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Bodyguards And Assassins (DVD) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region 3

Donnie Yen (Actor) | Nicholas Tse (Actor) | Tony Leung Ka Fai (Actor) | Peter Chan (Producer)
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Customer Review of "Bodyguards And Assassins (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)"

Average Customer Rating for this Edition: Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7.4 out of 10 (7)
Average Customer Rating for All Editions of this Product: Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7.6 out of 10 (10)

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September 14, 2011

This customer review refers to Bodyguards And Assassins (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)
2 people found this review helpful

very sad film Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
Before buying the item I read lot of negative reviews of Body and Assassins and how crap it was.But I didn't care because it had Donnie Yen in it and I am Donnie Yen fan.
After watching the film it surpassed my expectation.I thought it was shot and choreographed very well.Setting the story in the past was also done well.The actors,including Donnie Yen and Nicolas Tse, played their part good and you really do feel the pain and sence of honor these character go through in this journey.

My only downside with the film is that the director didn't put enough action in the first half and didn' put Donnie Yen in many scenes.Other than that everything else was perfect.

Highly recommended.
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January 8, 2011

1 people found this review helpful

Very good and exciting historical drama Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
This was an ambitious project that accomplished what it set out to do. Great direction, a cast that does a very good job, and a very good story about redemption and fighting for what you believe in.

The unfortunate thing about this movie is how it was marketed as a non-stop action film starring Donnie Yen and it isn't. It was a drama first and foremost, and saved the action for when it was necessary.

This is an ensemble piece where every actor is important. Tony Leung Kai-Fai is very good as the man who helps orchestrate Sun Yat Sen's protection, and Nicholas Tse is very endearing as a young man who finds himself caring for this cause. Donnie Yen also plays a good supporting role as a has-been soldier who abandoned his family and finds a chance at righting past wrongs.

One particular stand-out is Leon Lai, who after being shown living on hard times, joins the cause. He has a fight scene in which he defeats several assassins with a giant iron fan.

This movie is best enjoyed as a drama. The action scenes are also dramatic and serve to move the story forward. All in all, everything is done well, and the movie is one of the best of it's year.
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Kevin Kennedy
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September 7, 2010

1 people found this review helpful

Don't miss it! Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
"Bodyguards and Assassins" is an eye-popping, star-studded big screen historical epic bursting with intrigue, romance, action, and heroism. While the film employs state-of-the-art CGI technology, it succeeds due to its embrace of old-fashioned themes and a traditional approach to story-telling. Set in 1906, the movie tells of a brief visit by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen to Hong Kong in order to coordinate revolutionary efforts with leaders of the colony's underground revolutionary movement. China's moribund Qing Dynasty has caught wind of Dr. Sun's impending visit and hopes to seize the opportunity to terminate this threat to its existence by assassinating him. The revolutionary leaders in Hong Kong want just as desperately to ensure Dr. Sun's safe passage.

The story takes place entirely within the span of four days, a brief period in which those involved must get off the fence and either live up to their highest ideals or sell out to their worst instincts. The focal point of the film becomes a strategy to protect Dr. Sun by setting up a diversion, an approach that puts at risk the lives of everyone involved. The movie's gripping tale is wonderfully immersed in the world of turn-of-the-century Hong Kong. The movie's set, set decoration, and costuming give the viewer of life in the parlors of the privileged and on the gritty streets of that world. The impressive cast boasts terrific performances by Tony Leung Ka Fai as the driving force of the local revolutionary movement, Wang Xueqi as a business tycoon torn between patriotism and self-interest, Wang Bo Chieh as the tycoon's idealistic son, Nicholas Tse as the tycoon's loyal rickshaw puller, and Donnie Yen as a dissolute policeman who has squandered his marriage and career.

"Bodyguards and Assassins" grabbed me and never let go. I was captivated by the way it managed to bring its epic events to life on a down-to-earth scale through the very real human decisions with which its vivid characters are confronted. It shows how world-changing revolutions are built upon a foundation of individual sacrifices. Very highly recommended.
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June 5, 2010

