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Robo-G (2012) (DVD) (Korea Version) DVD Region 3

Takenaka Naoto (Actor) | Wakui Emi (Actor) | Tanabe Seiichi (Actor) | Morishita Yoshiyuki (Actor)
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Technical Information

Product Title: Robo-G (2012) (DVD) (Korea Version) 鐵甲耆俠G (2012) (DVD) (韓國版) 铁甲耆侠G (2012) (DVD) (韩国版) ロボG (2012) (DVD) (韓国版) 로봇G (DVD) (한국판)
Artist Name(s): Takenaka Naoto (Actor) | Wakui Emi (Actor) | Tanabe Seiichi (Actor) | Morishita Yoshiyuki (Actor) | Tabata Tomoko (Actor) | Hamada Gaku (Actor) | Tokui Yu (Actor) | Tanaka Yoji (Actor) | Mickey Curtis (Actor) | Ono Takehiko (Actor) | Yoshitaka Yuriko (Actor) | Shogo Kawai (Actor) 竹中直人 (Actor) | 和久井映見 (Actor) | 田邊誠一 (Actor) | 森下能幸 (Actor) | 田畑智子 (Actor) | 濱田岳 (Actor) | 德井優 (Actor) | 田中要次 (Actor) | Curtis Mickey (Actor) | 小野武彥 (Actor) | 吉高由里子 (Actor) | 川合正悟 (Actor) 竹中直人 (Actor) | 和久井映见 (Actor) | 田边诚一 (Actor) | Morishita Yoshiyuki (Actor) | 田畑智子 (Actor) | 滨田岳 (Actor) | 德井优 (Actor) | 田中要次 (Actor) | Mickey Curtis (Actor) | 小野武彦 (Actor) | Yoshitaka Yuriko (Actor) | Shogo Kawai (Actor) 竹中直人 (Actor) | 和久井映見 (Actor) | 田辺誠一 (Actor) | 森下能幸 (Actor) | 田畑智子 (Actor) | 濱田岳 (Actor) | 徳井優 (Actor) | 田中要次 (Actor) | ミッキー・カーチス (Actor) | 小野武彦 (Actor) | 吉高由里子 (Actor) | 川島潤哉 (Actor) | 五十嵐信次郎 (Actor) | 川合正悟 (Actor) Takenaka Naoto (Actor) | Wakui Emi (Actor) | Tanabe Seiichi (Actor) | Morishita Yoshiyuki (Actor) | Tabata Tomoko (Actor) | Hamada Gaku (Actor) | Tokui Yu (Actor) | Tanaka Yoji (Actor) | Mickey Curtis (Actor) | Ono Takehiko (Actor) | Yoshitaka Yuriko (Actor) | Shogo Kawai (Actor)
Director: Yaguchi Shinobu 矢口史靖 矢口史靖 矢口史靖 Yaguchi Shinobu
Release Date: 2013-12-17
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Korean
Place of Origin: Japan
Picture Format: NTSC What is it?
Disc Format(s): DVD
Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) What is it?
Publisher: KD Media
Other Information: 1-Disc
Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1034705752

Product Information

로봇G (DVD) (한국판)

*Screen Format: 1.78:1 Anamorphic Wide Screen
*Sound Mix: 2.0 Dolby Digital
-30초 예고편
-티저 예고편
-본 예고편

*Director: 야구치 시노부

■ 줄거리

가전업계 퇴출위기 3인의 과학자! 일본 열도를 놀라게 할 인간 보다 더 인간적인 로봇을 만들다

가전 제품 회사에서 일하는 3인의 연구원은 로봇 박람회는 앞두고 개발이 한창이다. 몹시 지쳐있는 것만 빼면... 박람회가 코 앞인 어느 날 이제까지 연구에 박차를 가해 완성에 가까웠던 로봇이 그들의 실수로 박살이 나버리고 만다. 해고 위기에 처한 그들은 급한 마음에 로봇 코스프레 쇼를 빙자해 구인 광고를 내고 로봇 사이즈에 딱 맞는 단 한 사람. 70대 노인을 로봇으로 변신시킨다.

가족들과 떨어져 혼자 심심하게 살고 있던 할아버지는 의욕이 충만한 나머지 로봇 박람회에서 돌발행동을 저지르고 얼떨결에 여대생 요코의 목숨까지 구해 '인간 보다 더 인간적인' 로봇으로 전 일본 최고의 스타로 떠오르게 되는데...

■ <워터 보이즈>, <스윙 걸즈>, <해피 플라이트>
웃음과 감동제조기 야구치 시노부 감독의 최신작 <로봇G>
진짜 사람 냄새 나는 로봇을 만나자! 12월 11일 <로봇G> DVD 출시!

수영도 제대로 할 줄 모르면서 싱크로나이즈에 도전해야 하는 남고생들 이야기로 많은 사람들을 즐겁게 해준 <워터보이즈>. 식중독에 걸린 밴드부를 대신해 경연대회에 참가하게 되는 여고생들 <스윙걸즈> 이렇게 엉뚱하면서도 독특한 소재들과 캐릭터들에 통통 튀는 만화적 상상력이 더해져 유쾌한 이야기를 만들어내는 야구치 시노부 감독의 신작 <로봇G>가 12월 11일 DVD로 출시 된다.

<워터보이즈>, <스윙걸즈>는 흥행뿐 아니라 일본 아카데미상에서 주목할 정도로 작품의 완성도 역시 뒤지지 않았던 작품들. 4년 만에 발표한 신작 <로봇G>역시 발표와 동시에 호평을 받으며 웃음과 감동에 더한 작품성까지 인정받았다.

