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Aachi & Ssipak (DVD) (Korea Version) DVD Region 3

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Aachi & Ssipak (DVD) (Korea Version)
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YesAsia Editorial Description

We know better than any other generation how important energy is to our survival, be it renewable or not. But for the inhabitants of the world in Aachi & Ssipak, the solution is already there for everyone to see... and smell. Feces! Yes, that brown, stinky thing. The government controls the populace through special ID chips every citizen is forced to keep, and for every defecation they get a special popsicle, which in turns makes them even more addicted. But our heroes, Aachi & Ssipak, just want to have fun and get the popsicles without doing, ahem, the hard work. So they cause a ruckus, get the cyborg police on their trail, meet a strangely appealing woman with the most annoying of voices, and stir up more and more trouble.

Korean animation still continues to struggle at the box office, but if the creativity shown in Jo Beom Jin's Aachi & Ssipak is any indication, that trend might soon end. A labor of love lasting over eight years, the film boasts quirky 2D characters along with state of the art 3D animation, a funky soundtrack, and finally the kind of story adults can have fun with. This is no Disney, folks. Featuring voice talent of the caliber of Ryoo Seung Bum, Lim Chang Jung, singer Shin Hae Chul and Hyun Young, Aachi & Ssipak is one of the most original and entertaining animation films to come out of Korea in years. After watching this, popsicles will certainly feel different!

This special edition of Aachi & Ssipak comes with the following special features:

  • Audio Commentary with Director Jo Beom Jin and jTEAM Staff
  • Making of Documentary
  • Interview with the Cast
  • Character Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Flash Animation - 2 Episodes
  • World Cup Event
  • Music Video
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Theatrical Trailer
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    Technical Information

    Product Title: Aachi & Ssipak (DVD) (Korea Version) Aachi & Ssipak (韓國版) Aachi & Ssipak (韩国版) アッチとシパク(韓国版) 아치와 씨팍
    Artist Name(s): Lim Chang Jung | Shin Hae Chul | Ryoo Seung Bum | Hyun Young 任昌丁 | Shin Hae Chul | 柳乘泛 | 玄英 任昌丁 | Shin Hae Chul | 柳乘泛 | 玄英 イム・チャンジョン | シン・ヘチョル | リュ・スンボム | ヒョニョン 임 창정 | 신해철 | 류 승범 | 현영
    Release Date: 2006-10-27
    Language: Korean
    Subtitles: English, Korean
    Country of Origin: South Korea
    Picture Format: NTSC What is it?
    Disc Format(s): DVD
    Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) What is it?
    Publisher: EnterOne
    Package Weight: 170 (g)
    Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
    YesAsia Catalog No.: 1004542551

    Product Information

    * Screen Format : Anamorphic Widescreen
    * Sound Mix : Dolby 5.1 & 2.0
    * Extras :
    - jTEAM 식구들의 노가리(Commentary with 감독 조범진 와 jTEAM 스텝)
    - 캬~ 기나긴 8년 (메이킹)
    - <아치와 씨팍>은 말야!
    - 뭐라 말 좀 해봐!
    - 아~ 요요 졸라 아까운 것들! (삭제 장면)
    - (플래시 애니메이션 :2화)
    - 가자! 가자! (월드컵 이벤트)
    - 뮤직비디오
    - 티져 예고편
    - 예고편

    * Director : 조범진

    불타는 18청춘을 위한 블록버스터급 몹시 양아치 액숀!!!
    상상할 수 없었던 발칙한 스토리와 과감한 표현 수위, 완성도 높은 액션 시퀀스의 향연
    최강 배우들의 맛깔진 목소리 연기! ‘류승범’, ‘임창정’, ‘현영’, ‘신해철’, ‘오인용’!!

    모든 자원이 고갈되고 인간의 ‘똥’만이 유일한 에너지원이 된 도시.에너지원 축척을 위해 정부는 환각 성분 만땅인 중독성 강한 ‘하드’를 부상으로 지급하며 인간의 배변을 장려한다. 급기야 하드 부작용으로 배변 능력을 상실한 돌연변이, 일명 보자기 갱이 등장하게 되고 에너지원 생산 능력이 없다는 이유로 도시에서 추방당하게 된다. 도시는 부의 상징이 된 ‘하드’ 쟁탈전이 끊이지 않아 약탈과 폭력으로 얼룩지고, 뒷 골목에서 ‘하드’ 밀거래를 주업으로 살아가던 ‘아치’와 ‘씨팍’의 생활도 순탄치가 않다. 하드 없이는 하루도 못 사는 보자기 갱들은 시도 때도 없이 도시를 습격하고, 정부는 이를 막기 위해 강화 인간 경찰, 사이보그 게코를 투입하게 된다. 도시의 우범 지역인 제 4구역을 배회하던 ‘아치’와 ‘씨팍’은 우연히 ‘이쁜이’를 만나게 되고 ‘씨팍’이 ‘이쁜이’에게 첫 눈에 반하게 되면서 원치 않는 동행을 하게 되는데…. 설명하기 난감한 사건 이후, ‘이쁜이’가 초특급 배변능력을 갖게 되면서 이들은 인생 전환을 맞게 된다. 그러나 그녀의 탁월한 능력을 알게 된 보자기 갱단과 양아치들이 ‘이쁜이’를 표적으로 삼게 되고 정보국까지 이 싸움에 끼어들게 된다. 순정을 지키고자 하는 ‘씨팍’과 하드 재벌을 꿈 꾸는 ‘아치’는 위기에 놓인 ‘똥’도시와 ‘이쁜이’를 구할 수 있을 것인가?
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    YumCha! Asian Entertainment Reviews and Features

