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  1. 8 years -Many Classic Moments- (Japan Version) 8 years -Many Classic Moments- (Japan Version) globe
    It has been almost eight years since globe, led by impresario Tetsuya Komuro, made their initial splash on the Japanese music scene. In the time since their debut, members Tetsuya Komuro, Marc Panther, and Keiko have produced a constant stream of hits in Japan, retaining a large and loyal fan base and selling millions of records to boot. While not the first "best of" album from globe, 8 YEARS - Many Classic Moments is arguably the most concise, simultaneously serving as a lovingly selected overview of the group's pre-Yoshiki output and marking the dawn of a new era. The album kicks off with Feel Like dance, a synthesizer-driven track with Keiko and rapper Marc Panther trading vocal duties.... [read more]
  2. Space Travelers Space Travelers Fukatsu Eri | Ikeuchi Hiroyuki | Kaneshiro Takeshi (Actor) | Ando Masanobu (Actor)
    Katsuyuki Motohiro's previous film “Bayside Shakedown” is a wonderful flick with tons of brilliant ideas and a rich story. This time, Motohiro continues to show his creativity and produced an even more inventive and maniacal film – “Space Travelers”. The plot of this film is rather simple - 3 young men try to rob the bank and they develop some kind of relationship with the hostages when they are besieged by the police. What is fun about it is the direction by Motohiro, how he calculates the timing perfectly and the way he arranges the amusing/tragic elements. In “Bayside Shakedown”, Motohiro already shows that he is capable of setting up a good plot and good timing for his film. He knows... [read more]
  3. Tell Me Something (Hong Kong Version) Tell Me Something (Hong Kong Version) Han Suk Kyu | Shim Eun Ha
    After I watched Christmas in August, I became a big fan of the Korean actress Shim Eun-Ha. I anticipated seeing all of her other works, and indeed I did manage to see almost all of them. Among all, I think my second favorite would be Tell Me Something. This film belongs to the detective thriller genre with a very typical murder case plot. Several garbage bags of dismembered body parts are discovered. An investigation is led by Detective Cho (Han Seok-Kyu). He gets to know that Su-Yeon (Shim Eun-Ha) is the only connection in related to the victims. Worrying that she might become the next victim, Cho puts her under protection in his house and learns about her tragic past gradually... I have... [read more]
  4. Fulltime Killer Fulltime Killer Sorimachi Takashi (Actor) | Kelly Lin | Simon Yam | Wai Ka Fai (Director)
    After the success of Running out of Time and The Mission, Johnnie To is regarded as one of the most important filmmakers in the late 1990s in Hong Kong. His inventive and ingenius filmic approach has rejuvenated the lifeless film industry. As a matter of fact, To's The Longest Nite and Expect the Unexpected are two of my all time favorites. Therefore, I have really high expectation on all his upcoming projects. Although To has produced several illogical comedies (Wu Yen) last year that are totally different from his action flicks and were not welcome by many of his fans, he did return with his heroic series with Fulltime Killer finally. This film is adapted from a novel written by Edmond... [read more]
  5. Be Right Back Be Right Back Steve Wong Ka Keung | Candy Lo
    Wong Ka Keung puts out a fulfilling effort in his album, Be Right Back. This album really could have been much more if his desire was to impress the masses; so the popular public may be disappointed. But from the songwriter's perspective, I'm sure he recorded all the tracks that he feels testify to his musicianship and lyrical messages (Track 3). As in the credits, he produced this album, forging a live-band sound that includes heavy bass, occasional sparks of fiery electric guitars, acoustics, simple keyboarding, and mesh-well drumming by Melchoir Sarreal. In most of the songs, Wong does well with the lyrical beat, showing that he has a sense of music when writing and knowing how to make... [read more]
  6. The Ragpicker's Dream The Ragpicker's Dream Mark Knopfler
    The Sultan of Swing strikes again "The Ragpicker's Dream" presents guitar virtuoso Mark Knopfler's third album to date and at least as far as his talent as a musician is concerned, it seems that he isn’t getting older one bit! The album kicks off with chanting song "Why Aye Man", which is delivered in the best Knopflerian manner the guitar riffs pushing the song forward to the delight of the listener's ear. Next on the exquisite list, he serves his typically dry narration on the circus tale "Devil Baby", while the following song "Hill Farmer's Blues" is presented in a very melancholic way which suits its desperate lyrics. "Quality Shoe" offers a happy go free tune, which encourages us to... [read more]
  7. Calmi Cuori Appassionati (Japan Version) Calmi Cuori Appassionati (Japan Version) Shiina Kippei | Shinohara Ryoko | Michael Wong | Yusuke Santamaria
    Florence, a spiritual symbol of the golden age of Renaissance; Yutaka Takenouchi, one of the most handsome actors in Japan; Kelly Chan, a gorgeous pop singer from Hong Kong, when these three elements are put together, you should be able to expect how exquisite and delicate this film is going to look like. It features a typical love story. Junsei Agata (Yutaka Takenouchi) is a restoration expert in Florence, Italy. His job is to restore old paintings from decaying. Through the years Junsei has been unable to forget Aoi (Kelly Chan), his ex-girlfriend. One day, he sees Aoi again in Florence and he remembers a promise he made with Aoi ten years ago... It is a very slow-paced movie. What I... [read more]
  8. Mighty Baby (Deluxe Version) Mighty Baby (Deluxe Version) Louis Koo (Actor) | Gigi Leung | Lau Ching Wan (Actor) | Patrick Leung (Director)
    Mighty Baby is produced by the same crew of its original version La Brassiere. With the addition of Cecilia Cheung and Rosamund Kwan, The cast is even more extravagant than before. However, sadly speaking, the script of this film is far more inferior than its predecessor, making it a less meaningful film than expected. The story of the film starts off following the end of La Brassiere, Johnny (Lau Ching-Wan) and Wayne (Louis Koo) is assigned to a new design job by their superior Carina Lau. They have to work with three girls in the office, that are played by Cecilia Cheung, Gigi Leung and Rosamund Kwan, and a bunch of lovely babies. As usual, through the collaboration in the office, romance... [read more]
