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  1. NewJeans Single Album Vol. 1 - OMG (Message Card Version) (Random Version) NewJeans Single Album Vol. 1 - OMG (Message Card Version) (Random Version) NewJeans
    New Music from NewJeans!
    January 31, 2023 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Slaying with their debut album New Jeans that includes global hits like Hype Boy and Attention, NewJeans stuns audiences again with their first single album OMG! Min Ji, Hanni, Danielle, Hae Rin and Hye In continue to impress with their clean vocals blended in addictive, refreshing and easy-listening tunes. "Stay in the middle, like you a little. Don't want no riddle, say it, say it back. Oh say it ditto. I want you so, want you. So say it ditto." NewJeans tells another young, puppy love story in the old-school and sentimental Ditto (Track 2). Co-written by Min Ji, The Black Skirts and Oohyo, Ditto showcases a more emotional side of NewJeans in a stylish fashion of music rarely seen in... [read more]
  2. CSR Single Album Vol. 1 - Sequence: 17& CSR Single Album Vol. 1 - Sequence: 17& CSR
    The New First Love Icons
    December 1, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    This year, K-pop is in full bloom with the rise of new blood like IVE, NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, Kep1er and NMIXX. Among fifth-generation K-pop girl groups, CSR may be a lesser-known name, but their refreshing song and style are worth our attention! CSR, whose name is taken from the initials of "cho sa rang" ("first love" in Korean), sparks cute and jolly energy with their sweet and upbeat songs in their first single album Sequence: 17&. Produced by MonoTree's Hwang Hyun, title track ♡TiCON (Track 1) expresses the shy, confused and heart-fluttering feelings of young girls in love through a teen-pop dance number: "Please explain how you feel. How do you love?! Whenever I want to see you, I put... [read more]
  3. (G)I-DLE Mini Album Vol. 5 - I love (Random Version) (G)I-DLE Mini Album Vol. 5 - I love (Random Version) (G)I-DLE
    We're born Nxde
    October 31, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Just half a year after their chart-sweeping TOMBOY, (G)I-DLE comes back with another masterpiece release – I love. The girls portray six stories revolving around different kinds of love in their fifth mini-album. Minnie, Mi Yeon, So Yeon, Yuqi and Shuhua confidently break stereotypes again in the groundbreaking title track Nxde (Track 1)! Sampling Habanera from the opera Carmen, the alternative pop jam Nxde is inspired by Marilyn Monroe, with empowering lyrics about Nxde stars unveiling their true selves regardless of what others think: "If you were expecting some rated R show, oh I'm sorry, but that's not what we're showing. For refund, see that direction, whatever people say is not my... [read more]
  4. BLACKPINK Vol. 2 - BORN PINK (Box Set Version) (Random Version) BLACKPINK Vol. 2 - BORN PINK (Box Set Version) (Random Version) BLACKPINK
    Drenched with Pink Venom
    October 3, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Another two years have passed, and finally a new BLACKPINK album has arrived! In BLACKPINK's second full-length album BORN PINK, the girls share their sensitive and sentimental thoughts in more dauntless lyrics (three of the eight new songs are marked explicit). BORN PINK opens with the group's signature and charismatic hip-hop style jams. Serving as the group's first release in two years, the multi-genre pre-release single Pink Venom (Track 1) is creative yet slightly underwhelming as it's not as resonant as expected, but the song's charting proves that public reception is still good. Title track Shut Down (Track 2) combines classical music – sampling of Niccolò Paganini's La Campanella –... [read more]
  5. MEMENTO MEMENTO Terence Lam (Singer)
    Embracing Summer Joy and Blues
    August 31, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Emerging on the Cantopop scene with two astounding records, fast-rising singer-producer Terence Lam has become one of the hottest stars of Hong Kong over the past two years. Unlike his past releases (which included mostly his solely penned songs), Memento records Terence exploring more possibilities in his voice and music through collaborating with other songwriters and lyricists. He unfolds his summer tale in Memento with the chill and healing doodoodoo (Track 1) composed by Crowd Lu. Terence revisits different Hong Kong landmarks in his playful and imaginative lyrics while dancing to the lighthearted beats. Next, the singer gets ready to celebrate the hot season to the fullest in "Summer"... [read more]
