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I Love Hong Kong 2012 (DVD) (Hong Kong Version) DVD Region All

Eric Tsang (Actor, Producer) | Bosco Wong (Actor) | Teresa Mo (Actor) | Stanley Fung (Actor)
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YesAsia Editorial Description

Following in the mold of hit comedies 72 Tenants of Prosperity and I Love Hong Kong, the Shaw Studio's latest Lunar New Year blockbuster remained the moviegoers' top choice for the holiday three years in a row! Actor-producer Eric Tsang has again come up with a lighthearted family comedy filled with irreverent Hong Kong-style humor, generating laughs out of the latest hot topics in town, hilarious spoof of a certain Taiwan hit movie, comicbook superheroes, and even people's obsession with the supposed end-of-the-world prophecy. Co-directed by Chung Shu Kai and Wilson Chin, I Love Hong Kong 2012 lines up a star-studded ensemble cast that includes Teresa Mo, Bosco Wong, Denise Ho, Stanley Fung, Siu Yam Yam, 6wing, Zhang Xinyu, William So, and many, many TVB artists.

Kwok Ching (Stanley Fung) is a soon-to-retire television weatherman who really has long aspired to be a news anchor. At home, he's single-handedly brought up three children, but they are fed up with him meddling in their lives. His eldest daughter Mei Mei (Teresa Mo) is a successful lawyer, and married to househusband Yao Ming (Eric Tsang). Tomboyish second daughter Ching Ching (Denise Ho) manages a supermarket and is in love with sissy promoter Lok Yi Nga (Bosco Wong). The youngest son Fu Shing (6wing) is an otaku enamored with beautiful starlet Vivian (Zhang Xinyu) and he unwittingly becomes the romantic rival of billionaire Roberto (William So). Meanwhile, struck by the shocking news of the world's impending doom, Kwok Ching is determined that he must reunite his family before it's too late...

Hong Kong Version DVD comes with many special features, including making-of, trailer & TV spots, music special, and photo gallery.