  9. My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (Premium Edition) My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (Premium Edition) Lau Ching Wan (Actor) | Wai Ka Fai (Director) | Lee San San | Johnnie To (Director)
    My Left Eye Sees Ghost is not a horror flick. After the success of The Eye, ghost-seeing has become a popular subject for filmmakers in Hong Kong. Films like Sleeping with the Dead, Visible Secret 2 and this film all contain similar subject matter, there must be at least one character in the films who can see ghost. May Ho (Sammi Cheng) is a very unlucky woman. Soon after her husband is killed in a scuba diving accident, she has a car accident. After she has recovered, she discovers that her left eye can see ghost, and the first ghost she sees is King-Wai (Lau Ching-Wan), her old time buddy who is dead at his teenage year. The two of them develop a seemingly awkward but intimate... [read more]
  10. Spirited Away (DVD) (English/ Japanese/Traditional Chinese Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version) Spirited Away (DVD) (English/ Japanese/Traditional Chinese Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version) Miyazaki Hayao (Producer)
    Can I just say I recently had the fortune to see this film for the fourth time, most recently in the new English dub by Disney, which it looks like they like they will be promoting much more than Princess Mononoke. And yes this is good thing. Everything you may have heard about this movie is true (unless of course what you've heard that this movie is terrible and only deserves to be archived in the deepest darkest pits of hell along such greats as Tor the Fighting Eagle - in that case, I revoke my previous statement). It is a fine movie and well worth watching. I wasn't that surprised that the most anticipated event for the Japanime 02 survey we did recently was Spirited Away (though... [read more]
  11. I am not an Angel I am not an Angel Natasha Na
    "I Am Not an Angel" is Na Ying's first full-length release since leaving EMI for Warner Music. Her many fans have waited anxiously for this release, wondering how changing labels mid-career would effect Na Ying's sound, her songs, and her image. Well, the wait is over, and Na Ying has never sounded better! "I Am Not an Angel" has everything we love about Na Ying's music-- strong, passionate vocals, unforgettable melodies, moving lyrics we relate to. It also features things we've never heard or seen before on a Na Ying album— a modern cutting-edge sound created through the blending of rock, R&B, and jazz influences, world class sound engineering by the very talented Jim Lee and Rigby Ju, the... [read more]
  12. Joint Security Area-VCD Joint Security Area-VCD Park Chan Wook (Director)
    Joint Security Area is the highest invested film in Korean film history, it is also one of the highest grossed films in Korea ever. It was released in Korea in 2000 and received immediate success due to its controversial subject and the director's decisive critique on the issue. This film is about a mysterious murder case involving several soldiers who are camping at the border of South and North Korea, an area known as Joint Security Area. One night, two North Korean soldiers were shot to death. A South Korean soldier (Lee Byung-Heon) is the prime suspect. The investigation is carried out by a neutral party headed by Sophie (Lee Young-Ae). Sophie soon discovers that it is not merely a... [read more]
  13. Police Story 4 : First Strike Police Story 4 : First Strike Jackie Chan (Actor) | Annie Wu (Actor) | Bill Tung | Lau Hok Yin
    Fourth in Jackie Chan's Police Story series, this flick is Jackie Chan's take on James Bond, the way the Armour of Gods films were his take on Indiana Jones. Assigned to tail a suspect, Natasha, on a flight to the Ukraine from Hong Kong, things have already spiraled out of control within the first ten minutes. Chan can't pronounce his target's name, his passport is expired, he didn't bring enough winter clothing, and his entire mission consists of counting the number of times Natasha What's-Her-Name goes to the bathroom. This is not Her Majesty's Secret Service. Being a Police Story movie it's not long before the plot needle's in the red and Chan is shuttling back and forth between Moscow,... [read more]
  14. Live At Peace Live At Peace Hu Bing Liu (Director) | Bai Xue Yun (Actor)
    Take a look at those old Chinese people you see running strange sidewalk stands in Chinatown with socks sold six for a dollar. Ever wonder what they're thinking? With Live at Peace, you'll learn. A generous human drama that is slow-paced but never less than absorbing, it's one part Driving Miss Daisy, and one part portrait of a snaggle-toothed, helmet-headed Granny, Ah Xi, who may be the most vital screen creation of the new millennium. Cantankerous, unceasingly critical, self-sufficient and paranoid this karaoke-singing Granny is far from a caricature of the old grump in need of redemption. Lonely as the day is long her constant companion is the TV and the live-in maids her son hires for... [read more]
  15. Evil Fade Evil Fade Annie Man | Anthony Wong | Ruco Chan
    Meet the Spirit Saucer: an upside down ashtray that drives men bananas. A Satanic Speak N' Spell that operates like the Western Ouija board, this is the first I've seen of it in a movie, and wouldn't you know it? A bunch of kids have got one on a camping trip and they're monkeying around with it, irregardless of the rule of Hong Kong movies that monkeying around on a camping trip is nearly always 100% fatal. Wouldn't you know it? Their campfire attacks them and before we know it they're BBQ. Segue to Mr. Cheung, King of Tutors, who's using their death as a word problem in caloric consumption. A little macabre, but this is the kind of Hong Kong horror movie where the only thing on TV is... [read more]
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