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Lawyers (MBC TV Series)(US Version) DVD Region 1

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Lawyers (MBC TV Series)(US Version)
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Customer Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7 out of 10 (13)
All Editions Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6.6 out of 10 (14)

YesAsia Editorial Description

YA Entertainment proudly presents Lawyers, a powerful 16-episode Korean TV drama mini-series from MBC, now with English subtitles.

Life, it would seem, is all about choices. Even the smallest of decisions can effect your entire life. Kim Joo Hee (Jung Hye Young) is a simple hard-working young woman. All she craves in life is happiness. She works hard as a secretary in a law firm, struggling to make enough money for her sister's operation. Secretly, Joo Hee is in love with her boss, the honorable young lawyer Seo Jung Ho (Kim Sang Kyung). Alas, he is married, so Joo Hee suffices to be a diligent and hard-working secretary as her way of expressing her forbidden desires for him.

Suddenly, out of the blue comes Yoon Suk Ki (Kim Sung Soo), Ju Hee's ex-boyfriend who has become a mean and shameless man. His client is under investigation by Jung Ho and now Joo Hee is forced to see him every day. But that suits fellow secretary Yang Ha Young (Han Ko Eun) just fine - she is out to land herself a rich husband, and thinks Suk Ki might just fit the bill.

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    Technical Information

    Product Title: Lawyers (MBC TV Series)(US Version) Lawyers (MBC TV Series)(US Version) Lawyers (MBC TV Series)(US Version) 弁護士たち (英語字幕付き)(US版) 변호사들 (MBC TV 시리즈)(미국판)
    Artist Name(s): Kim Sang Kyung | Kim Sung Soo | Han Go Eun | Jung Hye young 金相慶 | 金成秀 | 韓高恩 | Jung Hye young 金相庆 | 金成秀 | 韩高恩 | Jung Hye young キム・サンギョン | キム・ソンス | ハン・ゴウン | Jung Hye young 김 상경 | 김 성수 | 한 고은 | Jung Hye young
    Release Date: 2006-02-14
    Language: Korean
    Subtitles: English
    Country of Origin: South Korea
    Disc Format(s): DVD
    Region Code: 1 - USA, Canada, U.S. Territories What is it?
    Publisher: YA Entertainment
    Other Information: 6 DVDs (16 Episodes)
    Package Weight: 350 (g)
    Shipment Unit: 2 What is it?
    YesAsia Catalog No.: 1004099968

    Product Information

    * Screen Format : Standard
    * Sound Mix : Dolby 2.0
    * DVD Type : DVD-9
    * Extras : Damo (20 min), Phoenix (20 min) & My Lovely Sam-Soon (20 min)

    * Director : 이태곤

    로펌의 여비서와 정직한 중견 변호사,악인으로 변하여 나타난 그녀의 옛남자가 하나의 사건에 얽히면서 일어나는 욕망과 순수의 줄다리기.
    그들은 그들 자신에게 끊없는 질문을 한다
    내가 원하는게 뭐지? 진정한 사랑이야? 아니면 역망의 충족이야? 결정의 순간, 그들은 되돌릴수 없는 한발을 내 딛고, 그 발자국은 그들을 기억한다.

    점점 그들은 솔직해진다. 본연의 심성에....

    사랑은 심판과도 같다. 모든것이 다 드러난다.
    인간이 애써 걸쳐 입은 옷도 사랑의 엄중함 앞에서는 한낱 무화과 잎사귀로 만든 가리개 일뿐...
    순수, 사랑, 욕망이라는 선택의 소용돌이, 그 갈림길에서 고민하는 연인들의 생을 진실되게 그리고자 한다.
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    Professional Review of "Lawyers (MBC TV Series)(US Version)"

    April 11, 2006

    Part courtroom drama, part thriller emerging (or you could even say escaping) from the syndrome of love triangle melodramas, Lawyers feels fresh exactly because its characters don't necessarily live for, of, and because of love alone. The best thing this Drama does is create a microcosm within society, as the moment characters enter the law firm's offices, they step into another world, with its own rules and dynamics. Seo Jung Ho and Song Yi Ryeong are the navigated veterans, workaholics for whom the office is a breathing space, their life, the beginning and end of their world. Jung Ho is living a marriage waiting for failure, with a hypersensitive wife suffering from depression and panic attacks, and Yi Ryeong is a career woman who prefers work and friends like Jung Ho to burdensome marriages and all the consequences that come from that kind of life. On the other hand we have Alex Yoon, slick and smart import from the US, with a dark past and secrets to hide. Right in the middle of these two men stands Kim Joo Hee, the 'candy' of the situation, an innocent woman unable to feel any emotion because of the pain of her past, some of which has to do with Alex's personal demons.

