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Battlefield Heroes (DVD) (Single Disc) (Korea Version) DVD Region 3

Lee Moon Shik (Actor) | Jung Jin Young (Actor) | Hwang Jung Min (Actor) | Yoon Je Moon (Actor)
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Battlefield Heroes (DVD) (Single Disc) (Korea Version)
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YesAsia Editorial Description

In 2003, the period blockbuster Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield drew over three million admissions at the box office for its humorous take on Korea's own battle of the three kingdoms - Baekje, Goguryeo, and Shilla - during the seventh century. Eight years later, director Lee Joon Ik (The King and the Clown) advances towards Pyongyang Castle with the equally uproarious sequel Battlefield Heroes. In the first film, the rising kingdom of Shilla aligned with Tang China to attack Baekje in the Battle of Hwangsanbul. This time the target is the even more powerful Goguryeo, but tables turn and alliances shift when the Shilla realize that the Tang are trying to take control of the Korean peninsula.

The game has changed, but the battle mode certainly hasn't as Battlefield Heroes punctuates the storied war with broad satire, everyman sensibilities, and hilariously intricate strategies to win without fighting. Jung Jin Young returns as Shilla's master strategist Kim Yoo Shin, while Lee Moon Shik continues to live by his wits as lucky survivor Thingy. The cast also includes Ryu Seung Ryong as fierce Goguryeo general Nam Geon, Yoon Je Moon as the traitorous Nam Saeng, Sun Woo Sun as brave maiden Gap Sun, and Running Man's Lee Kwang Soo as hot-blooded soldier Mun Di. Hwang Jung Min also reprises his role as the king of Shilla in a cameo appearance.

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Technical Information

Product Title: Battlefield Heroes (DVD) (Single Disc) (Korea Version) 平壤城 (DVD) (單碟裝) (韓國版) 平壤城 (DVD) (单碟装) (韩国版) 平壤城 (DVD) (韓国版) 평양성 (DVD) (1디스크) (한국판)
Artist Name(s): Lee Moon Shik (Actor) | Jung Jin Young (Actor) | Hwang Jung Min (Actor) | Yoon Je Moon (Actor) | Ryu Seung Soo (Actor, Actor) | Ryu Seung Ryong (Actor) | Jeong Seok Yong (Actor) | Sun Woo Sun (Actor) | Kang Ha Neul | Lee Kwang Soo 李文植 (Actor) | 鄭進永 (Actor) | 黃 政民 (Actor) | 尹宰文 (Actor) | 柳承修 (Actor, Actor) | 柳承龍 (Actor) | 鄭石勇 (Actor) | 鮮 宇善 (Actor) | 姜河那 | 李光洙 李文植 (Actor) | 郑进永 (Actor) | 黄政民 (Actor) | 尹宰文 (Actor) | 柳承修 (Actor, Actor) | 柳承龙 (Actor) | 郑石勇 (Actor) | 鲜 宇善 (Actor) | 姜河那 | 李光洙 イ・ムンシク (Actor) | チョン・ジニョン (Actor) | ファン・ジョンミン (Actor) | ユン・ジェムン (Actor) | リュ・スンス (Actor, Actor) | リュ・スンリョン (Actor) | チョン・ソギョン (Actor) | ソヌ・ソン (ソン・ウソン) (Actor) | カン・ハヌル | イ・グァンス 이문식 (Actor) | 정진영 (Actor) | 황 정민 (Actor) | 윤제문 (Actor) | 류승수 (Actor, Actor) | 류 승룡 (Actor) | 정석용 (Actor) | 선우선 (Actor) | 강하늘 | 이광수
Director: Lee Joon Ik 李浚益 李浚益 イ・ジュンイク 이준익
Release Date: 2011-12-20
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean
Place of Origin: South Korea
Picture Format: NTSC What is it?
Disc Format(s): DVD
Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) What is it?
Publisher: Candle Media
Other Information: 1-Disc
Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1024555659

