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Moon Child (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Japan Version) DVD Region 2

Gackt | HYDE | Leehom Wang | Zeze Takahisa (Director)
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Moon Child (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Japan Version)

Customer Review of "Moon Child (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Japan Version)"

Average Customer Rating for this Edition: Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8.1 out of 10 (28)
Average Customer Rating for All Editions of this Product: Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8.2 out of 10 (94)

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July 23, 2012

This customer review refers to Moon Child (Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) (Japan Version)
2 people found this review helpful

Blu-ray version Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
As the other reviews have probably led you to believe, whether you like or loathe the content this movie will depend greatly on your personal preference – this is not a film that is easy to review on an objective basis. I liked it a great deal, but I can understand how some viewers would never “get” it.

Because the content has already been reviewed extensively on this site, my review is mainly a technical one about the newly released Blu-ray version. The original US DVD release (from TLA) looked shoddy, having elevated black levels, a soft-looking transfer, and a stereo-only soundtrack. While the Blu-ray greatly improves this, it still has elevated black levels; I had to turn down the black level control on my Oppo BDP-93 to –7 to get the black levels where they should be. In addition, the transfer has narrow black bars in both the vertical and horizontal directions, and to eliminate these, it was necessary to adjust my display for about 10% overscan. The good things are that the Blu-ray offers a dynamic sounding surround audio mix and is much sharper than the DVD. I suspect that its remaining lack of sharpness compared to the best Hollywood Blu-ray releases reflects limitations of the source material; this was a very low budget film compared to any action movie that Hollywood would release theatrically.

Disk 1 of the Blu-ray release (the movie itself) provides good English subtitles, but none of the extras on the second disk are subtitled. Except for a brief interview with actor Leehom Wang in perfect English, nothing else will be comprehensible to those who do not understand Japanese.

Finally, I would have expected the extras to include the full nine minute version of the film’s leitmotiv – the song “Orenji No Taiyou (The Orange Sun),” as taken from the 2003 DVD of the Gackt “Moon” live concert that reunited many of the Moonchild cast. Unfortunately, only the first part of the song appears in the extras and it is not taken from the live concert performance.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of this film and want a much-improved presentation compared to the TLA DVD, you should grab this disk before it goes out of print. It’s likely that this is the highest quality home video release that this film will get.
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August 21, 2010

This customer review refers to Moon Child (Hong Kong Version)
2 people found this review helpful

In defense of neagtive reviewers Customer Review Rated Bad 2 - 2 out of 10
A little extra ... a lot of positive reviews seem to say that all negative reviewers (like myself) don't like the film because we can't understand the storyline .... I just wanted to clarify that, for me anyway, is not the case. The stroyline is so straight forward that there is much to get confused by ..... its just bland..... but having said this is you are Hyde and Gackt fans I am sure you will wet your knickers with excitement at seeing your heros on screen!
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August 21, 2010

This customer review refers to Moon Child (Hong Kong Version)
2 people found this review helpful

120 mins of my life I will never get back Customer Review Rated Bad 4 - 4 out of 10
I love a good vampire themed romp and so I was super excited to get to watch this Japanese offering. But this is one Vampire film that I will be happy never to watch again!!!

The film starts of with many good intentions …. The opening has the feel of Chunking Express, a jerky camera chase sequence through the streets of Shibuya which climaxes in the suicide of a vampire …. Death by sunlight…nice!!!
But this is really where my enjoyment ends….

The storyline was boring and overly long. It was always jumping forward in time with little explanation or development of the characters. Despite having two major J-Rock stars in the cast the soundtrack was the most appalling one I have heard for ages as it ranged from a jazz version of ‘Mr Bo jangles’ and ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean’ …. Yep you read that right … ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean’ ….. no joke!!!!!!

There was a couple of good action sequences with a few worthwhile stunts but unfortunately these weren’t memorable enough to save the film as a whole. As for the acting … Hyde was fairly good but Gackt was pretty bad. He over-acted all the time as which made the character too ridiculous for you to take seriously! Plus he seems the type of guy who spends too much time in front of the mirror!!!!

