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January 23, 2022
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Music & MVs

Super Junior : Kyu Hyun Mini Album Vol. 4 - Love Story (4 Season Project) (Random Version) + Folded Poster Kyu Hyun (Super Junior) - Super Junior : Kyu Hyun Mini Album Vol. 4 - Love Story + Folded Poster
Super Junior's Kyu Hyun beautifully wraps up his 4 Season Project with a new album! The soulful vocalist's fourth solo mini-album Love Story captures romance in all four seasons with six heartfelt ballads, from title track and new song "Love Story" to digital singles Dreaming, "Daystar," "Moving On," "Coffee," and "Together."

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BamBam Mini Album Vol. 2 - B (Bam a Version)
BamBam Mini Album Vol. 2 - B

TREASURE Mini Album Vol. 1 - The Second Step : Chapter One (Photobook Version) (A Version) + Folded Double-sided Poster
TREASURE Mini Album Vol. 1 - The Second Step : Chapter One + Folded Double-sided Poster

IU Documentary 'Pieces: Winter of a 29-Year-Old' (CD + DVD + Blu-ray + Lyrics+ Photobook + Minibook + Photo Card Set + Secret Letter + Poster + Photo Card) (Korea Version)
IU Documentary 'Pieces: Winter of a 29-Year-Old'

YesAsia 2021 K-Pop Bestsellers
Kim Jae Joong - On The Road an artist's journey (LP)
LUMINOUS - Self n Ego
AB6IX - Complete With You
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Next Destination [Type A] (ALBUM+BOOKLET) (First Press Limited Edition) (Japan Version) Kimura Takuya - Next Destination [Type A]
Kimura Takuya started solo artist activities in early 2020 to great success. Two years later, he brings his second album Next Destination. Like with his last album, Kimura collaborates with various artists and musicians including Yamashita Tatsuro, Mashima Masatoshi, Itoi Shigesato, Creepy Nuts, Suzuki Kyoka, Hirai Dai, Kj and Man with a Mission.

Also Recommended

Reimei / Susumushikanee (Normal Edition) (Japan Version)
Johnny's WEST
Reimei / Susumushikanee

Kagirinaku Jaiiro he / ID Smile (Japan Version)
Nightcord at 25:00
Kagirinaku Jaiiro he / ID Smile

Mone Kamishiraishi ' yattokosa ' Tour 2021 [BLU-RAY] (Japan Version)
Kamishiraishi Mone
Mone Kamishiraishi " yattokosa " Tour 2021 [BLU-RAY]

YesAsia 2021 J-Pop Bestsellers
2022 Japan Calendars
Rain Drops First Oneman Live Uten Kekkou
King & Prince 2022 Calendar
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Joyce To The World Joyce Cheng - Joyce To The World
Joyce to the World, the "Goddess" is back. Joyce Cheng ends 2021 with her fifth album packed with hit songs like "My Little Night Light," @princejoyce and "First Tear Last Salute" that earned her the double crown of Favorite Female Singer and Best Female Singer at the 2021 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation. There are also collaboration versions of @princejoyce featuring King Maker Ⅲ's ANSONBEAN and "First Tear Last Salute" featuring Serrini.

Also Recommended

Pretty Crazy Joey Yung Concert Tour (Picture Disc) (4 Vinyl LP)
Joey Yung
Pretty Crazy Joey Yung Concert Tour

_o_a__een (Preorder Version)

Perfectly Guilty
Perfectly Guilty

YesAsia 2021 C-Pop Bestsellers
831 - Upside Down World
oaeen - Little Universe
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Movies & Videos

Award-winning indie film

Bori (DVD) (Korea Version) Bori
The indie film Bori follows an 11-year-old girl who is the only one in her family able to hear. Bori (Kim Ah Song), who lives in a seaside village, has become more accustomed to verbal communication as an elementary school student, but she also feels lonely and different among her family members who communicate by sign language. Director Kim Jin Yu draws from his own experiences as a child of deaf adult to craft this sensitive, heartwarming debut feature which won the Directors Guild of Korea Award at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival.