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Technical Information

Product Title: I Love Hong Kong 2012 (DVD) (Hong Kong Version) 2012我愛HK喜上加囍 (DVD) (香港版) 2012我爱HK喜上加囍 (DVD) (香港版) 2012我愛HK喜上加囍 (DVD) (香港版) I Love Hong Kong 2012 (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
Artist Name(s): Eric Tsang (Actor) | Bosco Wong (Actor) | Teresa Mo (Actor) | Stanley Fung (Actor) | Mag Lam (Actor) | William So (Actor) | Evergreen Mak (Actor) | Maggie Shiu (Actor) | Michelle Yim (Actor) | Denise Ho (Actor) | Louis Yuen (Actor) | Natalie Meng Yao (Actor) | Tats Lau (Actor) | Michael Hui (Actor) | Ma Tai Lau (Actor) | Noel Leung (Actor) | MiMi Chu (Actor) | Hui Siu Hung (Actor) | Law Mong (Actor) | King Kong (Actor) | William Hu (Actor) | Siu Yam Yam (Actor) | Ku Feng (Actor) | Kung Chi Yun (Actor) | Chow Hoi Kwong (Actor) | Stephanie Che (Actor) | Mak Ling Ling (Actor) | Jacqueline Chong (Actor) | Pang Huai On (Actor) | Hung Chi Kit (Actor) | Lu Fen (Actor) | Otto Wong (Actor) | Tse Hoi Wing (EO2) (Actor) | Yu Mu Lian (Actor) | Alton Yu (Actor) | Michelle Lo (Actor) | Gao Jun Xian (Actor) | Chen Zhuo Ying (Actor) | Zhu Xun (Actor) | Bob Lam (Actor) | Hanjin Tan (Actor) | Luk Wing (Actor) | Ma Sai (Actor) | Gill Mohinderpaul Singh (Actor) | Zhang Xin Yu (Actor) | Samantha Ko (Actor) | Yi Zhi Yuan (Actor) | Christine Kuo (Actor) | Wu Yao Ming (Actor) 曾志偉 (Actor) | 黃宗澤 (Actor) | 毛舜筠 (Actor) | 馮淬帆 (Actor) | 林 欣彤 (Actor) | 蘇永康 (Actor) | 麥長青 (Actor) | 邵美琪 (Actor) | 米雪 (Actor) | 何 韻詩 (Actor) | 阮兆祥 (Actor) | 孟瑤 (Actor) | 劉以達 (Actor) | 許冠文 (Actor) | 馬蹄露 (Actor) | 梁小冰 (Actor) | 朱咪咪 (Actor) | 許紹雄 (Actor) | 羅莽 (Actor) | 金剛 (Actor) | 胡 渭康 (Actor) | 邵音音 (Actor) | 谷峰 (Actor) | 龔慈恩 (Actor) | 鄒凱光 (Actor) | 車婉婉 (Actor) | 麥玲玲 (Actor) | 莊思敏 (Actor) | 彭懷安 (EO2) (Actor) | 洪智傑 (Actor) | 魯芬 (Actor) | 王志安 (EO2) (Actor) | 謝凱榮 (EO2) (Actor) | 余慕蓮 (Actor) | 余迪偉 (Actor) | 盧覓雪 (Actor) | 高鈞賢 (Actor) | 沈 卓盈 (Actor) | 朱薰 (Actor) | 林盛斌 (Actor) | 陳 奐仁 (Actor) | 6永 陸永 (Actor) | 馬 賽 (Actor) | 喬寶寶 (Actor) | 張 馨予 (Actor) | 高 海寧 (Actor) | 易 智遠 (Actor) | 苟 芸慧 (Actor) | 吳 耀明 (Actor) 曾志伟 (Actor) | 黄宗泽 (Actor) | 毛舜筠 (Actor) | 冯淬帆 (Actor) | 林 欣彤 (Actor) | 苏永康 (Actor) | 麦长青 (Actor) | 邵美琪 (Actor) | 米雪 (Actor) | 何 韵诗 (Actor) | 阮兆祥 (Actor) | 孟瑶 (Actor) | 刘以达 (Actor) | 许冠文 (Actor) | 马蹄露 (Actor) | 梁小冰 (Actor) | 朱咪咪 (Actor) | 许绍雄 (Actor) | 罗莽 (Actor) | 金刚 (Actor) | 胡 渭康 (Actor) | 邵音音 (Actor) | 谷峰 (Actor) | 龚慈恩 (Actor) | 邹凯光 (Actor) | 车婉婉 (Actor) | 麦玲玲 (Actor) | 庄思敏 (Actor) | 彭怀安 (EO2) (Actor) | 洪智杰 (Actor) | 鲁芬 (Actor) | 王志安 (EO2) (Actor) | 谢凯荣 (EO2) (Actor) | Yu Mu Lian (Actor) | 余迪伟 (Actor) | 卢觅雪 (Actor) | Gao Jun Xian (Actor) | Chen Zhuo Ying (Actor) | 朱薰 (Actor) | 林盛斌 (Actor) | 陈 奂仁 (Actor) | 6永 陆永 (Actor) | 马 赛 (Actor) | 乔宝宝 (Actor) | 张 馨予 (Actor) | 高 海宁 (Actor) | 易 智远 (Actor) | 苟 芸慧 (Actor) | 吴 耀明 (Actor) 曾志偉 (エリック・ツァン) (Actor) | 黄宗澤 (ボスコ・ウォン) (Actor) | 毛舜筠 (テレサ・モウ) (Actor) | 馮淬帆(スタンリー・フォン) (Actor) | 林欣彤 (マグ・ラム) (Actor) | 蘇永康(ウィリアム・ソー) (Actor) | 麥長青(マック・チョンツィン) (Actor) | 邵美琪 (マギー・シウ) (Actor) | 米雪 (ミシェール・イム) (Actor) | 何韻詩 (デニス・ホー) (Actor) | 阮兆祥(ルイス・ユエン) (Actor) | 孟瑤(モン・ヤオ) (Actor) | 劉以達(タッツ・ラウ) (Actor) | 許冠文(マイケル・ホイ) (Actor) | 馬蹄露(マー・タイロー) (Actor) | 梁小冰(ノエル・リョン) (Actor) | 朱咪咪 (チュー・マイマイ) (Actor) | 許紹雄(ホイ・シウホン) (Actor) | 羅莽(ロー・モン) (Actor) | 金剛 (Actor) | 胡渭康(ウー・ワイホン) (Actor) | 邵音音(シウ・ヤムヤム) (Actor) | 谷峯(クー・ホン) (Actor) | 龔慈恩(ミニー・クン) (Actor) | 鄒凱光(マット・チョウ) (Actor) | 車婉婉(ステファニー・チェー) (Actor) | 麥玲玲(マック・リンリン) (Actor) | 莊思敏(ジャクリーン・チョン) (Actor) | 彭懷安(EO2/エディー・パン) (Actor) | 洪智傑 (オスマン・ホン) (Actor) | 魯芬(ルー・フェン) (Actor) | 王志安(EO2/オットー・ウォン) (Actor) | 謝凱榮(EO2/エリック・ツェ) (Actor) | 余慕蓮(モーリン・ユー) (Actor) | 余迪偉(ユー・ディーウェイ) (Actor) | 盧覓雪(ミシェル・ロー) (Actor) | 高鈞賢(マシュー・コー) (Actor) | 沈卓盈(ジェス・サム) (Actor) | 朱薰(ヂュウ・シュン) (Actor) | 林盛斌(リン・シェンビン) (Actor) | 陳奐仁 (ハンジン・タン) (Actor) | 陸永(ロック・ウェン) (Actor) | 馬賽(マー・サイ) (Actor) | 喬寶寶(ジル・シ) (Actor) | 張馨予(チャン・シンユー) (Actor) | 高海寧(サマンサ・コー) (Actor) | Yi Zhi Yuan (Actor) | 苟芸慧(クリスティン・クオ) (Actor) | 吳耀明(ウー・ヤオミン) (Actor) Eric Tsang (Actor) | Bosco Wong (Actor) | Teresa Mo (Actor) | Stanley Fung (Actor) | Mag Lam (Actor) | William So (Actor) | Evergreen Mak (Actor) | Maggie Shiu (Actor) | Michelle Yim (Actor) | Denise Ho (Actor) | Louis Yuen (Actor) | Natalie Meng Yao (Actor) | Tats Lau (Actor) | Michael Hui (Actor) | Ma Tai Lau (Actor) | 양소빙 (Actor) | MiMi Chu (Actor) | Hui Siu Hung (Actor) | Law Mong (Actor) | King Kong (Actor) | William Hu (Actor) | Siu Yam Yam (Actor) | Ku Feng (Actor) | Kung Chi Yun (Actor) | Chow Hoi Kwong (Actor) | Stephanie Che (Actor) | Mak Ling Ling (Actor) | Jacqueline Chong (Actor) | Pang Huai On (Actor) | Hung Chi Kit (Actor) | Lu Fen (Actor) | Otto Wong (Actor) | Tse Hoi Wing (EO2) (Actor) | Yu Mu Lian (Actor) | Alton Yu (Actor) | Michelle Lo (Actor) | Gao Jun Xian (Actor) | Chen Zhuo Ying (Actor) | Zhu Xun (Actor) | Bob Lam (Actor) | Hanjin Tan (Actor) | Luk Wing (Actor) | Ma Sai (Actor) | Gill Mohinderpaul Singh (Actor) | Zhang Xin Yu (Actor) | Samantha Ko (Actor) | Yi Zhi Yuan (Actor) | Christine Kuo (Actor) | Wu Yao Ming (Actor)
Director: Chung Shu Kai | Wilson Chin 鍾 澍佳 | 錢 國偉 锺 澍佳 | 钱 国伟 鍾澍佳(チョン・シューガイ) | 錢國偉(ウィルソン・チン) Chung Shu Kai | Wilson Chin
Producer: Eric Tsang 曾志偉 曾志伟 曾志偉 (エリック・ツァン) Eric Tsang
Release Date: 2012-04-03
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Place of Origin: Hong Kong
Picture Format: NTSC What is it?
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1, 2.35 : 1, Widescreen
Sound Information: Dolby Digital 5.1
Disc Format(s): DVD, DVD-5
Region Code: All Region What is it?
Rating: IIA
Duration: 96 (mins)
Publisher: CN Entertainment Ltd.
Package Weight: 120 (g)
Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1030421159