    Professional Review of "Aachi & Ssipak (DVD) (Korea Version)"

    October 19, 2006

    A highly anticipated animated feature from Korea, Aachi & Ssipak is a frantic, dynamic, and very rude action comedy told with great passion and honesty, though it lacks a little clarity and originality in some respects. Very much an experience that demands to be repeated, and some of the nicest animation I can imagine being turned out these days. It blends clever CGI environments with 2D character animation better than any film I've seen to date. I would recommend this one highly to those who loved the trailer.

    There's a series of fundamental issues with the storytelling in Aachi & Ssipak. This is either because there's a presumption about our prior knowledge of the characters or because there are simply gaping holes in the explanation of the logic behind the story. Either way, the results are the same: it's not entirely clear what's going on, or what has happened. There were short online episodes in the run-up to the release, and I can see a suggestion of work involving these characters going back to 2001, so perhaps that is the cause of this. This unfortunately affected my ability to engage entirely with the story on first viewing, as I was still trying to figure things out while the frantic action-comedy zipped along. However, this doesn't detract too much from the viewing experience, which is worth having again and again. The film is great fun, original, and a lot to take in.

    The world as portrayed in Aachi & Ssipak is devoid of energy sources; the only thing left is feces. People sit on their toilets and donate their dumps to the cause, powering the land. In return, they're rewarded with a JuicyBar - a highly addictive blue frozen lolly - and the results are predictably mixed and chaotic.

    Kept under control partially by the JuicyBar's addictive nature and partially by being monitored by the government in their most private moments, some cope well and don't question their role (or in fact celebrate it); others focus on the rewards so much that they intend to exploit others for their own gain as they increasingly fall into an evolution driven by excessive JuicyBar consumption. In a way, it takes a familiar situation and makes something else of it. The focus isn't on the act of taking a dump as much as it's on the power struggle, the thirst to satiate an addiction and to earn cash from selling JuicyBars on to addicts.

    Each citizen is implanted at birth with a special microchip where the sun doesn't shine and it registers their contributions as they occur, at the point of origin. Turds rush off down pipes, JuicyBars ping as they arrive next to you whilst you're still on the job. The addictive nature of the JuicyBar gives us the mutant addicts that are The Diaper Gang (led by evil overlord, The Diaper King?), a band of small blue nappy-wearing child-like gangsters wielding machine guns in order to access as much of the public rewards as possible. The Diaper Gang can't defecate as a result of their extreme addiction so they choose to rob to provide for themselves. On the opposing side are numerous small gangsters that deal in JuicyBars, stealing them as they're delivered to their true destinations (cue the scenes of stinky toilets being robbed at gun point) and battling one another for domination and financial success.

    This then is an action comedy that involves a tussle between warring factions, and knowingly makes huge references to action films like Alien, Robocop, Terminator, and many more. The main thrust of this story involves JuicyBar dealers Aachi and Ssipak bumping into a potential porn star called (or known as) Beautiful, a dumb, ditzy sexpot with a special talent or two. The blue-haired, rubber-lipped, slim-wasted beauty auditions for a hack S&M porn movie and finds herself drawn into a criminal plot that originates as an audacious story for just another film. The Diaper King wants to develop a special chip to insert into a perfect anus (belonging to Beautiful), thus causing a delude of JuicyBars to be delivered into the hands of The Diaper Gang.

    Beautiful then falls into the hands of Aachi and Ssipak as she escapes the grasps of the Porn Director and The Diaper King. The draw between Ssipak's love for her and Aachi's desire to exploit her ability to literally defecate money begins to go full tilt. Add to this mix the chase to track down the exploitation of the system, the Robocop/Terminator-esque killing machine, and the government's desire to control the situation as it gets increasingly out of hand. It's frantic stuff, and a film that's actually far better than the criticisms that stick in my head the morning after watching it. It really needs and wants to be watched again and again, and it offers enough to draw you in with its absolutely superb animation and unusual atmosphere, approach, and tone.

    Those familiar with Korean films should find the general thug action here familiar. Brutal physical violence, gun play, swearing, killing, blood, dynamic visuals, and of course, actions sequences in heavy rain. These elements are exaggerated in Aachi & Ssipak, of course, as the animated fantasy world offers the chance for things to ramp all the way to eleven without the need to consider the budget in quite the same way. For a Korean audience then, maybe Aachi & Ssipak would be all too familiar, but strangely original for it's audacity and it's animated nature.

