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Duelist Limited Edition DTS DVD Region 3

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Duelist Limited Edition DTS
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Customer Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6.1 out of 10 (18)
All Editions Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6 out of 10 (22)

YesAsia Editorial Description

Thrilling action, political intrigue, and forbidden romance all light up the screen in this inventive detective story set during the Joseon Dynasty! After a six year break from filmmaking, Lee Myung See, director of the seminal Korean action flick Nowhere to Hide, returns to the director's chair for the elegant swordsman film, Duelist. Based on a novel, this beautiful period film centers on a tomboyish detective by the name of Nam Sun (Ha Ji Won, from Damo and Love So Divine) who is investigating a case revolving around counterfeit coins. Going deep undercover in a variety of diverse disguises, Nam Sun quickly finds herself chasing after a notorious assassin named "Sad Eyes" (Kang Dong Won, from Too Beautiful to Lie and Romance of Their Own) who just may be involved in the crime she's investigating.

These two warriors from opposite ends of the law end up clashing time and time again, but with each passing encounter, they soon discover that they share a mutual respect and attraction for one another. Will a love affair bloom on the battlefield? With an appearance by longtime actor Ahn Sung Ki in a supporting role, Lee Myung See's Duelist is a stylish, visually stunning example of cinematic swordplay at its finest!

Special Features:
Disc One:

  • 2 Audio commentaries

    Disc Two:

  • Making of featurette
  • Visual effects featurette
  • Interviews
  • CGI featurette
  • Editing featurette
  • Music Video
  • Trailer and TV spots

    Disc Three:

  • Making of documentary (with English subtitles)
  • About Duelist featurette
  • Special music video

    This 3-disc digipack, limited to 5000 copies worldwide, also includes a deluxe photobook.

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    Technical Information

    Product Title: Duelist Limited Edition DTS 刑事 (DTS 限量版) (韓國版) 刑事 (DTS 限量版) (韩国版) デュエリスト (限定版)(韓国版) 형사 특별 한정판
    Artist Name(s): Ahn Sung Ki | Ha Ji Won | Kang Dong Won | Lee Myung Se 安聖基 | 河智源 | 姜東元 | 李明世 安圣基 | 河智源 | 姜东元 | 李明世 アン・ソンギ | ハ・ジウォン | カン・ドンウォン | イ・ミョンセ 안 성기 | 하 지원 | 강동원 | 이명세
    Release Date: 2006-01-20
    Language: Korean
    Subtitles: English, Korean
    Place of Origin: South Korea
    Disc Format(s): DVD
    Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) What is it?
    Publisher: EnterOne
    Other Information: 3 DVDs
    Shipment Unit: 4 What is it?
    YesAsia Catalog No.: 1004099443

    Product Information

    * Screen Format : 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
    * Sound Mix : Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS, Music&Effect Dolby Digital 5.1
    * DVD Type : DVD-9
    * Extras :
    [ Disc 1 ]

    Commentary with 이명세 감독, 안성기, 하지원, 강동원
    Commentary with 이명세 감독, 조성우 음악감독, 강한섭 영화평론가

    [ Disc 2 ]

    메이킹 필름
    배우 인터뷰 모음 (안성기,하지원,강동원 인터뷰)
    대담 : 이명세 감독, 조성우 음악감독, 강한섭 영화평론가
    CG 및 DI 제작과정
    뮤직비디오, 깐느 프로모

    [ Disc 3 ]

    조선 느와르 : 이명세 <형사> 만들기
    스페셜 뮤직 비디오 (영화의 엔딩 곡으로 만들어진 뮤직 비디오) : 강동원, 하지원 듀엣 곡

    * Director : 이명세

    사랑, 그 화려한 대결…

    추적| 반드시 널 잡아낸다
    어지러운 세상, 형사 ‘남순’(하지원)과 파트너 안포교(안성기)는 가짜 돈이 유통되자 범인 색출을 위해 필사의 노력을 한다. 사건의 진실에 다가갈수록 ‘슬픈눈’(강동원)이라 불리는 자객이 수면위로 드러난다.
    “널 붙잡고야 말겠다”

