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Eros (VCD) (Hong Kong Version) VCD

Gong Li (Actor) | Robert Downey Jr. (Actor) | Chang Chen (Actor) | Alan Arkin (Actor)
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Eros (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)
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All Editions Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7.5 out of 10 (2)

YesAsia Editorial Description

Eros is a three-part anthology film about eroticism by a trio of world cinema's outstanding directors: Wong Kar Wai (2046), Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's Twelve) and Michelangelo Antonioni (Blow up). The three vignettes in Eros may seem totally unrelated on surface, but underneath the different stories lies a common theme about erotic desires. Each episode explores erotic desires at a different level, from physical to psychological to spiritual. It also serves as an homage by two younger directors, Wong and Soderbergh, to the Italian master Antonioni who has informed and inspired their work.

  • "The Hand" by Wong Kar Wai
    Cheongsam once again embodies the mood for love. "The Hand", widely acclaimed during the film's theatrical release, tells an erotic tale about a young tailor (Chang Chen) and a beautiful Hong Kong courtesan (Gong Li). Hands seems the only way to bridge the gap between love and desire...

  • "Equilibrium" by Steven Soderbergh
    A peculiar and even perverse comedy about an advertising executive's (Robert Downey, Jr.) weird and erotic dream of a woman. Losing his equilibrium, he turns to his psychiatrist (Alan Arkin) who engages himself in all sorts of strange acts in the course of therapy...

  • "The Dangerous Thread of Things" by Michelangelo Antonioni
    A middle-aged American man and his Italian wife enter a stalemate in their relationship. In the magnificent ruins and landscapes of Italy, he encounters a passionate Italian woman, but erotic desires means more than just physical intimacy...
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    Technical Information

    Product Title: Eros (VCD) (Hong Kong Version) 愛神 爱神 愛の神、エロス (Eros : 愛神) Eros (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)
    Artist Name(s): Gong Li (Actor) | Robert Downey Jr. (Actor) | Chang Chen (Actor) | Alan Arkin (Actor) | Ele Keats (Actor) | Christopher Buchholz (Actor) | Regina Nemni (Actor) | Luisa Ranieri (Actor) 鞏 俐 (Actor) | 羅拔唐尼 (Actor) | 張震 (Actor) | 亞倫雅堅 (Actor) | 艾姬絲 (Actor) | 基斯杜化畢祖爾 (Actor) | 維珍娜蘭妮 (Actor) | 露莎雲妮莉 (Actor) 巩 俐 (Actor) | 罗拔唐尼 (Actor) | 张震 (Actor) | 亚伦雅坚 (Actor) | Ele Keats (Actor) | Christopher Buchholz (Actor) | Regina Nemni (Actor) | Luisa Ranieri (Actor) 鞏俐(コン・リー) (Actor) | ロバート・ダウニーJr. (Actor) | 張震(チャン・チェン) (Actor) | アラン・アーキン (Actor) | エル・キーツ (Actor) | クリストファー・ブッフホルツ (Actor) | レジーナ・ネムニ (Actor) | Luisa Ranieri (Actor) 공리 (Actor) | Robert Downey Jr. (Actor) | 장첸 (Actor) | Alan Arkin (Actor) | Ele Keats (Actor) | Christopher Buchholz (Actor) | Regina Nemni (Actor) | Luisa Ranieri (Actor)
    Director: Steven Soderbergh | Michelangelo Antonioni | Wong Kar Wai 史提芬蘇德堡 | 米高安哲羅安東尼奧尼 | 王 家衛 史提芬苏德堡 | 米高安哲罗安东尼奥尼 | 王 家卫 スティーブン・ソダーバーグ | ミケランジェロ・アントニオーニ | 王家衛 (ウォン・カーウァイ)  Steven Soderbergh | Michelangelo Antonioni | 왕가위
    Release Date: 2005-07-08
    Language: English, Mandarin
    Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese
    Country of Origin: United States
    Disc Format(s): VCD
    Rating: III
    Duration: 108 (mins)
    Publisher: Mei Ah (HK)
    Other Information: 2VCDs
    Package Weight: 120 (g)
    Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
    YesAsia Catalog No.: 1004031348