    For me, it's a little self-indulgent, but not unforgivably so, and perfectly charming, fun stuff. The animation is really very impressive: great detail, movement, and color, and quite varied in the character designs on display. The Diaper Gang looks intentionally creepy and rubbery in their movements, like early black and white animation; the military forces look a little stereotypical, clean cut, or cute; and Aachi and Ssipak look cool as streetwise, fashionable, snappy dressers. As a visual feast, it's a refreshing experience, some of the nicest animation I've ever seen without a doubt. I want to see this kind of animation making its mark in foreign climes even though it perhaps panders to the typical "extreme" label that's likely to be slapped on it.

    As a story, it gets a little close to some of those famous so-called adult animations in its subject matter, the Jungle Burger and Fritz the Cat cheapo productions that turn to salacious content to tap into an audience of adult age but not adult sensibility. Here, it's a little different. It feels more honest and truthful to the desires commonly shown in this particular culture's output. It has a familiar sense of humor and familiar themes, but extended in an innovative fashion, so to label the film an oddity is both accurate and misleading. This is a typical Korean film done to excess, knowingly and lovingly, not exploitatively. Overall, it manages to be entertaining, a mix of familiar, bizarre, and reasonably (though not entirely) original ideas. Great fun, and I have high hopes that we will see more of this from other countries.

    This DVD, a one-disc edition, is superbly rich in detail and color and mastered in anamorphic widescreen. There are slight errors in the subtitles, as is common. Total running time of the film is 90 minutes; the disc contains 68 minutes of additional material, including interviews, outtakes, and trailers. Although this film's due to appear in many places after this, the disc is beautifully presented in every aspect, though likely to be surpassed with additional material containing subtitles at some point. For those whose main focus remains the film, this is a great edition to have.

    by logboy -

    Editor's Pick of "Aachi & Ssipak (DVD) (Korea Version)"

    Picked By Sanwei
    See all this editor's picks

    January 5, 2007

    Colorfully Off-Color Comedy
    Though most definitely not on the level of My Beautiful Girl Mari and Wonderful Days, Aachi & Ssipak represents a wholly different kind of breakthrough for Korean animation. Comically violent, unabashedly crude, and hilariously profane, this film is not one for the kids. But for those not turned off by some indecent exposure and, literally, toilet humor, Aachi & Ssipak is an incredibly fun ride, easily one of the most entertaining films of 2006. All the people who think that our natural resources will last forever should watch Aachi & Ssipak for a very uncomfortable backup plan.

    In the Kool-Aid-colored world of the future, natural resources have run dry and society is sustained by fecal energy. Each citizen's crap output is closely monitored via microchip by the sunshine-fascist regime, and duly rewarded with addictive popsicles called JuicyBars. So just to keep the equation straight: crap = JuicyBars = happiness. JuicyBar overconsumption has caused severe developmental mutations in some citizens, stripping them of the ability to defecate - which means no JuicyBars! These diaper-bonnet-donning, machine-gun-wielding creatures form the Diaper Gang, terrorizing the streets and the government with armed JuicyBar robberies.

    Into this lovely fray enter our titular heroes, potty-mouthed street louts/Juicy Bar dealers Aachi and Ssipak. They encounter a blue-lipped aspiring porn star, Beautiful, whose modified microchip monitor brings limitless supplies of JuicyBars. Aachi and Ssipak latch on to Beautiful for popsicles, but the Diaper Gang, an unrelentless cyborg cop, and a doll-faced, iron-handed military commander are all hot on their trails.

    The setting is established very quickly via narration in the opening sequence, and the story hurls forward even quicker with a plentitude of low-brow humor thrown to the ceiling fan. At times muddled and unnecessarily salacious (depending on who you ask, of course), overall the film strikes just the right tone of excessive irreverence and cheeky humor. With such an outrageous premise, the film obviously doesn't take itself too seriously and, really, neither should the viewers.

    The story may be on the immature side, but the animation, character design, and action sequences are all top notch. The animation style is sharp, edgy, kinetic, and self-consciously cool. Bullets fly, bodies rip apart, and blood spills across the screen in vivid paint splatters. The final grand action sequence, in particular, is dizzingly dynamic. My personal favorite part of the film though would have to be the Diaper Gang. Frantic, wide-eyed, squeaky-voiced, simple-minded, slight in size, and rendered a lovely shade of blueberry, the Diaper Gang looks like a Smurf army gone wrong. And when they get waylaid in a body-piling torrent of gunplay and explosions, the image is simply laugh-out-loud hilarious.

    Aachi & Ssipak will not win any awards for decorum or substance, and nor is it all that original once you get past the poop premise. The impressive visuals and hecticly off-color humor, however, are more than enough to entertain. We all knew crap could be amusing, but Aachi & Ssipak gives it a whole new level of significance.

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