Product Information

* Special Features:
1. Trailer
2. TVC
3. Making of
4. Music Video
5. Photo Gallery

Director: Wilson Chin
Producer: Tsang Chi Wai

The patriarch of the household, Kwok Ching (played by Feng Shui Fan) is an experienced weather forecaster, who had been eyeing the post of news anchor for the longest time. But due to the oppression from his rival-turned-boss, Ching never had a promotion in his 20-year tenure.

Kwok Mei-mei (player by Teresa Mo) is the eldest of Ching's 3 Children. A successful lawyer who specialized in divorce cases, Mei-mei is married to Yao Ming (played by Eric Tsang), a submissive husband who doubles as home-maker. Despite being married for years, the couple is still childless and that strains the already fraglie relationship.

Kwok Ching-ching (played by Denise Ho), the tomboyish daughter fo Ching is the second of his children. She and Lok Yi-ah (played by Bosco Wong), her effeminate colleague-turned-boyfriend had been discussing about getting married.

Aaron Kwok (played by 6Wing) is the youngest of the trio. The seemingly low-esteemed youth actually had this ambitious wish to win the heart of Vivian (played by Zhang Xin Yu), a popular star who is rumored to be with tycoon, Roberto (played by William So)!

While the daily squabbles within the family continue, Ching received earth-shattering news that the world is facing a great catastrophe. This rude shock brings awakening and Ching is determined to fix the cracks in his family before the world ends.......
Additional Information may be provided by the manufacturer, supplier, or a third party, and may be in its original language

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YumCha! Asian Entertainment Reviews and Features

Professional Review of "I Love Hong Kong 2012 (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)"

March 14, 2012

Eric Tsang and TVB return to sell some more with I Love Hong Kong 2012, the sequel-in-name-only to last year's Lunar New Year hit I Love Hong Kong. Like its predecessor, I Love Hong Kong 2012 advertises products like Kee Wah Bakery, Itacho Sushi and Hoi Tin Tong herbal tea while pushing local stars and sentiments with equal parts silliness, cynicism and sap. This formula is hardly subtle, but TVB’s recent run of Lunar New Year films have managed to be funny and less pandering than their direct competition. Unlike the All's Well Ends Well series, Tsang and TVB's comedies reference greater China by observing its effect on Hong Kong people rather than simply kowtowing in hopes of taking from the China box-office pie. Even if I Love Hong Kong 2012 isn't that good, Tsang and TVB get props for that.

Luckily the movie is pretty OK. I Love Hong Kong 2012 follows curmudgeonly patriarch Kwok Ching (Stanley Fung), a lifelong weatherman at a local TV monopoly who grouses over missed chances while dealing with his kids' turbulent and uninspiring lives. Eldest daughter Mei-Mei (Teresa Mo) tries to conceive with her dopey husband Yao Ming (Eric Tsang, not playing the ex-Houston Rockets center), but she's domineering to a fault. When their sponsored daughter (Natalie Meng) shows up grown up and busting out, the sitcom complications send Yao Ming to the doghouse. Meanwhile, tomboyish daughter Jing-Jing (Denise Ho) is engaged to supermarket salesperson Lok Yi-Ah (Bosco Lam, channelling early-nineties Tony Leung Ka-Fai), but his effeminate nature doesn't pass Kwok Ching's standards. Also, Jing-Jing may or may not be pregnant, throwing another wrench into their planned union.

Youngest Kwok kid Sing-Sing (6 Wing of FAMA) falls for the beautiful, withdrawn Vivian (Zhang Xinyu), who he first spies when he quits his job at the TV station. However, Vivian is the girlfriend of Roberto (an over-the-top William So), the super-rich and super-douchey heir who owns the TV station, a chain of restaurants, the power company and probably half the landfills in Hong Kong. Even though Vivian has zero interest and seemingly zero personality, Sing-Sing resolves to win her love, leading to the most uninteresting subplot in the film and perhaps 2012 Hong Kong Cinema. The family squabbles escalate, black sheep uncle Uncle San (a very funny Evergreen Mak) continues to lounge around the family home, and various unnatural phenomena appear signaling the End of the World. Will the Kwok family get their lives together before the ancient Mayan Prophecy of 2012 comes true?

Story is not a strength here, so let's put that aside. Like all Lunar New Year fare, I Love Hong Kong 2012 is uneven, relying on gags, media references or topical issues to tide audiences through. The subject of humanity's impending doom is very topical, and the filmmakers blend that with a comprehensive skewering of Hong Kong's recent foibles. Property hegemony, unethical media, business monopolies, annoying public figures and family issues are smartly satirized, and there's standard wackiness too, with some gags pushing the boundaries of good taste. Still, it's all in good fun, and the cast is exceptionally game. Eric Tsang and Teresa Mo go all out, especially during a hilarious cosplay seduction where Tsang dons numerous pop culture outfits while Mo attempts fifty-something sexy. And if you need more unexpected couplings, Stanley Fung and Siu Yam-Yam get it on too. Little of these romances is really shown, but the mental images are disturbing enough.

The film also regulates its emotions decently. Rather than try to balance comedy and drama, directors Wilson Chin (Lan Kwai Fong) and Chung Shu-Kai (a zillion unremarkable films) opt for comedy first, and save the bulk of the drama for the third act. That's when the sentiment gets slathered on in an endless, syrupy and too-contrite speech that threatens to alienate. The film doesn't warrant such an overwrought climax, but given the familiarity and the humor with which the film addresses its local topics, the target audience will likely lap it up. I Love Hong Kong 2012 is REALLY local, such that it loses a large percentage of its effectiveness if one does not have an active and informed knowledge of the city, the language or the people. One gag that may travel slightly better: an unexpected parody of Taiwan blockbuster You Are The Apple Of My Eye that amuses in its word-for-word imitation, except that it replaces attractive young actors with disturbing alternatives.