    Product Information

      《愛神》是由三段獨立的影片組成,由影壇大師王家衛、史提芬蘇德堡 (Steven Soderbergh)及米高安哲羅‧安東尼奧尼 (Michelangelo Antonioni)分別執導,每段影片的故事皆截然不同,但主題同樣為情愛和慾望。在一齣電影裡就可窺視三位蜚聲國際的導演的風格和手法,確是前所未見的影壇盛事。王家衛的《手》由鞏俐和張震主演,肌理豐富、情感澎湃,對情和慾有極形象化的闡釋。蘇德堡的《夢》以對比間接的手法探討潛意式慾望,風格獨特。安東尼奧尼的《慾》則對存在於男女之間的深淵,作了一番哲學思考。

    手 The Hand
    * Language: Mandarin
    Director: Wong Kar Wai
    Cast: Gong Li, Chang Chen

      六十年代的香港,裁縫依然是一門吃香的行業,年輕裁縫小張 (張震飾) 首次上門為當紅交際花華 (鞏俐飾) 度身裁衣,華的美艷和豐姿震懾了小張,他惶恐得不敢伸手為她量度尺寸,此時華伸出了纖纖玉手,教曉小張手的重要性。在往後的數年間,小張始終抱著綿綿情意為她縫製衣裳,雖然這些衣裳都是穿給別的男人看的。時光流逝,華開始風光不再,小張的裁縫事業則蒸蒸日上,但小張在華面前還是誠惶誠恐,還暗地裡幫她渡過難關,然後,發生了始料未及的事,華無以為報,唯有…

      It's 1963, a hot summer afternoon. Zhang (Chang Chen), the tailor's apprentice, is very nervous. It's the first time he's ever been asked to fit a customer by himself. And the client is one of Master Jin's most important and demanding-Miss Hua (Gong Li), a famous courtesan. Taking his seat in Miss Hua's sumptuous apartment, he is embarrassed to overhear the murmurs of lovemaking. As the sounds subside and the man departs, Zhang is summoned to Hua's room.

      Zhang can't help himself-he has become aroused from what he has heard. Mortified, he stands in the back of her bedroom holding his hands in front of him. Stunningly beautiful as she lounges in her lace nightdress, Hua tells him, "Stand still...put your hands down." Zhang obliges her...

    夢 Equilibrium
    * Language: English
    Director: Steven Soderbergh
    Cast: Robert Downey, Alan Arkin, Ele Keats

      1955年紐約,在心理醫生皮爾的診所內,從事廣告業的尼克 (羅拔唐尼飾)正接受治療,他因為不斷作同樣的春夢而備感困擾,說也奇怪,這個夢就在兩個星期前,他被指派構思一個廣告新概念那天開始出現,他覺得在夢中看見的裸女,既熟悉又陌生,可是醒來以後,卻怎麼也想不起她到底是誰,在他述說夢境的過程當中,皮爾一邊鼓勵他說下去,一邊卻忙於搞小動作,在古怪的療程中,我們發現了箇中緣故。

      New York, 1955. Nick Penrose (Robert Downey Jr.) is having his first session with psychiatrist Dr. Pearl (Alan Arkin). Two things seem to agitate him-pressure in his advertising agency job and a recurring dream.

      "Two weeks ago yesterday," says Penrose. "That was the day I lost my equilibrium." It was the day after he was told that his agency would be bidding the Samson account-and the day that Hal, the head copy man, turned up in a ridiculous toupee. Not only did they have to come up with a new concept for the Samson alarm clock-they had to find a way to do it without commenting about Hal's rug...