Product Information

평양성 (DVD) (1디스크) (한국판)

*Screen Format: 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
*Sound Mix: 한국어 Dolby Digital 5.1

*Director: 이준익

-<황산벌> 이후 8년. <왕의 남자> <라디오 스타>의 이준익 감독 연출작!
-더욱 다양하고 강력해진 막강 캐릭터 열전!
-총 제작비 80억! 확실히 커진 사이즈~ 최대 스케일의 스펙터클 역사 코미디.
-기발한 영화적 상상력으로 창조해 낸 1,400년 전의 평양성 세트!
-김병만, 류담, 이준익 감독, 류승완 감독, 황정민의 깜짝 출연!

한반도 역사상 가장 기상천외한 전쟁이 시작된다!
“황산벌’전투를 기억하시는가?
그 후 8년, 백제를 손안에 넣은 신라가 이번엔 고구려 평양성을 타겟으로 콕~ 점 찍었다. 삼국을 한꺼번에 꿀꺽~ 삼키기 위해서는 절대 양보할 수 없는 마지막 보루- 그곳이 고구려 평양성 되시겠다.

“연개소문이 죽는 순간 고구려는 끝난기고, 이제부터는 신라와 당나라의 전쟁이 시작된기야!”
삼국통일의 노른자, 고구려의 평양성을 호시탐탐 노리는 능구렁이 야심가가 있었으니, 그가 바로 신라 김유신이다. 한반도 전체를 삼키려는 당나라의 야욕을 알아차리고 조심스럽게 고구려와 연합 작전을 계획, 삼국통일을 준비하는 김유신. 하지만 난데없이 당나라로 망명한 고구려의 정통 후계자 남생 때문에 다 된 밥에 코를 빠뜨리게 된다.
“아바지, 걱정 푸~욱 노시라요, 내래 다 쓸어버리가시여!”
이리저리 민폐만 끼치고 다니는 남생 때문에 속이 뒤집히는 이가 한 명 더 있으니, 남생의 동생 남건이다. 아버지 연개소문의 뜻을 받들어, 형 남생의 방해공작을 꿋꿋하게 버텨내는 남건. 신라의 멀티연합군에 맞서 고구려를 지키기 위해 기상천외한 신무기를 앞세워 평양성을 사수한다.
“전쟁에서 살아남으려면, 줄을 잘 서야한당께”
있는 놈, 잘난 놈, 가진 놈들의 이전투구 속에서도 제 한 목숨 건사하는 것이 유일한 삶의 목표인 남자가 있었으니, 그의 이름은 거-시-기- 다. 8년 전 황산벌 전투에서 홀로 살아남은 불사신 거시기가 이번에는 신라군에서 두 번째 군 생활을 하는 불운을 맞게 됐다. 그의 전쟁 철학은 잘 싸우는 것이 아니라, 줄을 잘 서서 살아남는 것, 그 뿐이다.
동상이몽- 꿍꿍이가 다른 그들이 평양성에서 펼치는, 우리가 몰랐던 역사의 뒷 이야기!
손 안대고 코 풀고, 피 흘리지 않고 승리하기 위한 김유신의 노망난 척, 생떼 작렬, 미션임파서블 작전이 펼쳐지고, 기상천외한 에코무기와 최첨단 신무기로 적들을 교란시키며 고군분투 하는 외로운 카리스마 남건. 그 잘난 놈들 틈바구니에서 거시기는 상상초월 전투 중 오매불망 님자 갑순이와 사랑에 빠져 고구려로 국적 세탁까지 감행하려 하는데…

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YumCha! Asian Entertainment Reviews and Features

Professional Review of "Battlefield Heroes (DVD) (Single Disc) (Korea Version)"

June 27, 2011

Acclaimed The King and the Clown director Lee Joon Ik returns with Battlefield Heroes, the follow up to his hit 2003 debut Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield. The film serves up more of the same, continuing the 7th century historical saga which basically plays out like Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Korean as an ensemble cast struggle against each other for the right to rule the peninsula. Most of the original stars return, including Jung Jin Young (who also worked with the director on Sunny and The King and the Clown), Lee Moon Shik (A Bloody Aria) and Hwang Jung Min (The Unjust) with Ryu Seung Ryong (Blades of Blood), Yoon Je Moon (Mother), Sun Woo Sun (Woochi), and Running Man's Lee Kwang Soo also appearing.