The film lacks the bigger stars of previous TVB efforts, but ultimately little is lost, and having Stanley Fung anchor the cast is smart. Fung is good at drama and also an ace at curmudgeonly comedy, and he's well supported by most of the cast. An ending dance number (a fixture of TVB Lunar New Year pics) trots out the entire library of TVB contract players for a spot-the-star lightning round. Overall, Eric Tsang and company know how to put together a decent New Year movie, balancing schmaltz with satire and a surprising self-deprecation. At one point, the film even throws Hong Kong people under the bus, verbally pointing out their ridiculous and idiotic consumerism. Insulting your audience may be bad form, but it works to the film's advantage, giving it both humor and even humility. There's self-love in I Love Hong Kong 2012, but never self-aggrandizement. I Love Hong Kong 2013? If we're still alive next January, bring it on.

by Kozo -

Editor's Pick of "I Love Hong Kong 2012 (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)"

Picked By Rockman
See all this editor's picks

April 18, 2012

No school like the old school
In Hong Kong, Lunar New Year is a time to see family, eat traditional snacks, and watch movies. Lunar New Year films is a long-running tradition in Hong Kong cinema that goes back several decades, packing theaters during the extended holiday period every year. Better recognized for star power than artistic merit, Lunar New Year comedies are generally just a series of comedic skits featuring big stars who spend the rest of the year doing serious, high-profile films.

For the past three years, Hong Kong television station TVB (working with Eric Tsang as producer and Shaw Brothers Studio) and producer-actor Raymond Wong have been responsible for providing Hong Kong audiences with a steady diet of New Year comedies with their annual match-up. While Wong appeals to audiences in the Greater China region with major stars and rehash of his old franchises (like All's Well Ends Well), Tsang looks to Hong Kong/Cantonese-speaking audiences with a large ensemble of TVB stars and specific Hong Kong-based humor.

I Love Hong Kong 2012 is Tsang and TVB's third Lunar New Year comedy in as many years. Due to the TV network's dispute with Hong Kong record companies and possible budget issues, it also has the weakest cast out of the three in terms of star power. In its place, Tsang offers a cast of reliable veteran stars and a heavier presence of local humor - and manages to come out winning at the box office and in quality.

Directed by Chung Siu Kai (Fortune Buddies) and Wilson Chin (Lan Kwai Fong), I Love Hong Kong 2012 offers absolutely nothing new for the genre. Like many New Year comedies, the film's story is structured around events involving members of a big family. The opening scenes quickly introduce the main players in a perfunctory fashion - family patriarch Kwok Ching (Stanley Fung) is a TV weatherman whose career stalled decades ago. Eldest daughter Mei-Mei (Teresa Mo) is a successful lawyer who dominates over her homey husband Yao Ming (Eric Tsang). Youngest daughter Jing-Jing (Denise Ho) is a tomboy engaged to metrosexual supermarket salesman Yi-Ah (Bosco Wong). And youngest son Sing-Sing (Fama's 6 Wing) is fighting for the affections of his powerful boss' beautiful girlfriend (model-turned-actress Zhang Xin Yu).

While younger stars like Bosco and 6 Wing are game for the irreverent humor (including Bosco's attempt at a feminine persona), the veteran actors in the cast steal the spotlight whenever they're on screen. Even at 66 years old, Stanley Fung still makes a great comic lead (especially pit against Siu Yam Yam in a romance), while Eric Tsang and Teresa Mo live up to the great New Year tradition of putting away their star images (and dignity) for some silly comedic fun. With decades of comedy experience under their belt, the older actors show that there's no school like the old school.

Made on a tight schedule, I Love Hong Kong 2012 is able to fit in references to recent pop culture phenomenon, including superhero movies, the rumored 2012 apocalypse, the Chief Executive election, and even a hilarious You Are the Apple of My Eye parody that may never be topped. Audiences outside of Hong Kong will not understand every joke, but it's the awareness of its target audience that makes I Love Hong Kong 2012 so effective as a comedy. Rather than going for broad comedy that miss more often than hit, the film knows exactly how to tickle its fanbase.

While Lunar New Year comedies like I Love Hong Kong 2012 will never be considered for awards, they are perfect for audiences in a holiday state of mind. They are predictable, but joyous celebrations of family, love, and humor. However, the formula for these films has been repeated so many times that they are getting increasingly difficult to stay funny and fresh. For its ability to even make the most jaded audiences laugh, I Love Hong Kong 2012 is a great Lunar New Year comedy.

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