    Now you'd certainly expect the usual love triangle histrionics: Joo Hee falls for Jung Ho, but can't forget about her past, especially when Alex joins the party, and there you go. We've got dinner for three. But the biggest merit of Lawyers is side stepping most of the love triangle shenanigans to focus on what counts, a kind of mutual feeling which establishes between the three while they start working together. And looking at people like Yi Ryeong and Ha Young is important, as the middle part of Lawyers treats them almost as leading material, with their own motives and clear character traits. Ha Young would have probably been one of the most interesting characters of the show, if it weren't for Han Go Eun's awkward delivery, but we'll get to that later. What's important here is that we're invited into a new world, governed by its own rules. In some ways, it feels like the HQ in Jang Jin's Murder, Take One, and that's not merely because they're similarly structured. What feels so new about this show is that once we enter those offices, although there's a love triangle structure ready to be exploited, it's only hinted at. What we're focusing on is the slush fund case involving a very powerful figure, how it ties to other cases the characters are (and were) directly involved with, and how those characters deal with that case's development. There are no silly situations where Joo Hee confesses her love for one of the two, falls into his arms, and kisses him while the camera pans 360 degrees around him to the agonizing sound of some ridiculous pop ballad.

    The fact every character has his own interpretation of reality within the law firm makes us more interested and willing to invest time with these people. Ha Young just sees the law firm in materialistic terms, she uses it to advance in life. Jae Seo uses it as a battlefield for recruiting potential dates, and Joo Hee to forget about her past. Even though PD Lee's initial description painted the show as a melodrama, what we're dealing with is more of a 'social slice of life', with the whole power structure, from the secretary in the lobby to the big boss upstairs, all their daily routines and way of approaching work. We're not given boring lectures about justice, with lawyers, trials, judges, jurors and sentences. No, it's not about law, but the people who live and breathe inside that world. Of course the first few episodes, setting up the main storyline and introducing the characters, don't deviate from the norm. Better yet, just like in Rebirth and Green Rose, they're almost misleading because of the ordinary way with which they deal with the story. The first two episodes of Lawyers, with all the fatalism and Trendy Drama cliches on display, are almost brutal to watch. But once we move inside the law firm, it all changes. Melodrama falls by the wayside and stays there for most of the show, whereas character development takes center stage. That's all thanks to two major factors: PD Lee's gift for mise en scene, and especially writer Jung Sung Joo's script.

    The camerawork, a little more varied than your usual TV Drama, the mise en scene, the strangely familiar yet exciting rhythm of the show's second part. It's all expertly orchestrated, and although it never reaches the heights of Rebirth, or even the intensity of Green Rose, we're dealing with one of the best 'thrillers' of last year. So we have a good script (for the most part), good production values and a group of interesting characters. Yet the show had a hard time reaching the 10% ratings. What went wrong? In a word, acting.

    A quick look at the cast, and you'll probably guess who does well. Kim Sang Kyung and Chu Sang Mi are simply wonderful here, and their moments together elevate the show a few notches. Chu and her touches of vitality add that strange charm and familiarity to Yi Ryeong. She feels like someone you've known for decades, and her relationship with Jung Ho and the way it's handled never go for cheap romantic involvement and build a strong bond made of professional respect, friendship, and mutual understanding. With her mix of career-woman aplomb and girl-next-door sensibility, Chu does a fantastic job. Along with Lee Tae Ran in Life in Pink, hers is the most impressive female supporting performance of 2005 and if Kang Shin Il weren't so great in Rebirth and Kim Gab Soo so impressive in Emperor of the Sea, I'd say best overall. And Kim, who after a rather shaky start has been on a roll ever since 2001's Hong Guk-Young does an admirable job. Many characters like Jung Ho end up feeling like holier-than-thou caricatures, but he makes it ring true. You perfectly understand his relationship with Joo Hee, his love/hate dealings with Alex and even his wife, and despite a potentially annoying 'Mr. Justice' setup, his character arc feels extremely believable. Then who's to blame?

