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Chasing The Dragon (2017) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)Made In Hong Kong (1997) (Blu-ray) (4K Restored Version) (Hong Kong Version)Somewhere Beyond the Mist (2017) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)
  • Chasing The Dragon (2017) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version) Blu-ray Region A Donnie Yen (Actor) | Andy Lau (Actor) | Wong Jing (Producer, Director, Writer) | Hu Ran (Actor)
    Hong Kong cinema titans Donnie Yen and Andy Lau team up in the highly anticipated crime action drama Chasing the Dragon. Co-directed by Wong Jing and Jason Kwan (A Nail Clipper Romance), the film about crime, corruption and brotherhood in 1960s and 70s Hong Kong revolves around a gangster and a cop inspired by notorious real-life figures: drug lord Ng Sek Ho, whose life was previously dramatized in To Be Number One, and corrupt sergeant Lui Lok whom Andy Lau portrayed in the Lee Rock series.

    In the 1960s, Ho (Donnie Yen) flees from Chaozhou to Hong Kong to seek a better life, but this rich and corrupt city has little for poor, uneducated folks like him. Ho and his friends barely get by as short-term laborers and occasionally take money to pose as gangsters for triad showdowns. During one of these gang fights for show, the brawl turns real and Ho gets into a violent confrontation with a vindictive British cop. Inspector Lee Rock (Andy Lau), who admires Ho's fighting skills, gets him out of prison. Ho later returns the favor by sacrificing his own leg to save Lee. Starting from the bottom rung of the Kowloon Walled City, Ho fights his way to the top of Hong Kong's drug empire. Meanwhile, Lee rises the ranks to become the top-ranking Chinese officer. Working together from opposite sides of the law, the two corner the drug market, eliminate enemies, accumulate riches and maintain the power balance of the underworld. The partnership begins to unravel, however, as Ho's aspirations grow and Lee sees the writing on the wall with the establishment of the ICAC.

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  • Made In Hong Kong (1997) (Blu-ray) (4K Restored Version) (Hong Kong Version) Blu-ray Region A Sam Lee (Actor) | Andy Lau (Producer) | Fruit Chan (Director) | Yan Xu Ci (Actor)
    Directed by Fruit Chan and produced by Andy Lau, Made in Hong Kong created quite a stir when it first hit the international film scene in 1997. Originally rejected from the Hong Kong International Film Festival, the film went on to acclaim at overseas festivals before returning triumphantly to its hometown, where it went on to win a slew of local awards, including Best Picture and Director at the Hong Kong Film Awards, as well as Best Director prizes from both the Hong Kong Film Critics Society and the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards. Made in Hong Kong established director Fruit Chan as a representative Asian filmmaker, and star Sam Lee (who was discovered by Chan while skateboarding on the street) went on to become one of the most ubiquitous and fastest rising stars in the Hong Kong entertainment circle. Famously shot on leftover film stock, Made in Hong Kong channels the true spirit of independent film, utilizing real locations, unknown actors, and a creativity and resourcefulness not seen in Hong Kong Cinema in some time.

    Autumn Moon (Sam Lee) is one step short of a triad, and an ocean removed from respectability. A go-nowhere, no-nothing nobody, Moon is the boss of his own gang, which has one member, a mentally slow fellow named Sylvester (Wembers Li), and passes his time playing basketball and collecting debts for local triad Wing. Marginalized by society and perhaps his own poor self-image, Moon nonetheless attempts to make his mark on the world, finding direction in his love for Ping (Neiky Yim), a young girl suffering from renal failure, and a chance connection to Susan (Amy Tam), a school girl who committed suicide. Moon's quest for personal significance is full of startling violence, lyrical emotion and surprising irony, and director Fruit Chan's camera is right there, infusing this street level Hong Kong tale with a vibrant and affecting immediacy. Made in Hong Kong succeeds on multiple levels - as a tale of disaffected youth, as a rude answer to the gangster-glorifying Young and Dangerous films, and as an affecting portrait of what it means to be born, bred, and buried in Hong Kong.

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  • Somewhere Beyond the Mist (2017) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version) Blu-ray Region A Stephy Tang (Actor) | Rachel Leung (Actor) | Gu Ding Xuan (Actor) | Wong Sue Tong (Actor)
    Renowned Hong Kong documentary filmmaker Cheung King Wai (KJ: Music and Life) presents his first feature-length narrative in Somewhere Beyond the Mist. Nominated for Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress and Best New Performer at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards, the dark drama inspired by a real-life parricide case paints a grim yet deeply human portrait of how everyday abuse and resentment drive people down a drastic path of no return.

    High school student Connie (Rachel Leung) is a loner who has suffered from heart problems since birth. She decides to murder her parents, but is too weak to carry out the plan on her own, so she ropes in her classmate Eric (Zeno Koo) as an accomplice. Detective Angela (Stephy Tang) is put in charge of the case, and finds that Connie doesn't have any remorse for her actions. Newly married and expecting, Angela seems to have a happy life with her husband (Kyle Li) and dementia-inflected father (Wong Shu Tong). However, her emotions become increasingly unstable as she investigates the case and begins to understand and empathize with Connie.

    This edition comes with making-of, deleted scenes and trailer.

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