1 people found this review helpful

Good film, but could have been better Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6 out of 10
I was really impressed about the cast before watching the film. The storyline was solid. Most of the cast gave a great performance with a couple of exceptions. 1. Nicholas' win as best supporting actor was overrated in my opinion. His acting was .. really... just acting, and you could tell. Hu Jun, Tony Leung, even Donnie Yen were much much better in the film. 2. Leon Lai was another dissappointment. He can't be blamed, but whoever decided to cast him as a good martial arts artist was really out of his mind. Especially when you have other great MA artists in the same film. Plot - good, easy to follow storyline. Set - really well built with many great details. Action - the fight involving the BIG guy was really over the top and brought the film down a bit since it was supposedly a historical event. The hugely anticipated fight between Donnie Yen and Cung Le was so choppily edited that it felt like a waste to both men. The best scene in the film was the chase scene with Donnie and Cung Le, which was choreographed by Donnie at the end of filming. It was done superbly with minimal wiring. Another top notch delivery by Donnie Yen. Also kudos to Donnie is his acting skills. Again, he has shown that he's matured to play such a complicated character. He should've been nominated for best supporting actor.
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April 20, 2010

2 people found this review helpful

Best Supporting Actor Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
I beg to differ --- Why did Nicolas Tse receive the Best Supporting Actor for his role in this movie??? He
is not as convincing as Hu Jun. Hu Jun played the leader of Ching assassins so well ... Look at his
expressions, his movements, his lines, .... Hu Jun's acting skills is so much better.

Also, it'd have been much better if Winston Chao was given the role of Dr. Sun. I couldn't recognize Zhang
Hanyu in that stiffy acting - not like him at all.
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April 18, 2010

Very poor Customer Review Rated Bad 0 - 0 out of 10
Very disappointing film. This film last`s 138 min. In my opinion it was at least 45 min too long. I find it a overlong film!. i think it had too little action. When a action showed up, i think it was poor. Even the drama and story was very boring. I think it should be renamed to Boringguards and Assassins.

I think the camera angles and editing also was poor. It was hard to follow the action. I thought this film would be action packed, considering Donnie was in it. I don`t think it was. With all that money, how could they make such a bad film? I don`t know how they managed to do that. Also, donnie wears a silly unconvincing bald-cap making his head look like a watermelon. Hahaa.

It has only max 15 min of action out of 138 min. I felt cheated since, before it was released it was promoted as having 1 hour of action. More drama film than action film. I will never watch this film again. See only this if you like a boring drama film with very little action. Watch Ip Man instead, than this junk. I think it does at least have much better, story, acting, and fight scenes
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March 31, 2010

Indeed a MASTERPIECE Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
Wow!!! i never thought it was this good. Actually, i have seen this on display a couple of times but i just simply ignored it. I sure glad i decided to watch it... well added to the fact that it was Donnie Yen on it.
Its something you should not miss!!!Would your money. Well deserve nominations.
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March 29, 2010

1 people found this review helpful

An all round package. Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
this is one of the most anticipated pictures of 2009 and it did not fail to deliver, as a whole it entertained and did something that a lot of HK films fail to do; by creating characters that you care for.
The first hour of the film focuses on character development and lacks action but to be honest it makes the whole experience more enjoyable for when the action comes you really feel and sympathise with them.

The much anticipated fight between MMA fighter CungLe and Donnie Yen is good but unfortunately it features odd uses of wire work accompanied by heavy editing and tight camera work which sorely distracts from the experience. The other major fight is Leon Lai's showdown with a group of hench men which is more entertaing but seems to be at conflicts with the Donnie Yen fight; Donnie's is more realistic and utilises MMA fighting whereas Leon's is more fancy akin to House of Flying.......etc.

The only real fault is some characters lacked screen time and could have done with more of a fully fleshed background e.g. Leon Lai's beggar character.

Should satisfy both those looking for action and drama and is one of the years best all round film.
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March 14, 2010

This customer review refers to Bodyguards And Assassins (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)
poor editing Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6 out of 10
I had high hopes for this film but the running time really needed to be shorter. The slow pace of the first hour really needed trimming down. the action when it arrives was entertaining. you cant help feeling that there was a better film in there somewhere but it got lost somewhere along the way. disc quality was consistent throughout. Audio once again was 7.1 surround which is excellent. I wish more discs here in england would use 7.1 surround!
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March 13, 2010

This customer review refers to Bodyguards And Assassins (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)
A real good movie Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
This is a rare gem in Hong Kong films. This movie had it all, story, substance, character development, tension, action and heart. I actually cared about the characters and their fates. By the end of the film, I was exhausted and yet fully satisfied. A warning to action aficionados out there, those going in to the movie hoping it to be action packed will leave the film a little disappointed and wanting more. It is more of a drama than an action film. The drama and acting is top notch. Everything screams quality here. The CG is not used much but when it is used, it is seamless done beautifully. The life size replica of Hong Kong in this movie must be seen to be believed, great set design. Even though some of the characters fates are questionable (was it really necessary for that to happen?), the film is still a remarkable achievement in Hong Kong cinema.
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