    The rest of the cast, or at least the large majority. Take off a few performances (Kim Byung Gi's assured job as the law firm's Boss, Shin So Mi as Jung Ho's wife, and another slick performance from Park Young Ji), and the others feel like amateurs working next to professionals. I thought working with Noh Hee Kyung More Beautiful Than Flower would finally change Han Go Eun for the better. After all, look at Kim Heung Soo's transformation as an actor before and after the show. But Han simply ruins the character, and her familiar problems with pronunciation aren't the biggest problem. She simply doesn't show the conflicting emotions of the character, who goes from being a silly 'player' to one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. And Jung Hye Young, although she deserves praise for acting while pregnant (the reason why she looks much heavier towards the end of the show), reduces Joo Hee to another Candy/Cinderella type with no emotions, even when they're needed. Think of Song Hye Gyo in All In, and you're not too far off. It's also the small roles that end up hurting the show: Tommy, who could be a great little character, is completely ruined by Jerome's putrid delivery. One moment he's the cool Kor/Am hacker helping Alex, the next he sounds like Jo Seung Woo in Marathon, only he's not autistic. I seriously was expecting that 'Million Dollar Legs' line to pop up sooner or later. I've seen bad acting and horrible crying scenes, but Mr. Jerome (who's a decent MC, if you followed him on Arirang TV the past few months) makes Choi Ji Woo look like Moon So Ri. Agonizingly bad.

    Another potential problem forcing this show never to leave second gear is that the main villain is nothing more than a cardboard character, the only major flaw of Jung's script. If Rebirth used his initial 'baddie' as a pawn of bigger fish, the main antagonist here is given the same kind of weight by the actor's performance, but it still feels like every other villain from a million series in the past. And all the tension which should derive from his parts only hits the ball home half the time, as we're way too familiar with this type of character.

    But despite its flaws, Lawyers is a very good show, especially its second part, which is a little more 'thriller' and less legal drama. The fact we're not given another lame excuse to develop a love triangle is one of the many things this show gets right, and Kim Sang Kyung and Chu Sang Mi, with Kim Sung Soo coming a far second (good performance, but Kim is quite one-dimensional in his delivery, so it loses some of its impact. Save for his physicality, a bad case of miscasting, I'd say), are the major reasons to watch this show. With its 'shocking' ending, which shows the rumors about a possible second season were probably something the production company was thinking from the first moment, Lawyers concludes on a high note, the crescendo it had built during its excellent second part. It's a shame the performances of its cast are uneven, and that it didn't end up exploding with intensity, but if you need something different to the usual Trendy Drama, something well written, produced, and intriguing up to the end, this is a pretty good choice. And hopefully they'll leave the love triangle at bay for season 2 too.

    RATING: 7.5/10

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    Customer Review of "Lawyers (MBC TV Series)(US Version)"

    Average Customer Rating for this Edition: Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7 out of 10 (13)
    Average Customer Rating for All Editions of this Product: Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6.6 out of 10 (14)

    Why Georgia Why
    See all my reviews

    November 25, 2008

    1 people found this review helpful

    Will keep you glued Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
    Lawyers has its own unique charm, in my opinion a charm more unique than most Korean TV dramas. The characters are very interesting. The story had me glued to the TV screen wanting to finish all the episodes as soon as I can.

    There are weak areas in the plot which will make the reader think "hey, why didn't they..." but overall, the whole charm of the story and its characters made up for these weak areas.

    This drama is highly-recommended.

    PS. The cover art and opening graphics shows Jung Hye Young in long hair but she never did appear in this tv series with a long hair. She had a short hair in this drama.
    Did you find this review helpful? Yes (Report This)
    Kevin Kennedy
    See all my reviews

    April 10, 2008

    3 people found this review helpful

    Unrealistic legal melodrama Customer Review Rated Bad 6 - 6 out of 10
    Since I am a lawyer myself, I thought that "Lawyers" might appeal to me. I discovered that my knowledge of lawyering probably decreased my enjoyment of the series. But let me set this point aside for a moment.