All in all if you are a Hyde or Gackt fan you will probably love this, unfortunately I’m not so there was nothing to keep my interest …. Now there’s 120 mins of my life I will never get back!!!!
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May 10, 2009

1 people found this review helpful

Beautifull Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
I found the beginning very funny. The acting is totally different than the American acting. The acting in this movie is to much. But still it was really funny. I am a huge fan of Gackt, and after seeing this movie i love him even more. You shouldn't focus on the acting, but what the movie is about. And don't try to find 1 subject. It's about everything. How the world can really suck, that it is a dangerous place, but that you still have friends, and some things will turn out right. It's romantic, it's hilarious, it's a little bit of action, and it is too cry for.

I really loved this movie. I did get lost in the middle part, because they sometimes jump a few days, months or even some years forward. So I didn't really understand what happened to Kei. But they do say it, that's a blank spot that you have to fill in your self. And you will find those kind of things troughout the whole movie.

So if you are a Gackt fan or a Hyde fan (Hyde really is hot in this movie ;o)
Then you really must watch it !!
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April 16, 2009

This customer review refers to Moon Child (Hong Kong Version)
3 people found this review helpful

hm... Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
I must say that I have never experienced a tale of better brotherhood than this film. The plot is thick and the violence is real, but the heart never wavers in this film. HYDE and Gackt played the excellent pair and should be commended for their acting. I was also surprised when I realized that Wang Lee Hom was in the film. ^^

I do believe that when it comes to the viewer, you'll either get it or you won't (hence the mixed reviews from people.) Some say its the worst film while others call it a masterpiece. People also need to realize that this film was made back in 2004. Its really not right to compare the graphics to the current times. For a movie made in its time frame, I thought they did a pretty good job.

Also, if a person doesn't understand the movie, they won't understand the character. There's a connection you feel with each character in the film that really hits you hard near the climax of the movie. It's hard not to shed some tears near the end (well, for a female at least. ^^)

For those who want to try this film, get ready for some serious gun violence. (Not for your 15 and under kid). Also, this is not really a vampire film. The message goes beyond "vampire genre". There's really only 2 in the entire film.

It's good to be a bit open-minded with this movie because there's so much beneath the surface, yet its hidden well to the point where some viewers become frustrated and begin to hate it. The story is amazing. The threads of friendship always stay strong no matter how thin they appear to be.
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January 10, 2009

1 people found this review helpful

I didn't really understand it... Customer Review Rated Bad 2 - 2 out of 10
I had previously thought about purchasing this movie a while ago, but when I saw it at my public library, I thought I would rent it and see how much worth it it would be to buy it. Well...let's just say I highly doubt it's worth the $31 you would be paying for it.

Even the beginning of the movie threw me off. I continued watching to see if I could make connections with any of the characters etc. There were a few funny parts at the beginning when I still had a grasp on what was happening. After they left some cafe place...I was lost. I think I fell asleep through most of it, and was so lost by the end that I didn't even bother going back and watching the 1+ hours I had missed.

Acting is not that great, and it surely could have been much better. I was expecting a really great movie from the hype it got from people, but I was not impressed. If you're a big fan of HYDE or Gackt, sure, you can go ahead and try it. I am, too, but I surely didn't like this movie very well. I didn't give it an absolute zero because, well, they tried. Not something I would recommend, though.
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Phoenix Lin
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April 7, 2007

This customer review refers to Moon Child (Limited Edition) (Japan Version - English Subtitles)
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Romancing darkness Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7 out of 10
A movie with artistic moments of or bits of everything: action, humor, romance, brotherly bonding, insight, tragedy but not really blossoming into anything spectacular. Somewhere along the way writers block occurred because you feel a lull in everything & the story barely holds together enough to bring you to the conclusion that felt predestined in the writers' minds. The acting...not award winning but adequate. A definate must have for fans of Gackt & Hyde. I loved the fusion of Japanese & Cantonese which offered much of the humorous moments.
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May 6, 2006

Another admiring review Customer Review Rated Bad 9 - 9 out of 10
I have owned Moonchild for quite a while now. It is still one of my favorite movies. Just about everyone that I know has seen it now.

Now, don't think that I am saying good things about this movie because I am a Gackt or Hyde fan. I actually got into the music after watching Moonchild. Before that I had played the PS2 game Bujingai and this made me curious about this Gackt fellow. Moonchild was my next step.