    慾 The Dangerous Thread Of Things
    * Language: English
    Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
    Cast: Christopher Buchholz, Regina Nemni, Luisa Ranieri


      Christopher (Christopher Buchholz), a fortyish American man and his Italian wife Cloe (Regina Nemni), have come to an impasse in their relationship. They barely notice the magnificent ruins and landscapes of Italy-let alone each other. Even though Cloe is sunbathing topless, he doesn't glance at her body.

      At a restaurant, Christopher notices a pretty young Girl (Luisa Ranieri)...
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    YumCha! Asian Entertainment Reviews and Features

    Professional Review of "Eros (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)"

    October 20, 2005

    This professional review refers to Eros (YesAsia Exclusive Limited Edition)
    Similar to the Three movies, Eros is an anthology of three short films, helmed by directors from different areas of the world, that concentrates on a central theme. Eros (as the title suggests) deals with love and sex, and the results are a mixed bag. One of the shorts comes close to brilliance, one is interesting but ultimately flawed, and the last is simply horrible.

    We'll start with Steven Soderbergh's Equilibrium, which features Robert Downey Jr. as a harried ad executive who comes to a psychiatrist (Alan Arkin) to help interpret his recurring dream about a mysterious woman. I'm not quite sure what Soderbergh was going for here. Even though there is a copious amount of nudity, I had a hard time understanding what this part of the anthology had to do with sex. It actually comes off more as a "head trip" movie, which makes it all the more aggravating when the film suddenly ends. Still, the short is shot quite nicely, and Downey gives an interesting performance, which makes Equilibrium at least worth a viewing.

    The same cannot be said for Michelangelo Antonioni's The Dangerous Side of Things. This soft-core sex romp disguised as an "art-house" movie irritates, bores and angers the viewer as they are subjected to an inane script and wooden acting. The plot, about a couple having problems (which leads to the husband having an affair) has been done dozens, if not hundreds, of times before. Even though this segment offers the most "erotic" content (i.e., the most nudity and sexual scenes), it's not all that sexy. Combined with the poor quality of the actual film-making, the only thing "dangerous" about Antonioni's contribution is how it will take a half-hour of your life that you will never get back.

    Thankfully, Wong Kar Wai's entry, The Hand, is much better. This could be seen as a companion piece to Wong's In the Mood for Love and 2046, as they all take place during the same time period and deal with some of the same issues, like loneliness. Chang Chen plays a tailor who falls for a prostitute (Gong Li) after she offers her "services" to inspire him to make gorgeous dresses for her. Through the years, their relationship never fully develops, and by the time both characters acknowledge their true feelings for each other, it is too late for the two to act on them. Like Equilibrium, The Hand feels a bit incomplete, especially since Wong uses a "slow burn" technique to develop his characters and the short running time simply does not allow him to do that here. Still, there are many classic Wong Kar Wai elements on tap here (including stunning cinematography by Christopher Doyle) that are used effectively enough to make The Hand a solid short film, which redeems Eros as a whole. Rating: 7/10

    By Neil Koch -

    This original content has been created by or licensed to, and cannot be copied or republished in any medium without the express written permission of

    Customer Review of "Eros (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)"

    Average Customer Rating for All Editions of this Product: Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7.5 out of 10 (2)


    July 6, 2005

    This customer review refers to Eros (YesAsia Exclusive Limited Edition)
    EROS DVD Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
    EROS is tolerable only because of Wong Kar-Wai's contribution, "The Hand." If you love "In the Mood for Love" and "2046", then you will not be disappointed with "The Hand". Gong Li is as beautiful and soulful as ever and Chang Chen continues to demonstrate why he is one of the finest actors of his generation. The sets, lighting, and costumes are excellent. The story is dramatic and you are only disappointed in its length of about 40 minutes. The other 2 "shorts" are a complete waste of time and it is staggering how awful they actually are. This DVD is a must for the Wong Kar Wai completist.
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    July 1, 2005

    This customer review refers to Eros
    1 people found this review helpful

    Watch the hand and skip the rest Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7 out of 10
    I watch this at the Cinema, there is 3 stories
    Only the first one by wong kar wai is worth watching,
    the rest is boring and a waste of time.
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