    In "Lawyers", a Seoul law firm is hired to represent a rich guy who is seeking to protect his cash from an investigation into charges of criminal activity. At the client's direction, the firm brings in Korean-American lawyer Alex Yoon (Kim Sung Soo) to work with attorney Seo Jung Ho (Kim Sang Kyung) on the case. Jung Ho thinks the case stinks of illegality, so he wants nothing to do with it. Instead, he begins investigating the client's activities in an attempt to uncover the client's misdeeds. Alex Yoon and Jung Ho butt heads as they battle over the case, with the menace of the evil client always lurking in the background.

    Alongside this storyline, we have the inevitable love triangle. Kim Joo Hee (Jung Hye Young) is a secretary at the law firm. Five years earlier, she and Alex Yoon had been engaged to be married. However, after her parents were killed and her sister maimed in an auto accident, Yoon mysteriously dumped Joo Hee and departed for America. In the intervening years, she has fallen in love with Jung Ho, who is trapped in a loveless marriage with a woman who is experience serious mental problems. When Alex Yoon returns from America and joins the firm, Joo Hee enters an emotional tailspin.

    The series steamrolls through the first ten episodes, powered by the nefarious doings of Alex and his evil client. The story may be unrealistic, but it makes for very compelling viewing. Unfortunately, after the tenth episode, the wheels come off of this steamroller; the series bogs down in over-the-top melodrama. In these later episodes, Jung Hye Young's torpid, almost somnolent acting becomes a black hole sucking the life out of the series.

    Now let me return to my opening theme. The series' depiction of law firm life simply is absurd. No lawyer working in a law firm would be permitted to work against the interests of his firm's client, but that is exactly what Jung Ho does here. Talk about a conflict of interest!!! Moreover, from the start to the finish of this series, we never see a single moment in which Jung Ho does any work for a paying client; he simply pursues full-time his unauthorized investigation into the firm's big client. In the real world, Jung Ho would have been fired in a heartbeat. Whenever the series attempts to depict discussions of legal issues or legal strategy, the discussions are meaningless gibberish; couldn't the producers of the series have hired a legal consultant to hone their scripts? A legal consultant surely could have helped make the series' lone courtroom scene less nonsensical.

    Putting those issues aside, the first ten episodes tell a gripping yarn. It is unfortunate that the series gets so far off track in the concluding episodes. Kim Sang Kyung does an excellent job of depicting his deeply conflicted lawyer. Also excellent are Chu Sang Mi as Jung Ho's best friend at the law firm and Shin So Mi as Jung Ho's wife.
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    lightening fast
    See all my reviews

    November 3, 2007

    2 people found this review helpful

    almost there Customer Review Rated Bad 7 - 7 out of 10
    This k-drama has so much potential to be at the top of recent k-dramas. It has a very promising beginning, with enough suspense to get you hooked till half way through the series. But that's as far as it could go, and never made it to the top. The last 1/3 of the series just drags on until a very crappy ending - no conclusions and just plain weird. So all the suspense and all the stories amount to nothing. This series would leave you feeling unsatisfied. But, if you really have nothing else to watch, take it.
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    See all my reviews

    March 3, 2007

    1 people found this review helpful

    Lawyers is a Must See! Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
    I watch a lot of Chinese and Korean dramas, and Lawyers is a must see if not for the two hot lawyers, then for the love story between KSK and JHY. The love was so subtle and yet so powerful. I find myself rooting for them to get together even though he's married to a nutcase. And the fight scene between the wife and the secretary will leave you shaken. KSS is gorgeous as ever, but in lawyers, KSK steals the show with the way he looks at JHY. It's a wonderful series. Loved it!
    Did you find this review helpful? Yes (Report This)
    linda lam
    See all my reviews

    November 28, 2006

    2 people found this review helpful

    kim sung su Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10
    This is the drama that you MUST SEE. 5 stars for KIM SUNG SU. His acting was excellent. So real, so deep. So different from FULL HOUSE. And so handsome. 4 stars for HAN KO EUN. She make JUNG HYE YOUNG looks so boring. BORING BORING. I watched this DVD over and over again and still love it.
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