    대결| 피할 수 없는 숙명적 대결
    ‘남순’과 ‘슬픈눈’은 숙명적인 대결은 시작되었다. 쫓는 자와 쫓기는 자의 돌이킬 수 없는 대결. 맞붙은 순간, 낯선 감정이 두 사람을 혼란스럽게 한다.
    “널 죽여야 하는데…”

    사랑| 이루어 질 수 없는 첫사랑
    서로를 바라보는 ‘남순’과 ‘슬푼눈’의 눈빛이 흔들린다. 하지만 갈 길이 다른 두 사람, 그들에게는 대결도 사랑인 듯하다. 상대를 죽이지 않으면 내가 죽을 수 밖에 없는 숙명적인 갈등에서 그들의 사랑은 더욱 애절하다.
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    YumCha! Asian Entertainment Reviews and Features

    Professional Review of "Duelist Limited Edition DTS"

    August 17, 2007

    It's rare to see a film that fetishises the male lead as this one does. Plenty of films do it to the female lead, by giving her lighting and camera angles that make her more alluring, or writing a character free of flaws yet still intriguing. But this time, it's the man: an assassin known only as "Sad Eyes".

    This might sound odd, but if you watch the film you'll see what I mean. A mysterious character clad all in black, his face half-hidden by a soft fall of black hair, is enough of an enigma. Add in the coyly flirtatious sidelong glances, the ability to retreat into shadow and disappear, and the catlike grace of his swordplay, and you've got one fully drawn fetish. The fact that he rarely speaks, just smiles enigmatically, underlines his nature as more of a symbol than a person.

    Fortunately, I'm rather partial to catlike grace and sidelong glances, and Lee is one of my favorite directors, having made the awesome cop film Nowhere To Hide. So I rather enjoyed this strange mix of swordplay, cop film, and love story. But it won't suit everyone: if you like your swordplay straight, then look elsewhere. Similarly, if you want a straight-up tale of cops and robbers, or a gentle romance.

    Visually, this film looks very similar to Nowhere To Hide. Lee is a master of freeze frame and slow motion, and once again uses it to excellent effect. There's a scramble near the beginning as a wagon loaded with cash overturns in a crowded market, in which the slow motion emphasizes the awkwardness of cops and shoppers alike. The first fight scene between Nam Soon (Ha Ji Won) and Sad Eyes (Gang Dong Won) is likewise enhanced. The music chances subtly, and just as you begin to think "Hang on a minute, this looks more like a…", the music, and the fight, leaps into a tango, illustrated with strobing freeze frames.

    Visually, the whole film is spectacular. The stalking scene, as the cops pursue their quarry through the market, is lavishly coloured: huge green glass buoys are carried by just about every second passer-by, and Nam Soon chases Sad Eyes through a dye workshop, where brilliantly colored silks are draped for drying. There's a party, with lush costumes and dazzling sets draped in sheer organza, which features a sword performance by Sad Eyes which is more dance than defense. And there's plenty of snow, this being Korea in the middle of winter.

    It's been said of Lee that his films are poetry, not prose, and that's certainly true here. You might find the storyline a bit tatty. You might also be annoyed at Ha's overacting, giving Nam Soon a swaggering, scowling persona that's just too over the top. You might even be upset by Ahn Sung Ki's querulous detective. But you cannot deny that this film looks damn good.

