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The Miracles of the Namiya General Store

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  • BTOB: Jung Il Hoon Mini Album - Big Wave (Random Version)
    Jung Il Hoon's hip-hop cocktail
    March 29, 2018 Picked By Pisces See all this editor's picks
    I'm not a BTOB fan but some of their songs are always on my playlist. One thing those songs hold in common is that they are all created by member Jung Il Hoon. The rapper plays a pivotal role in developing BTOB's groovy and funky side, which is especially notable in Movie, "Love Drunk" and Neverland. The young producer further explores his idiosyncratic hip-hop style in his surprise solo debut Big Wave. "Fancy Shoes" (Track 2), which was released under last year's Piece of BTOB project, is an exemplary track that displays the rapper's musical taste. The smooth-sounding yet bouncy song starts with an impressive samba-influenced electric guitar melody adorned with dreamlike vocal... [read more]
  • If - Mata Aetara - (SINGLE+ DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) (Japan Version)
    DAY6's Japanese debut
    March 28, 2018 Picked By Sanwei See all this editor's picks
    When Korean idols advance into the Japanese music market, they almost always start out by remaking Korean hits. This is understandably the safest route as it requires less investment and leverages songs that are already familiar to Japanese K-pop fans. The notable exception to this standard remake strategy is JYP Entertainment. Both 2PM and GOT7 debuted in Japan with original singles, and Twice's first Japanese single was an original song. Following in the footsteps of their labelmates, DAY6 debuts in Japan with the original single If -Mata Aetara-. As one of the few (instrument-playing) bands in the K-pop idol industry, DAY6 has consistently put out quality self-produced music since... [read more]
  • Circle (2017) (DVD) (Ep.1-12) (End) (tvN TV Drama) (Malaysia Version)
    Brave New World of Korean sci-fi
    March 27, 2018 Picked By Sanwei See all this editor's picks
    When Circle began airing in May 2017, it wasn't very clear where exactly this drama would be going considering its story would involve two worlds, two time periods, two brothers, murders and an alien. Is it really possible for a 12-episode original series to pack in this much stuff and not be a hot mess? Somehow, Circle makes it all work in thrilling and thought-provoking manner. For most of the series, Circle splits each episode into two equally compelling halves. The first part of each episode, titled Beta Project, is set in the present day and follows Yeo Jin Gu as college student Kim Woo Jin. The harried youth has a troubled twin brother, Bum Kyoon (Ahn Woo Yeon), who has been obsessed... [read more]
  • Heize Mini Album (Normal Edition)
    Love and vulnerability
    March 23, 2018 Picked By Pisces See all this editor's picks
    Last year, Heize used rain as a symbol for the successful mini-album /// (You, Clouds, Rain). The aesthetics of nature reappear in the singer-songwriter's fourth release Wish & Wind, which adopts the motif of wind to depict the sorrow of breaking up with a loved one. The excitement of Jenga games comes from the uncertainty as to when the Jenga tower will collapse. However, for Heize, Jenga is like a distressing love game. In the title track Jenga (Track 1), the narrator's anxiety over a fragile relationship is visualized by using the metaphor of a badly built Jenga tower as her wounded heart. Heavy grooves are brought to the playful jazz number, which creates a cool, swinging retro vibe for... [read more]
  • BoA Mini Album Vol. 1 - ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT
    BoA's new sonic sphere
    March 9, 2018 Picked By Pisces See all this editor's picks
    Every year, numerous newcomers pop up in the K-pop scene. To survive in the music battlefield, all singers – no matter how experienced or successful they are – have to adapt to their fans' ever-changing music tastes or they will be forgotten. Well aware of this harsh reality, BoA keeps surprising fans with trendsetting music and dancing that have established her as an undefeatable pop diva. After achieving an artistic breakthrough in 2015 with her first self-produced album Kiss My Lips, the songstress invents a new sonic sphere for her music cocktail One Shot, Two Shot. The deep house jam One Shot, Two Shot (Track 1) follows the dreamy and sensual vibe of Kiss My Lips. In the muted opening,... [read more]
  • Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 2 (2017) (DVD) (Ep. 1-27) (End) (China Version)
    Wu Xin is still good the second time around
    February 28, 2018 Picked By Sanwei See all this editor's picks
    Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 2 has one undeniable shortcoming common to sequels: it's not as good as its predecessor. However, that doesn't mean it's not good. Wu Xin 2 picks up the adventures of Elvis Han's demon-exorcising immortal some two decades after he has lost memories of the events and people from the first season of the supernatural period fantasy series. Continuing the cycle of his endless wanderings, the good-natured Wu Xin resets with new encounters, exorcisms and enemies. Along with the reset, the supporting cast also sees some changes. Sebrina Chen, Ian Wang and Mike D'Angelo return, but Gina Jin and Zhang Ruoyun do not, which does hurt the cast appeal. Landy Li joins as Wu... [read more]

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It seems like not a year goes by without a Higashino Keigo mystery making its way onto screen. One of Asia's most popular and followed novelists, the best-selling Japanese suspense writer has published over 80 novels and short story collections, and his books have been translated into a multitude of languages. Besides the prolific production and wide readership that are every publisher's dream come true, the author's works are also highly sought after for film and television. Even if one has never read a single Higashino Keigo novel, anyone with an interest in Japanese television or cinema would likely come across his name. His books are constantly picked up for live-action adaptations, and... [read more]
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