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  • Bad Genius (2017) (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)
    Cruel truth behind exam cheating
    November 30, 2017 Picked By Pisces See all this editor's picks
    Education is important for young people to acquire not only knowledge but also proper social and moral values. However, these values can easily vanish in a goal-oriented education system, under which cheating may become a "strategy" to score high marks in exams. Inspired by the large-scale exam-cheating scandal that happened in Thailand in 2014, director Nattawut Poonpiriya (Countdown) calls for serious reflection on the country's education system and social inequality in the mind-blowing high-school heist thriller Bad Genius. Played by model-turned-actress Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, math prodigy Lynn is admitted to a prestigious school on a scholarship thanks to her great academic... [read more]
  • Teiichi no Kuni (Blu-ray) (Normal Edition) (Japan Version)
    Politics As Usual: High School Edition
    November 29, 2017 Picked By Sanwei See all this editor's picks
    Back in 2013 when they were still on the cusp of stardom, Suda Masaki and Nomura Shuhei played ordinary immature students at an all-boys high school in The Daily Lives of High School Boys. Four years later, the two actors are back together as immature students of an all-boys high school, but this time they are political rivals. Based on the manga Teiichi no Kuni by Furuya Usamaru, Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High manages to be both wondrously stupid and sneakily smart as it colorfully conjures the facetiously entertaining world of an elite high school known to produce future politicians and bureaucrats. In what seems likes his umpteenth film of the year, Suda Masaki plays Teiichi, a... [read more]
  • Size 9 (Limited Edition)
    Hoping for the best for Hong Kong
    November 28, 2017 Picked By Pisces See all this editor's picks
    The frustration with Hong Kong's stressful lifestyle and stagnant music market has been growing in the city. By taking on various music genres, Jan Lamb revitalizes the monotonous Cantopop scene, and sends messages of hope and encouragement through the album Size 9. Cantopop enjoyed widespread popularity in Asia during the 1980s and 1990s, and the early 2000s also saw the successful emergence of superstars Joey Yung, Eason Chan and Twins. However, the industry started to decline in the recent decade as local listeners turned to more popular music from Taiwan and Korea. Hong Kong songwriters and singers also produced Mandarin songs to expand their markets. Hoping that the industry can revive... [read more]
  • The Mayor (2DVD) (Normal Edition) (Korea Version)
    Politics As Usual
    November 27, 2017 Picked By Sanwei See all this editor's picks
    Many actors are good at chewing scenery, but few can chew food with as much subtext as Choi Min Sik. The legendary actor famously gnawed on a live octopus in Old Boy. In The Mayor, he leaves the audience with a final close-up image of him staring straight at the camera while chewing slowly and purposefully on a lettuce wrap. Before that, he spends two hours biting vociferously into the role of Seoul mayor Byun Jong Goo in Park In Jae's meaty thriller about the rancid world of political elections. Having cultivated a calculated voter-friendly maverick image in his two terms, Byun Jong Goo seeks an unprecedented third team, but his ambitions are threatened by competition from a female... [read more]
  • Nanimono (2016) (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)
    Finding jobs, searching dreams
    November 16, 2017 Picked By Pisces See all this editor's picks
    Most Japanese corporations start recruiting new employees in the spring every year. During the job-hunting season, hopeful graduates in identical black suits busily participate in various job fairs and interviews. Set against the backdrop of Japan's stressful job-seeking culture, young author Asai Ryo's 2012 award-winning novel Nanimono provides a deep and intriguing study of five new grads who struggle to survive in the highly competitive job market. Played by Satoh Takeru (Rurouni Kenshin), Takuto gives up on his theater dream and decides to enter the workforce. Setting aside his passion for music, his carefree roommate Kamiya (Suda Masaki, Death Note Light up the NEW world) also starts... [read more]
  • Reverse (DVD Box) (Japan Version)
    Unraveling a decade-old mystery
    October 31, 2017 Picked By Sanwei See all this editor's picks
    Since making a splash with her debut novel Confessions, mystery writer Minato Kanae has been a popular pick for adaptations. Most of her books have been licensed for film or TV, and one of the latest to get the live-action treatment is the 2015 novel Reverse. Aired in spring 2017, the engrossing TBS adaptation follows a group of college acquaintances as they gradually confront and uncover the decade-old mystery surrounding a friend's death. Fujiwara Tatsuya gives a more understated performance than usual as the everyman protagonist of the story, introverted and nondescript salaryman Fukase Kazuhisa. Though he graduated from an elite university, he is just tiredly getting by with an... [read more]

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It seems like not a year goes by without a Higashino Keigo mystery making its way onto screen. One of Asia's most popular and followed novelists, the best-selling Japanese suspense writer has published over 80 novels and short story collections, and his books have been translated into a multitude of languages. Besides the prolific production and wide readership that are every publisher's dream come true, the author's works are also highly sought after for film and television. Even if one has never read a single Higashino Keigo novel, anyone with an interest in Japanese television or cinema would likely come across his name. His books are constantly picked up for live-action adaptations, and... [read more]
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