  6. NewJeans EP Album Vol. 1 - New Jeans (Bluebook Version) (Random Version) NewJeans EP Album Vol. 1 - New Jeans (Bluebook Version) (Random Version) NewJeans
    Here comes NewJeans
    August 4, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    HYBE and ADOR's long-awaited first girl group has finally arrived! NewJeans, produced by the proficient Min Hee Jin, has been grabbing attention since day one with their musical and fashion aesthetics that are pleasing to both the ear and the eye. On August 1, the group officially made their debut with the self-titled EP New Jeans. "A-T-T-E-N-T-I-ON, attention is what I want. A-T-T-E-N-T-I-ON, you got me looking for attention." The groovy intro and title track Attention (Track 1) introduces audiences to the beautiful vocal timbres and harmonies of these rookies. As the group's first-ever release, Attention sets up a fresh and dynamic style for them with its dreamy and subtly laid-back... [read more]
  7. A Poem For You A Poem For You Arrow Wei (Singer) | Winni (Singer)
    Sweet Duets For You
    August 1, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Since 2021, Arrow Wei has been releasing her remakes of different popular Mandopop hits, such as Queen Wei's "Rhythm of the Rain," Fish Leong's "Courage," Rachel Liang's "That Girl Said To Me," 831's "Miss You 3000," Zayin's "Blue Eyes," and more. This time, she collaborates with entertainer WINNI to melt our hearts with heartwarming duets. If Kenji Wu's "A Poem For You" is a soulful poem about how crazy he can go for his crush, Arrow and WINNI's remake of it would be an enchanting ode to love that gently recounts the romantic moments shared in a relationship. Delivered in the pure vocal tones of the girls, this newly arranged version of "A Poem For You" (Track 1) gives off a lovey-dovey... [read more]
  8. KARD Mini Album Vol. 5 - Re: KARD Mini Album Vol. 5 - Re: KARD
    Re:bound and Re:vive
    June 30, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Following two years of wait, KARD finally returns with a new music release! The co-ed group revives their presence in the K-pop scene with their fifth mini-album Re:. J.seph, BM, So Min and Ji Woo all took part in writing lyrics for the intro Break Down (Track 1), a song that shows their edgy and powerful side: "You say I gotta look good, I gotta look bad. Then you go and look for things that I lack… You love when I break down." Co-composed by RBW's Kim Do Hoon and Lee Hyun Seung, lead single Ring The Alarm (Track 2) gives off joyous summer vibes with its refreshing Moombahton tune accompanied with subtly sexy lyrics: "Ring the alarm, get on it, get on it all. What you want, what you need,... [read more]
  9. Learning Curve (2CD) Learning Curve (2CD) Hung Kaho (Singer)
    The Beginning of an Ongoing Journey
    June 28, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Hung Kaho – you may have heard of him from "Teardrops in the Ocean" (Warner's I Don't Wanna Be Your IG Story music project) or his collaborations with MC Cheung Tinfu. But now, the promising Hong Kong singer-songwriter has established his own style that makes him one of a kind in the Cantopop world. Four years after debut, Hung Kaho finally presents his first physical album Learning Curve, which captures his ventures into various "Experiences" and "Experiments" in his singing career. Arranged in chronological order, the 15 tracks in Learning Curve are listed from the most recent releases to the oldest. The record opens with several hit singles that helped Kaho make a name for himself: the... [read more]
  10. MeloMance Mini Album Vol. 7 - Invitation MeloMance Mini Album Vol. 7 - Invitation MeloMance
    Invitation to a Love Festival
    May 27, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    From their 2017 sleeper hit Gift to the recent Business Proposal soundtrack Love, Maybe, MeloMance specializes in heart-touching and melodious tunes that give us all the feels. Two and a half years after Festival, the duo returns with five self-penned love songs in Invitation to accompany us during the romantic blossoming season. Kim Min Seok and Jeong Dong Hwan invite us to a festival of love in their five-track record. Showing off his powerful and refreshing vocal, Kim Min Seok conveys the growing feeling of excitement as he's on his way to meet his crush in the rhythmic title track Invitation (Track 1) – "I thought of you and froze. I'm getting ready to meet up with you who reached out... [read more]