    7.5 tricky bows on the front of dresses out of 10

    Review By Alison Jobling -

    This original content has been created by or licensed to, and cannot be copied or republished in any medium without the express written permission of

    Customer Review of "Duelist Limited Edition DTS"

    Average Customer Rating for this Edition: Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6.1 out of 10 (18)
    Average Customer Rating for All Editions of this Product: Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6 out of 10 (22)

    See all my reviews

    April 11, 2007

    This customer review refers to Duelist (Hong Kong Version)
    1 people found this review helpful

    Sword of Love Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6 out of 10
    This is a thriller-sword fighting style. it actually isnt much when it comes to story line. but You stay and watch because of the production value. its quite intriguing. quite diffrent from what you have seen in the past
    Did you find this review helpful? Yes (Report This)
    See all my reviews

    February 13, 2007

    This customer review refers to Duelist Collector's Box (First Press Limited Edition) (Japan Version)
    3 people found this review helpful

    Glorified Fatalism Customer Review Rated Bad 3 - 3 out of 10
    This is a twisted story between a feministic Asian woe-man who pursues a lost effeminate Asian man in order to engage in disturbing and continual sword fighting with him. The love sub-plot centers on the theme of love through pain or a love/hate relationship. That is, the two lead characters experience a sort of euphoria and escape by playing with death together.

    However this is not love. One false slip of their sword and their partner is dead and burning in hell for eternity. If I hold a knife to your neck and say I love you would you believe me? Used as a metaphor for arguing, who is silly enough to think that arguing is the product or a producer of love?

    A positive twist is *attempted* to this fatalistic philosophy in that the movie ends on a subjectivly "good note" with the male and female slashing at each other into the night - just as they desire. Some viewers might conclude that this is just a complex love story that takes "love" very seriously, showing that even in “love” there is conflict and so we must accept “love” along with hate.

    The underlying soul twisting attraction to this film is its ability to manipulate mystery. Taking the eternal mystery of the person of God and allocating that to a mere human sword-fighter whom the female effectively creates as an idol for herself and in her self-deception she is carried away by his quite demeanor and evasions. This issue of mystery is one of the central deceptions and intrigues of the story. And because the audience views the story from her perspective we are also kept from ever discovering who the male lead is as a *person* and not a mysterious someone. It is this intentional cloaking of the male lead that gives an austere authority to the perverted love/hate conclusion.

    In the end we have an effeminate man and a feminist woman scratching each other like possessed cats struggling to rationally communicate. Perhaps fatalism is the movie writers response to God's curse between men and women.
    Did you find this review helpful? Yes (Report This)
    See all my reviews

    September 1, 2006

    This customer review refers to Duelist Deluxe Edition (Japan Version)
    1 people found this review helpful

    Too dark Customer Review Rated Bad 5 - 5 out of 10
    I don't know if the movie is always taken at night time coz 70% of the movie is dark. Can't recognized the character. Kim Dong Wan is shown only once at daytime. I did not understand because most of the time i am trying my best to recognize the people rather than reading the translations. Sayang...
    Did you find this review helpful? Yes (Report This)
    Daiquiri's Are Always Cool ^_^
    See all my reviews

    June 14, 2006

    This movie is Great!! Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
    Duelist is a really good movie. Even though there weren't a LOT of fighting sequences, the ones that were shown were very good. Kang Dong-won and Ha Ji-won really did a good job in this one. This movie has probably one of the most intimate fighting scenes I have ever seen. I was also very drawn to the soundtrack for this movie. Very fitting with the movie. I can't wait to purchase this movie. I saw it at a place that shows Korean films wvery week. I am usually known for watching the mini-series and things like that from Korea. This is definitely not the last Korean movie I will watch. Especially the ones with this kind of timeline. Keep it up!! I give this movie two thumbs up!!
    Did you find this review helpful? Yes (Report This)
    See all my reviews

    May 23, 2006

    1 people found this review helpful

    stunning visually Customer Review Rated Bad 5 - 5 out of 10
    The movie was visually stunning and artsy...i saw this movie mainly because i thought i was going to be an all out sword fighting movie, but instead it had few. Only huge complaint i have about this movie is the comedy they slapped into this movie, just didn't fit well imo.
    Did you find this review helpful? Yes (Report This)
    Illang: The Wolf Brigade The Swordsman Are We In Love? Mission: Possible Annual Clearance Whale Hunting Intruder
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