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The Cut (DVD) (Korea Version) DVD Region 3

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The Cut (DVD) (Korea Version)
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Customer Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7.5 out of 10 (2)

YesAsia Editorial Description

Horror movies have always been a staple of Korea's summer line-up, and the title of most blood-splattered flick of 2007 goes to The Cut (a.k.a. Cadaver). The film stars beloved actress Han Ji Min, known for her saucy, charming role as an independence fighter in Capital Scandal, and Ohn Joo Wan (Bloody Tie). The Cut made headlines with its sexy, provocative poster featuring a female silhouette. Directed by Son Tae Woong, The Cut also makes use of a state-of-the-art cadaver model to enhance realism and visual scares.

Sun Hwa, Joon Suk, Ki Bum, Eun Joo, Kyung Min, and Ji Young are medical students about to experience the most gut-wrenching lesson of their lives. On the first day of anatomy class, a beautiful female cadaver awaits them in the laboratory. Strangely, soon after their encounter with the dead, a string of accidents and unexplained deaths befalls their classmates, and the students' lives spiral out of control as they begin to suffer from unexplainable hallucinations and delusions. Suspecting the first cadaver they dissected to be the primary link behind the killings, they begin to investigate the past to find out why they have been marked for death. They get the fright of their lives when they discover that eighty percent of cadavers are victims of unnatural death with no surviving relatives. Suddenly, nothing seems the way it appears to be...

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Technical Information

Product Title: The Cut (DVD) (Korea Version) The Cut (DVD) (韓國版) The Cut (DVD) (韩国版) 解剖学教室 (韓国版) 해부학 교실 (한국판)
Also known as: Cadaver Cadaver Cadaver Cadaver Cadaver
Artist Name(s): Han Ji Min | Ohn Joo Wan 韓智敏 | 溫朱萬 韩智敏 | 温朱万 ハン・ジミン | オン・ジュワン 한지민 | 온주완
Release Date: 2007-10-11
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean
Country of Origin: South Korea
Picture Format: NTSC What is it?
Disc Format(s): DVD
Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) What is it?
Publisher: Ssamzie Ivision
Other Information: 1 DVD
Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1005059255

Product Information

* Screen Format : 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen * Sound Mix : Dolby 5.1 * Extras : - 손태웅 감독, 한지민 코멘터리 * Director : 손태웅 2007년 여름, 한국공포 영화 중 최고의 흥행작!! 카데바 중 80%는 무연고 변사자, 그들의 사망원인은 아무도 모른다!! 실습은 아직...끝나지 않았어! 손태웅 감독, 한지민이 들려주는 해부학 실습! – 음성 코멘터리 삽입! 공포장르와 메디컬 소재의 오감을 자극하는 신선한 공포 탄생! 심장을 압도하는 미스터리 공포! 스토리와 캐릭터가 만들어 내는 서스펜스! 한지민+온주완 vs 조민기+정찬..충무로 선후배 연기자들의 연기 격돌! 해부장면 리얼리티를 위해 국내 최초, 4,000만원짜리 카데바 더미(Dummy)탄생! 2007년 여름, 한국공포 영화 중 최고의 흥행작!! 카데바 중 80%는 무연고 변사자, 그들의 사망원인은 아무도 모른다!! 어둡고 음산한 해부학 교실, 6명의 의학도들이 메스를 들다! 선화, 중석, 기범, 은주, 경민, 지영은 자부심 높은 의대 본과 1학년으로 같은 해부학 실습의 팀원들이다. 각자 최고의 외과의사가 되기 위해 끝없이 경쟁하면서도 끈끈한 우정으로 같은 팀을 이루던 그들을 기다리는 것은 바로 해부학 실습! 긴장감 넘치는 해부학 실습 첫 날, 그들을 기다린 건 젊고 아름다운 한 여인의 카데바. 그러나 그 카데바를 접한 후, 팀원들은 알 수 없는 환청과 환영에 시달리게 된다. 연이은 사고와 팀원의 죽음으로 해부학교실은 핏빛으로 물들고, 팀원들은 알 수 없는 존재가 자신들을 향해 다가오고 있음을 직감한다. 그리고 이 모든 죽음의 비밀 한 가운데 자신들이 해부한 카데바의 여인이 있음을 알게 되살아남기 위해 그녀의 과거를 추적하기 시작하는데...
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Professional Review of "The Cut (DVD) (Korea Version)"

