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九層妖塔 (2015) (Blu-ray) (2D + 3D) (香港版) - (Blu-ray) Blu-ray リージョン A

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タイトル: Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (2015) (Blu-ray) (2D + 3D) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version) 九層妖塔 (2015) (Blu-ray) (2D + 3D) (香港版) 九层妖塔 (2015) (Blu-ray) (2D + 3D) (香港版) 九層妖塔 (2015) (Blu-ray) (2D + 3D) (香港版) - (Blu-ray) Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (2015) (Blu-ray) (2D + 3D) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)
アーティスト名: Yao Chen (俳優) | Mark Chao (俳優) | Tiffany Tang (俳優) | Wu Jun (俳優) | Feng Li (俳優) | Li Guang Jie (俳優) | Li Chen (俳優) | Wang De Shun (俳優) | Rhydian Vaughan (俳優) 姚晨 (俳優) | 趙 又廷 (俳優) | 唐嫣 (俳優) | 吳軍 (俳優) | 馮 粒 (俳優) | 李光潔 (俳優) | 李晨 (俳優) | 王德順 (俳優) | 鳳小岳 (俳優) 姚晨 (俳優) | 赵 又廷 (俳優) | 唐嫣 (俳優) | 吴军 (俳優) | 冯 粒 (俳優) | 李光洁 (俳優) | 李晨 (俳優) | 王德顺 (俳優) | 凤小岳 (俳優) 姚晨(ヤオ・チェン) (俳優) | 趙又廷 (マーク・チャオ) (俳優) | 唐嫣(タン・ヤン/ティファニー・タン) (俳優) | 呉軍 (ウー・ジュン) (俳優) | Feng Li (俳優) | リー・グアンジエ (俳優) | 李晨 (リー・チェン) (俳優) | Wang De Shun (俳優) | 鳳小岳 (リディアン・ヴォーン) (俳優) Yao Chen (俳優) | Mark Chao (俳優) | Tiffany Tang (俳優) | Wu Jun (俳優) | Feng Li (俳優) | Li Guang Jie (俳優) | Li Chen (俳優) | Wang De Shun (俳優) | Rhydian Vaughan (俳優)
監督: Lu Chuan 陸川 陆川 ルー・チューアン Lu Chuan
脚本: Zhang Yong Chen 張永琛 张永琛 Zhang Yong Chen Zhang Yong Chen
ブルーレイ リージョンコード: A - アメリカ (北米、仏領ギアナ以外の中南米)、日本、韓国、東南アジア (香港、マカオ、台湾を含む) この意味は?
発売日: 2016-04-22
言語: 北京語
字幕: 英語, 中国語(繁体字), 中国語(簡体字)
制作国: 香港, 中国
映像方式: [HD] High Definition, NTSC この意味は?
アスペクト比: Widescreen
音声情報: Dolby Digital EX(TM) / THX Surround EX(TM)
ディスクの種類: Blu-ray
画面解像度: 1080p (1920 x 1080 progressive scan)
再生時間: 118 (分)
発行元: Panorama (HK)
パッケージの重量: 100 (g)
発送単位: 1 この意味は?
YesAsia 商品番号: 1049666056


The story started on a construction site in Tanggula Mountains (an offshoot of Kunlun Mountains) in 1979. Workers discovered a cavern, in which huge skeletons of ancient creatures were buried. A sudden explosion in the caveern brought an investigating group of volunteer soldiers inside, hoping to find out the truth. Hu Bayi was also in this group together with a nurse Yang Ping, on whomHu Bayi had a secret crush. They slid into the underground again and accidentally broke into a temple established by an slien civilization – the Demon Pagoda . Inside the Demon Pagoda, Hu Bayi’s life was threatened and he nearly died of a bite of a firebat along the way of escaping. He was deadly cursed because of the bite and that was just a beginning. He returned to Beijing as the only survivor. But, he found himself protected by a secret organization as soon as he was back. Years later, he received a message that Yang Ping was back. He decided to find her in the desert as well as the truth of her resurrection. But everything was out of his control.

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  • 地域と言語の設定: Hong Kong アメリカ - 日本語
  • *参考通貨: 参考通貨の指定なし
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