  11. Bolbbalgan4 Mini Album - Seoul Bolbbalgan4 Mini Album - Seoul Bolbbalgan4
    Soul-stirring spring melodies
    May 3, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    We all enjoy Bolbbalgan4's spring jams – like Bom, Some, Travel, Hug – so it's sad that we didn't hear any spring-themed releases from her in the past two years. This year, Ji Young finally brings some sweet and lighthearted songs that put us in a lovey-dovey mood during the blossoming season. Our dreamy journey to Seoul sets off with first track Love Story, a modern rock number with high-teen spirit. Love Story cutely conveys the dreamlike feelings of a person in love: "It feels like the stars in the night sky are pouring down / Oh god please this is not a dream." The singer-songwriter captures a budding romance that first started in Seoul in the title track Seoul (Track 2). Refreshing and... [read more]
  12. IVE Single Album Vol. 2 - LOVE DIVE (Random Version) IVE Single Album Vol. 2 - LOVE DIVE (Random Version) IVE
    Dive into our hearts
    April 27, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Starship Entertainment's latest girl group IVE shot to fame in late 2022 with their chart-topping debut hit ELEVEN, which swept 13 trophies on music shows. With two IZ*ONE members in the group, you already know they're going to be big, but they've gone even higher than expected with such a well-made and stylish debut single. Four months after their eye-catching debut, the girls come back stronger and sassier with the new single album LOVE DIVE! IVE shows confidence and promotes self-love in the captivating, dark modern pop title track LOVE DIVE (Track 1). While some may suggest that it's merely about romantic love, LOVE DIVE can also be interpreted as looking into the mirror and falling in... [read more]
  13. WEi Mini Album Vol. 4 - Love Part.1 : First Love (FALLING IN LOVE Version) WEi Mini Album Vol. 4 - Love Part.1 : First Love (FALLING IN LOVE Version) WEi
    Loveliness Overload
    March 31, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    From debut single Twilight to All or Nothing and Bye Bye Bye, WEi has pulled off various concepts in their first album trilogy. Out of all the concepts they've tried, I still think that cute, bubbly music and fashion style suit them the best, like DOREMIFA from IDENTITY: First Sight. This time, the boys finally reveal their high-spirited and youthful vibe by singing stories about first love in their fourth mini-album Love Part.1: First Love. Love Part.1: First Love sets its dreamy and romantic mood with Dae Hyeon's Britpop-style BLOSSOM (Track 1) that compares first love to the blossoming season. They shyly confess to a crush in the feel-good title track Too Bad (Track 2): "This... [read more]
  14. Rocket Punch Mini Album Vol. 4 - YELLOW PUNCH Rocket Punch Mini Album Vol. 4 - YELLOW PUNCH Rocket Punch
    Retro Revolution
    March 21, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Rocket Punch always impresses with their live singing and stable performances, particularly during their last comeback with the newtro synthpop Ring Ring. While the funky hip-hop trap genre is back as the trend of K-pop again, Rocket Punch continues their retro revolution with CHIQUITA, the title track of their fourth mini-album YELLOW PUNCH! Embracing the theme of "YELLOW, the closest color to light," the girl group unleashes their bright energy in YELLOW PUNCH! Starting off with the glitch-hop future bass Yellow Punch (Track 1), the album gives off a dreamy, upbeat ambience. Lead single CHIQUITA (Track 2) is a dance number that combines 80s disco and Euro dance genres, in addition to the... [read more]
  15. BTOB Vol. 3 - Be Together (Random Version) BTOB Vol. 3 - Be Together (Random Version) BTOB
    Be Complete, Be Together
    February 26, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    2022, the year to celebrate BTOB's tenth debut anniversary, becomes even more meaningful with their promise to Be Together in their first group comeback in four years. As always, BTOB radiates warmth and positivity through their beautiful singing in their third full-length album, Be Together. Starting with the piano Intro: The Trace (Track 1), Be Together takes us to a dreamy world with sounds of nature that calm minds. Flexing both their vocal timbres and abilities, BTOB romantically confesses that they will sing for Melody until time stops in lead single "The Song" (Track 2) penned by Hyun Sik! The sentimental ballad touches hearts and evokes memories, especially with the lyrics that... [read more]