October 29, 2007

There can be no doubt that Korean horror is badly in need of a blood transfusion, as the majority of genre films over the last few years have been a pretty anemic bunch without much in the way of visceral thrills. Strangely, despite the best efforts of the DVD box art, marketing blurb and indeed the rather violent sounding title to convince viewers otherwise, director Son Tae Woong's The Cut isn't the film to reverse that trend, as it too turns out to be a fairly restrained affair which shies away from graphic carnage. Of course, this is not to suggest that all genre outings require blood and guts in order to entertain, and the film here is a perfect case in point as it more than makes up for the absence of splatter by for once actually trying to be frightening rather than melodramatic, a small but important lesson which many Korean horror directors seem to have forgotten of late.

The plot revolves around medical students attending an expensive medical school who are about to embark on the most gruelling phase of their training as they learn about human anatomy by dissecting corpses. Heading up the main group is nominal protagonist Sun Hwa (actress Han Ji Min, best known for her television work in the likes of Capital Scandal and who also recently starred in the film Blue Swallow), followed by an apparent potential boyfriend in the form of the weird and twitchy Ki Bum (O Tae Gyung) and the usual motley bunch of horror film stereotypes (the fat guy, the nerd, the pretty boy, the slut, and so on), all of whom, it's fair to say, have only two chances of surviving the film - slim and none. On their first day of class, they are introduced to their very own cadaver, a beautiful young woman with a rose tattoo on her breast. This seems to trigger a series of weird events and nightmarish visions, and soon enough people are turning up dead in the morgue, seemingly having performed amateur surgery on themselves. Could a ghost be responsible? Possibly a long haired female ghost, driven by vengeance? For once, the intrepid victims catch on fast, and decide to investigate the history of their mysterious cadaver, something which attracts the attention of the staff, in particular a teacher known as "the technician" (Jo Min Ki), who honestly couldn't act more suspicious if he tried.

To its credit, The Cut is fairly ambitious in that it tries to combine elements of the psycho thriller and traditional ghost films, and it does so with a good amount of success. Certainly, it's less formulaic than most of its peers, and although the intriguing central mystery eventually goes haywire with a series of wacky revelations packed into the last act, which effectively render the plot laughably senseless, it manages to keep the viewer interested throughout. There is a fair amount of dream vs. reality trickery, though it's implemented well enough and has the desired effect of keeping the viewer as confused as the characters. The medical theme gives things a boost, and though the film is never likely to be accused of having any actual depth, there is a vague attempt to engage themes of the conflict between science and superstition, and the possible links between the supernatural and mental illness.

Although the film only features a handful of moderately bloody scenes, the cutting up of bodies and the more practical aspects of what happens to people after they die, whether shown graphically or not, always make for creepy subject matter and Son makes full use of this to create a menacingly ghoulish atmosphere. Similarly, mortuaries are inherently spooky places even during the day, and especially in the dead of night, which is when most of the characters rather conveniently, if perhaps not believably, decide to go poking around in there. The school is an ominous, empty maze of gloomy corridors, and though Son seems to be aiming for comparisons with Kubrick's classic The Shining, the film is most likely to remind viewers of Whispering Corridors, though this of course is by no means a bad thing. What is probably most pleasing is the fact that the film quite obviously and openly sets out to scare the viewer, and he throws in a good number of shriek scenes, most of which hit the mark.

This should be music to the ears of fright fans, and The Cut scores highly for being one of the few genre outings of recent years which is proud to be a horror film. Although it doesn't really deliver the promised carnage, this can perhaps be forgiven since it arguably offers something even more important, namely good, honest chills.

by James Mudge -

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Customer Review of "The Cut (DVD) (Korea Version)"

Average Customer Rating for this Edition: Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7.5 out of 10 (2)

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February 11, 2008

2 people found this review helpful

Disturbing Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
It's actually not so scary. It's more of a drama suspense. Cannot remember a moment that i am not looking.It has a story in fairness.
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November 12, 2007

4 people found this review helpful

Quite a Lot of Plot Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7 out of 10
Although I've given this a seven, I'm sure by the nature of this movie that it is possible to nudge it one more star, but as mentioned below, the reason I find this film slightly under par, is due to its possibly confusing plot line.