The film takes place eight years after the events of the original, with the kingdom of Shilla continuing the alliance with Tang China which helped it to defeat Baekje, in order to attack the larger Goguryeo. Led by master strategist Kim Yoo Shin (Jung Jin Young), Shilla lays siege to Pyongyang Castle, while Goguryeo's top warrior and general Nam Geon (Ryu Seung Ryong) attempts to rally his defences, undermined by his traitorous brother Nam Saeng (Yoon Je Moon), who is trying to cut a deal with the enemy. Meanwhile, dogged survivor Thingy (Lee Moon Shik) finds himself being bounced between the two armies as he desperately tries to stay alive and win the heart of Goguryeo sword maiden Gap Sun (Sun Woo Sun). Although the tide appears to be moving in Shilla's favour, it soon becomes apparent that Tang China may have plans to seize the day, and indeed the nation, for itself.

As should be obvious from this surface-skimming synopsis, there's really a great deal going on in Battlefield Heroes with a huge cast of characters and a never-ending of stream of schemes and shifting allegiances. As with The King and the Clown, the film's biggest asset is Lee Joon Ik's skill as a storyteller, as he manages to successfully bring together its many strands, weaving them into a compelling and entertaining whole. Although the film does take a little while to find its feet, with the opening half hour or so being a touch confusing, leaping around between its various characters and factions, it really picks up speed, and once its battlefields, both psychical and psychological have been staked out it rattles along at a fast and focused pace. What makes the film so delightful and so different from other period set war outings, is that it revolves around the down to earth concerns of the rank and file and conscripted men rather than just the mighty heroes and generals. Survival is very much top of the agenda rather than glorious victory, and the film is pleasingly free of forced motivational speeches, with its characters often formulating their strategies to try and avoid bloodshed rather than simply charging headlong into battle.

Lee Joon Ik balances these complexities with a winning sense of humour and a neat line in satire. The film is certainly very funny, and never loses sight of the essential madness of the cycle of conflict which the kingdoms continually find themselves trapped within. This fits very well with the film's fast moving narrative, and though at times it does threaten to spiral out of control, Lee keeps a firm hand on the helm throughout. The film's comedic elements mainly revolve around Lee Moon Shik's everyman Thingy, whose fate sees him being thrust into increasingly difficult situations, and who acts as an anchor for the viewer, with much of the drama unfolding from his perspective. This also adds to the film having a different feel, and in its grounded, earthy approach it resembles early Kurosawa works such as The Hidden Fortress in particular, at least in terms of tone.

None of this is to say that Lee neglects the action quotient, and whilst eschewing the kind of grandiose epic staged clashes usually seen in the genre he does deliver plenty of battlefield action. The film was a big budget affair, and as well as handsome production values and costumes, this certainly shows during its set pieces, with the scenes of Shilla and Tang China attacking Pyongyang Castle being spectacular and exciting, with engines of war hurling rocks at each other over the heads of the clashing soldiers, and various cunning plans being put into play, even involving the use of bees. At the same time, the film's battles never lose sight of the characters and their fates, and are all the more powerful for their ever present human element.

This is true of Battlefield Heroes as a whole, and it's Lee Joon Ik's craftsman-like touch which really sets it above other period set war outings. Skilfully combining drama, intrigue, humour and action, it has far more to offer than the average blockbuster, both in terms of intelligence and fun.

by James Mudge -

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