proper storytelling, character development, etc. - these things do not exist in I Love Hong Kong. Extended gags kill storytelling momentum, lessons are delivered through obvious speeches, and actual acting is rare. However, this is a Lunar New Year comedy, so all the above is supposed to be compensated for by comfortable emotions, familiar faces, pretty stars and clever gags - and if real filmmaking enters the picture, it's just a bonus. Well, there's no bonus here, but everything else is delivered efficiently and even pleasingly. There are even some unexpected gags (including a funny parody of Johnnie To's decade-old masterpiece The Mission), and the proceedings never really get pretentious, annoying or insulting. Given the forces (product placement, quickie box office, TVB, Eric Tsang) behind I Love Hong Kong, that's practically a success. So we'll call it one.

by Kozo -

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Customer Review of "I Love Hong Kong (DVD) (Taiwan Version)"

Average Customer Rating for All Editions of this Product: Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10 (1)

See all my reviews

May 23, 2011

This customer review refers to I Love Hong Kong (2011) (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)
Me Too Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
Another winning formula for Eric Tsang, exposures for tvb stars (perfect casting for Bosco/Wong Cho Lam combo) and Louis Yuen in drags , Evergreen Mak & the boys like "Men In Black", Aarif Lee (who could pass off as Wang Lee Hom's younger brother), Sandra Ng/Anita & Tony with fantastic chemistry really got me in stitches. Only complaint is Eric talked too fast. I like the message of the need for a close=knit community and reality issues facing many low income earners trying to make ends meet (best said by Aarif Lee when he tried to help Wu Ma get away during one of the local sweep for unlicensed vendors).

I love this sort of feel-good shows whereby hopefully it'll strike a note with the now generation who are quite materialistic & "technology controlled" (note the list of complaints by Tony's children when they had to move in with grandpa).

But what I really like with movies like this (and award-winning Gallant), the casting of good veteran actors like Wu Ma (still ageless) and Stanley. Better than 72 Tenants.
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