To me, this movie has the feeling of an independent film. One that was made by a group of friends who all got together and said "Hey lets make a movie." Cheesy dialogue and overacting are definately a part of this. It isn't very polished and it really needed either more time in the middle or to have been split into two movies. That is the only complaint that I have about Moonchild. It needed more time to tell the story.

One of the best things about Moonchild is not that it transcends genres, it instead seems to embrace several of them. It is a movie with a vampire in it that isn't a vampire movie. This is extremely rare. I found it refreshing.

Maybe this movie isn't for everyone. However, I have been recommending to my friends for a while now. If you aren't sure, you can always rent it. That's how I saw it the first time.
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April 27, 2006

5 people found this review helpful

worst film ever..... Customer Review Rated Bad 0 - 0 out of 10
Ok I read the reviews on this site and a few others. All I can say is thank god I didnt spend £15 on this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The acting is awful for a start. I think Gackt and Hyde should just stick to singing. I lost the plot half way into the film. This film was about friendship? Erm....ok. I began to lose interest just because of the how riduculous the plot was becoming. Ok to be fair there were a few funny bits, but they were few and far between.

Summary: dont waste your money!!
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January 23, 2006

I loved it... give it a chance. Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
I absolutely ADORE this film. However, from a more professional, 'review' perspective, I can't honestly recommend it. Umm.... what shall I say....

1. Gackt and HYDE *can* act, I don't care what you say. Neither one of them is fantastic, but they can act. Gackt's delivery is very, very bipolar and goes back and forth between very angsty and really cheesy humor that does not come out right and falls flat and stupid. In my opinion. HYDE gets a little melodramatic and his angst can be too much, but it depends on your taste. You may think Gackt's funny and HYDE is just right. I thought HYDE was great because I myself am a bit of a drama queen and I got so sucked into the movie it didn't bother me...

2. The story is... well, granted, it's NOT original, per se. It's got kind of a pulp-y feel, to it though. I really HATE vampire stories, yet I liked this one, so if you're afraid of some psuedo-dracula-vampire-glorification film, don't worry. I think the character of Vampire is well-portrayed by HYDE- sure, he's angsty, but he's really not your typical vampire stereotype- now and then it gets to be a little.... 'wah, I'm going to live forever sucking lives while you all die, pity me, wah wah wah...' but like I said, I think that it's about the right amount of angst. A little over-the-top, but mostly warranted.

3. The pacing of the movie is its biggest flaw- it's rocky at best. It takes a lot of side trips... the action is sporadic and just cuts out in the middle. There's a scene where the camera is spinning around the room, and there's a song in English in the backround, and... in trying to portray the bonding between some of the characters, the plot really seems like it dies somewhere in the middle, and leaves you going, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE???" but enjoy the light moments in the film while you can... it gets sad...
SO ANYWAY, there's a lot of scenes that seem very unneccessary (and would have been surely cut in Hollywood, but I guess that's why this is a foreign film ^_^;;) and the action gets kind of slow paced, but just stick with it. If you've got a lot of time and a big enough bowl of popcorn, it shouldn't bother you. Just let your mind wander to the beauty of the two leads (well, actually, Wang Leehom is pretty fine too).

4. I liked the music. There's stuff by Wang Leehom, too, (apparently? not really sure...) as well as the infamous duet "Orenji no Taiyou" (Orange Sunlight), but to my surprise, the finished version of Orenji no Taiyou wasn't seen in the film. At least, not in my version (the US release). The soundtrack was kind of strange-techno at times, but all in all, it fits. No complaints here!

So let me say that despite its flaws (really, I think HYDE is a better actor... no one kill me, please! (Not only that, I think HYDE is cuter!!! I love Gackt, but sometimes his face is too perfect-looking. And his hair? WHAT IS THAT? Really, the stylist in the movie really let herself go...) Okay, now I have to go apologize to furious Gackt-worshippers) (I LIKE HYDE'S MUSIC BETTER TOO!!!) (runs & hydes)

LET ME SAY... that the movie is not perfect, but I really think it's entertaining. The end caught even me by surprise, at least a little. For all its flaws, the only problem I have with the movie is that I do think the relationship between vampire Kei (HYDE) and protege Sho (Gackt) could be much more elaborately fleshed out... but the movie's already kind of long, so...

Just buy it, I think you'll like it!
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