The premise of "Cadaver" is about six medical students, all awaiting their debut anatomy class dissection tests on human cadavers, to become fully fledged medical doctors. The only hiccup in all of their choice of merited vocation, is that the tattooed cadaver they open up triggers her restless ghost spirit, and like a genie out of a bottle, decides to take revenge on the six students, one by one, with grudge like approach. Enter the white clothed ghoul and blackened surroundings of vengeance. Well, thats a simple summery of the plot anyway, as this motley crew of medical students (who look as if they are the drinking friends of the ex-school characters in K-horror "To Sir With Love"), eventually find themselves submerged in a complex history connected to the girl's cadaver they dissect. And as we do too, in a multi layered set of sub plot twists, that certainly ensures this film having an un-predictable ending. "Cadaver" tries too hard, I think though, making the twists too busy by cutting additional plot narratives back and forth, and with additional suspects, pseudo psychologies, etc., for it all to eventually open itself up (sorry) with a none predictable and satisfactory 'all out' final revelation. There are multiple possibilities surrounding the cadaver ghost, and with so much to the mix here, makes the last three quarters on, a bit confusing and dragging. So when the first student is trapped and killed in the anatomy class autopsy room, don't believe that this is the only aspect of the plot. There is much more plot twists to follow - in fact more twists than at a ballerina's pirouette session.

The film type is also a mixture of ghost elements blended into a medical sleuth thriller (where even Inspector Colombo would be scratching his head a bit more than usual), where two young medical students decide to find out the background to the girl's cadaver they had cut open. They have good reason as she seems to be trying to kill them, concerning the first girl student killed in the autopsy room, and the associated students are also getting the same dream of a one eyed surgeon on the prowl - all convincing the med students that they have been horribly cursed by dissecting this unfortunate tattooed girl's cadaver. This continues, with students biting the dust one by one, building the tension, but with so many bundled additions to the plot, the film threatens to converge and begin to dampen out the scary elements of the ghost in the autopsy room. The ending is good, though, when it finally reveals the full picture, and the plot all fits together well, but due to overall complexity, makes it a bit anti climatic and partly confusing.

Not in anyway is this film bad, though. Its got great spooky atmosphere and cinematography, and the Korean horror elements are all present and correct to what you would expect if you have seen "Cinderella", "Muio", "Apt", etc. The one main area in "Cadaver" is of course the body gore element, which you may think prevalent here. Ironically, considering this grimly body premise, "Cadaver" is rather tame when it comes to the actual dissecting scenes. In fact the medical students are most likely to be the only ones most scared by all this, than the humble viewer. Still, I did have some sweaty palms, palpitations and a feeling of un-ease when you first see the anatomy class autopsy room (you could imagine students phoning their mums afterwards, to say it wasn't a bad day, but the class room was like something out of a horror film), and the grim atmosphere of dead cadavers being wheeled in for the med school practice. Lots of white faced students, too, matching their first day nerves and starched coats. But like all things faced and done with - the scariness becomes muted after that initial scene, and the dice and splice isn't quite as grim as you would expect afterwards. Its hard to explain, as you do get scenes of open cadavers and dismembered limbs, but the horror is unusually muted to look 'artificial' by the lack of blood or gore emphasis. And when the students attempt their first observation test, it even gets a bit comical and absurd with odd bits of limbs and open cadavers everywhere, along with confused students not having a clue of how to answer the questions. "Is this an arm?"....."I think so". I guess learning to be a doctor isn't easy, and there is the added stress in this film c/o a grudge ghost later on. Its certainly not as grizzly as "To Sir With Love"! But if you are going to throw up, it will be more likely regarding the dizzy scene cuts and fast plot shifts, than the body parts here.

The performances are always good and likewise in this film you get good solid performances, and Ji Min Han is a good lead as the main student here. As like the ringu/grudge films, this is another form of those movies in a somewhat different approach. The overall message of the plot, seems to be regarding the power of medical science and the ethical usage of cadavers, and of what can go horribly wrong (symbolized here by a vengeful ghost) if someone in power perverts their required station. The tattooed lady in this, not quite getting satisfactory after sales treatment she deserves after being submitted to medical science. It is of course all about love again, too! May be a second look at this film is required, though, to get a clearer picture of it all, than judge this on only one viewing (which I have). That's subjective of me, cause I got confused just before the end, and why I've given it seven. If you like the Korean horror flicks, (which I do, too), you certainly don't want to miss this. But think of this as the first dish to the main course that will be the Koran ghost/horror "Epitaph", which is certainly a film you don't want to miss.
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