  16. IDOL: The Coup OST (2CD) IDOL: The Coup OST (2CD) Korean TV Series Soundtrack | Kim Min Kyu | Hani (EXID) | WJSN (Cosmic Girls)
    They Rise and Bloom
    January 28, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    There are many TV series and web dramas about K-pop idols, but honestly, not many of them are compelling enough for audiences to watch until the very last episode. JTBC's 2021 drama IDOL: The Coup, however, won me over. Rather than revealing the secret lives or romance of idols, IDOL: The Coup focuses on five girls from the group Cotton Candy struggling and striving to achieve their dream – to win #1 on a music show before disbanding – while fighting against different powers and learning to accept what comes their way. IDOL: The Coup's soundtrack offers a range of original songs from its fictional groups Cotton Candy and MARS. Cotton Candy's cute debut single White Day, alluring Honest,... [read more]
    I'LL be your grace
    January 28, 2022 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Korean singer-songwriter I'LL made a name for himself while taking part in JTBC's audition program Superband in 2019. With his outstanding producing skills and unique vocal color, the frontman led his band Hoppipolla to finish on top of the podium, and brought listeners a series of healing music to calm minds. Now, I'LL reveals more sides of himself as a musician in his solo EP KIWI MIXTAPE. While I'LL himself has said it's hard to define what genre the album is, KIWI MIXTAPE genuinely works as a collection of self-penned compositions that he loves, as well as a way to share thoughts he's had in 2021. Opening track "Liar" (Track 1) is a catchy R&B/soul jam about getting hurt by his... [read more]
  18. T-ara - Re:T-ARA T-ara - Re:T-ARA T-ara
    The Queen's return
    November 29, 2021 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Thanks to MMTG's "Hit Songs You Hear Secretly" and "Songs That Deserve a Comeback" concert projects, we got to see some of our favorite second-generation K-pop groups reuniting on stage, and T-ara was one of them. Months after their reunion, Qri, Eun Jung, Hyo Min and Ji Yeon keep their promise with fans and make a self-funded comeback with the new single album Re:T-ARA! T-ara shows the classic "T-ara style" in All Kill (Track 1)! They dress in chic cowgirl looks for this heartbreak anthem by producer Cho Young Soo and lyricist Ahn Young Min. Giving off poignant and irresistible feelings, All Kill reminds of T-ara's megahits Day by Day and Cry Cry, which were both also created by Cho and... [read more]
  19. Mr. Trot Top 6 Vol. 1 - Thanks for You Mr. Trot Top 6 Vol. 1 - Thanks for You Young Tak | Kim Hee Jae | Lee Chan Won | Lim Young Woong
    K-Trot world domination
    October 29, 2021 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Survival audition programs Miss Trot and Mr. Trot have taken Korea by storm in the recent two years, turning nameless singers like Song Ga In (winner of Miss Trot) and Lim Young Woong (winner of Mr. Trot) into superstars. Their significance goes beyond just being "good singers" – they've brought fandom culture to middle-aged audiences and introduced the traditional Korean music genre to younger generations. Wrapping up their group activities, Mr. Trot Top 6 gather their solo digital singles into their first (and temporarily last) full-length album Thanks for You. Young Tak and Jang Min Ho deliver the most authentic and traditional style of trot music and singings in their solo tracks.... [read more]
  20. aespa Mini Album Vol. 1 - Savage (Hallucination Quest Version) aespa Mini Album Vol. 1 - Savage (Hallucination Quest Version) aespa
    The good ænergy
    October 22, 2021 Picked By Violet See all this editor's picks
    Even with all the controversies and rumors circulating around them since debut, SM's newest girl group aespa has proven to be a great success with their distinctive sounds and metaverse concept complete with AI avatars. Following Black Mamba and Next Level, aespa continues to dominate music charts with their first mini-album and title track Savage! The album starts off with the stylish and catchy aenergy (Track 1), which shows the group's worldview and characters in the lyrics – "Karina rocket puncher, Winter armamenter, Giselle got xenoglossy, Ningning E.D hacker." After Girls' Generation's Beautiful Girls and SHINee's The SHINee World, Yoo Young Jin again creates a tailor-made anthem for... [read more]
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