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The Meaning of YumCha!

Yum Cha -noun
A Cantonese term meaning "drink tea", which also refers to a specific dining event featuring dim sum, small servings of specially prepared meat, vegetables, or pastries, usually served in small wooden baskets. Families frequently gather on weekends for "yumcha", where they drink tea, chat, and snack on a large variety of dim sum until they are ultimately satisfied.
YumCha! -noun
On the website, YumCha! refers to a special section of the site that showcases a variety of content about Asian Entertainment. Reviews, features, and recommendations of selected movies, music, and other forms of media can be found on YumCha!, satisfying reader thirst for knowledge, opinion, or simple chatter about movies, TV dramas, music, and other items. YumCha! is the selection of the best "dim sum" of Asian entertainment, plus "dessert" such as news and other features.

About the Reviews and Features

YumCha! reviews and features were written by a variety of talented and knowledgeable individuals, including Editorial Staff, freelance writers, and writers from our Content Partner Sites. Reviews written by our Content Partner Sites are also featured elsewhere on the web, and have been reprinted on YumCha! with the full permission of the original content owners.

Editor's Picks

Editor's Picks are recommendations by Editors, who from time to time choose products according to their own tastes and preferences. Attention will be given to both hot new items and underrated or classic old titles. Editor's Picks are archived by product groups and editors for easy reference.

Copyright Notice and Disclaimer

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