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On Children (DVD) (5-Disc Edition) (Taiwan Version)Between (2018) (DVD) (Ep. 1-18) (End) (Taiwan Version)Iron Ladies (2018) (DVD) (Ep.1-13) (End) (Taiwan Version)
  • On Children (DVD) (5-Disc Edition) (Taiwan Version) DVD Region 3 Gan De Men (Actor) | Lin Ding Xuan (Actor) | Yan Yi Wen (Actor) | Yip Chuen Chun (Actor)
    In 2006, the PTS series Dangerous Minds drew wide acclaim for its realistic portrayal of the struggles and conflicts of children, parents and educators in the Taiwan education system. In 2018, the broadcaster takes on the difficult topic of education again in the series On Children. Directed by Chen Wei Ling (Autumn's Concerto), the anthology series is based on Wu Xiao Le's 2014 book "Your Child is Not Your Child." Using fantasy and sci-fi elements to bring out the darkness and horrors of reality, the series' five stories depict choices, challenges and stress faced by children in pressure-cooker home and school environments.

    Mother's Remote: A single mother acquires a remote control that allows her to reset time for her rebellious teenage son. She forces him to repeat days over and over again in order to ace his lessons, holding his life hostage in the name of mother knows best.

    Child of the Cat: An academically uninclined boy from a troubled family discovers a box of kittens and the secret to a parallel world. If he kills a cat in this parallel world, he can improve his scores.

    The Last Day of Molly: High school girl Molly commits suicide, and her shocked mother who has given so much for her family is unable to understand what went wrong. Molly's mother uses experimental technology to enter her daughter's mind. She relives Molly's day and sees herself through Molly's eyes.

    Peacock: Qiao Yi hides her humble working class background from other students of her elite middle school. One day, she comes upon a peacock that can solve her worries. But every time the peacock grants a wish, it also takes something away from Qiao Yi in exchange.

    ADHD is Necessary: Ruo Wa lives in a world where job and housing quality are determined by appraisal scores. The 15-year-old girl's low scores threaten her family's high social standing and quality of life, prompting her mother to take drastic measures.

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  • Between (2018) (DVD) (Ep. 1-18) (End) (Taiwan Version) DVD Region 3 Esther Yeh (Actor) | Marcus Chang (Actor) | Sam Lin (Actor) | Hai Yu Fen (Actor)
    The "sandwich girl" strikes back in the 2018 Taiwan idol drama Between! Esther Yeh (Love of Sandstorm) is the heroine caught between Marcus Chang (Back to 1989) and SpeXial member Sam Lin (KO 3an Guo 2017) in the romance and workplace series from Refresh Man director Hao Hsin Hsiang.

    Su Xiao Qing (Esther Yeh) is a "sandwich girl" who's always stuck between here and there. She struggles to survive in the often contentious environments of her family and workplace. When sandwiched in between, Xiao Qing always chooses to be the considerate one who sets aside her own opinions. Still, she perseveres on her own for her work and dreams. Her wishlist is to reward herself with a cruise trip, see the northern lights in Iceland, and buy her own apartment in Taipei. However, reality is never as smooth as fantasy. Luo Cheng Kai (Marcus Chang), whom Xiao Qing meets under embarrassing circumstances, suddenly shows up at her company as her new workaholic boss. Meanwhile, free-spirited photographer Qu Zi Jun (Sam Lin) moves in upstairs as her new landlord and upturns her originally simple life. Faced with unexpected changes both at work and in love, Xiao Qing also begins to grow, change and stand for herself.

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  • Iron Ladies (2018) (DVD) (Ep.1-13) (End) (Taiwan Version) DVD Region 3 Ben Wu (Xiao Le) (Actor) | Aviis Zhong (Actor) | Zhu Zhi Ying (Actor) | Pan Hui Ru (Actor)
    Iron Ladies strive for love and self in the 2018 Taiwan romance series starring Aviis Zhong (White Ant), Ben Wu (Love Cuisine), Ada Pan (Art in Love) and Zhu Zhi Ying (Life List). Zhou Kai Ting (Aviis Zhong), Ma Li Sha (Ada Pan) and Wang Qing Qing (Zhu Zhi Ying) have the looks, careers and lives that younger women aspire towards. But contrary to appearances, it's not all smooth sailing for these thirtysomething "iron ladies." As the youngest vice-president of a beauty shopping network, Kai Ting has a successful career but her love life turns into a mess when she gets cheated on by her fiancé (Gabriel Lan). After breaking off her engagement, an unexpected new person enters her life: Su Can (Ben Wu). The clueless young guy gets roped into being a makeup artist for a product launch event and turns into a hit with customers thanks to his handsome looks and clumsy charm. Afterwards, Kai Ting takes him under her wings and helps him grow professionally, but over time, they begin to fall for each other.

    After experiencing the trauma of a failed marriage, Ma Li Sha throws herself into work. Because of work, she meets David (Jack Lee) and slowly regains the confidence to start a new relationship. Wang Qing Qing faces the ridiculous situation of a husband (Wu Ting Chien) who brings his mistress home. The other woman even dares to describe them as a happy family of three. A fortune-teller tells Qing Qing that she can get rid of the mistress if she gets pregnant, but it's the mistress who gets pregnant – with another man's child.

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