시종일관 터지는 폭소 뒤에 코 끝 찡한 감동을 선사했던 감독의 전작들처럼 <로봇G> 역시 관객들에게 이 모두를 만족시킨다. 할아버지를 로봇으로 변신시킬 수 밖에 없는 말도 안 되는 상황들과 이 시대에 사회적인 문제로 떠오른 노령화 시대의 문제와 가족의 의미까지, 큰 재미와 동시에 가슴 뭉클함도 느낄 수 있다.

<로봇G>는 <미션 임파서블: 고스트 프로토콜> <마이웨이> 등 쟁쟁한 블록버스터를 제치고 개봉 첫 주 일본 박스오피스 1위를 차지하며 야구치 시노부표 코믹휴먼드라마의 저력을 보여주었다. 블록버스터처럼 사이즈에 압도되는 영화의 매력도 크지만, 이야기 자체에 이끌리는 영화의 힘도 무시할 수 없음을 반증한다.

<스타트랙 다크니스>에 이어 <맨 오브 스틸> <월드워Z> <퍼시픽 림>까지 모두 휴머니즘 <로봇G> 앞에서는 흥행의 적수가 되지 못했다. 시체스국제영화제 공식 판타스틱 경쟁부문에 노미네이트, 브뤼셀국제판타스틱영화제, 홍콩국제영화제, 전주국제영화제 등 영화제에 공식 초청된 전력이 많은 <로봇G>는 남녀노소 불문 모두가 즐길 수 있는 대중 코믹 영화이면서 2013년 겨울 DVD로 만날 수 있는 최고의 가족 영화 중 한편이다.
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Professional Review of "Robo-G (2012) (DVD) (Korea Version)"

January 11, 2013

This professional review refers to Robo-G (2012) (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)
Although it may sound like a film following the exploits of a robotic gangster, Robo-G is in fact a Japanese outing charting the wackiness that ensues when an old man is hired to masquerade as a robot. The film is the latest from director Yaguchi Shinobu, the man behind a string of hugely successful feel good comedies including Water Boys and Swing Girls with former rocker Igarashi Shinjiro (better known as Mickey Curtis) as the elderly protagonist. An upbeat, family friendly crowd-pleaser, the film proved another hit for Yaguchi at the domestic box office, as well as playing to praise at a variety of international genre festivals.

The film opens with three engineers called Hiroki (Hamada Gaku, Fish Story), Koji (Chan Kawai), and Shinya (Junya Kawashima, Go Find a Psychic!) failing to produce a working autonomous robot for their company. With an important expo just around the corner, they hatch a plan to hire someone to play the robot in a suit, hoping that a few minutes on stage will be enough to buy them time to finish the real product. Unfortunately, their only choice turns out to be Suzuki (Igarashi Shinjiro), a grumpy 73 year old man who only auditioned to give himself something to fill his empty days. Although Suzuki initially does a decent enough job on stage, the old man puts on a rather flamboyant display, culminating him saving perky young robot-geek student Yoko (Yoshitaka Yuriko, We Were There) from an accident and making headlines as a result. With the whole country believing the robot to be real, Hiroki, Gaku and Shinya are thrown into a very difficult situation, and try to persuade Suzuki to keep up the charade while Yoko and a pushy reporter (Tabata Tomoko) get closer to the truth.

Robo-G is very much in line with Yaguchi Shinobu's previous films, the director choosing not to stray far from the underdog stories which he made his name with. For fans, and anyone looking for two hours of good-natured, cheerful entertainment, this is definitely great news, as the film delivers exactly as promised, Yaguchi taking the amusing old man disguised as a robot premise and milking it for plenty of laughs. Without tugging too much at the heart strings, the film is a kind, humanistic affair that does a good job of gently exploring the marginalisation of the elderly in Japan, portraying Suzuki as a bad-tempered though likeable old cuss, ignored by his family and quietly desperate to find a place in society. With the three engineers and college student Yoko all also trying to make their mark, Yaguchi depicts different generations and societal groups all coming together in unison to basically do their best, and this gives the film a positive, enthusiastic feel which makes for optimistic and reasonably charming viewing.

The Japanese robotics industry also serves as an interesting background for the film, and the many scenes of robots should definitely appeal to sci-fi and technology aficionados - being a particularly meticulous director with an eye for the smallest details, Yaguchi apparently researched and came up with a blueprint for the film's robot that could actually be built into a real life version. Though it might be tempting to read deeper into the man/machine dichotomy, with Suzuki disguised as the kind of robot being invented to take over the manual labour he spent his life doing, such concerns are kept largely to the background, the focus mainly being on humour. Generally revolving around slapstick, the inoffensive comedy mostly hits home, and though the film goes through a slow patch in the middle, it's generally funny throughout, with the standout scenes coming early on during the robot auditions and the old man getting used to the clunky disguise. Igarashi Shinjiro and Yoshitaka Yuriko are both on appealing and entertaining form, the former playing things understated and the latter cutesy and over the top, and this also adds to the overall amiability.

Though there's nothing too challenging or original here and the story is predictable to a fault, Robo-G nevertheless makes for very pleasant viewing. Yaguchi Shinobu again proves himself one of the better directors of uplifting underdog comedies, and the film raises a smile and warms the heart exactly as expected.

by James Mudge –

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