Also Recommended
  • The Book of Fish - 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards Grand Prize-winning period biopic directed by Lee Joon Ik and starring Sol Kyung Gu and Byun Yo Han
  • The Wandering Chef - Documentary of late culinary researcher and "Wandering Chef" Im Ji Ho
  • In the Name of the Son - Ahn Sung Ki avenges those who were hurt by the Gwangju Uprising 40 years ago
  • Hard Hit - Jo Woo Jin and Ji Chang Wook in Korea's remake of Spanish film El desconocido

YesAsia 2021 Movie Bestsellers
IDOL: The Coup OST (Hani, Exy, Sol Bin, So You)
Now, We Are Breaking Up OST (Lee Hi, Lee Mu Jin)
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Kimura Takuya in Masquerade Hotel sequel

Masquerade Night (Blu-ray) (Deluxe Edition) (Japan Version) Masquerade Night
Kimura Takuya and Nagasawa Masami return as a mystery-solving duo in the sequel to the 2019 film Masquerade Hotel. Again directed by Suzuki Masayuki, Masquerade Night is based on the same-titled best-selling Higashino Keigo novel. Kimura Takuya reprises as Detective Nitta Kosuke who has to go undercover at Hotel Cortesia again. This time, Nitta is there because the police received a message that the culprit of an unsolved murder case will appear at the hotel's New Year's Eve costume party.

Also Recommended
  • Every Trick In The Book - Fiction and reality intersect in film starring Fujiwara Tatsuya as an award-winning novelist
  • Drive My Car - Nishijima Hidetoshi stars in Hamaguchi Ryusuke's acclaimed adaptation of a Murakami Haruki short story
  • My Beautiful Man - BL drama starring Hagiwara Riku and FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE member Yagi Yusei on English-subtitled Blu-ray

Editors' Picks: Best Japanese Dramas of 2021
Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2
Musical Sailor Moon: Kaguya Hime no Koibito
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Taiwan black comedy starring Gwei Lun Mei

A Leg (2020) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version) A Leg
Gwei Lun Mei embarks on a journey to find A Leg! Produced by Chung Mong Hong, the Taiwan black comedy is the directorial debut of novelist and screenwriter Chang Yao Sheng, whose writing credits include A Sun and The Village of No Return. The film's impressive cast features Yo Yang, Michael Chang (The Great Buddha+), Chen Yi Wen (A Sun), Li Li Ren (Nina Wu), King Shih Chieh (Brotherhood of Blades) and Liu Kuan Ting (My Missing Valentine).

Also Recommended
  • Where's Officer Tuba - Eighties Sammo Hung classic co-starring Jacky Cheung on Blu-ray
  • A Family Affair - 1984 Hong Kong family comedy starring Sam Hui and Olivia Cheng on Blu-ray
  • Your Name Engraved Herein - Two high school boys navigate their feelings for each other in coming-of-age gay romance set in late 1980s Taiwan
  • CZ12 - Jackie Chan's globe-trotting action adventure back in print
  • All U Need is Love - All-star Hong Kong comedy-drama set in quarantined hotel during COVID

YesAsia 2021 TV Bestsellers
Gold Leaf (Cindy Lien, James Wen)
My Cousin The Ghost (Blu-ray)
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Hot Products

Dying Light Platinum Edition (Japan Version)
Dying Light Platinum Edition
ASTRONEER (Japan Version)
HELL LET LOOSE (Japan Version)

More Games


Girls High School Mystery Class 2 Tae Pyeong Girl High School Goods Package
Girls High School Mystery Class 2 Tae Pyeong Girl High School Goods Package
BE YOUR FIRST MAN: Adam Lin Photo Book
BE YOUR FIRST MAN: Adam Lin Photo Book

More Collectibles


MAX Chang Min is back!

Almost two years after Chocolate, TVXQ's powerful vocalist finally makes his first solo comeback with his second mini-album Devil. He wrote lyrics for title track Devil and Alien, while Yoo Young Jin penned the pop dance number Fever.

Following Chang Min, Yun Ho will also make his Japan solo debut with a mini-album next month! Preorder if you haven't already!


YesAsia 2021 Bestsellers - TV Dramas

The below rankings are based on sales of television/drama releases on from January 1 to December 31, 2021. TOP 10 TV DRAMAS (OVERALL) 1. HIStory3: Trapped 2 (tie). We Best Love 2 (tie). Cherry...




MIRROR 'ONE & ALL' LIVE 2021 (Blu-ray)

fromis_9 Mini Album Vol. 4 - Midnight Guest + 2 Folded Posters

fromis_9 Mini Album Vol. 4 - Midnight Guest (Before Midnight + After Midnight Version) + 2 Folded Posters

BAD Mode

BAD Mode (ALBUM + DVD + BLU-RAY) (First Press Limited Edition) (Japan Version)

Hand Rolled Cigarette

Hand Rolled Cigarette (2020) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)


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