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Sector 7 (DVD) (Thailand Version) DVD Region 3

Ahn Sung Ki (Actor) | Ha Ji Won (Actor) | Oh Ji Ho (Actor) | Park Cheol Min (Actor)
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Sector 7 (DVD) (Thailand Version)
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All Editions Rating: Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10 (3)

YesAsia Editorial Description

Korea's first 3D action blockbuster has arrived, and it's a monster one! Directed by Kim Ji Hoon (May 18) and produced by Yoon Je Kyun (Haeundae), the sci-fi action thriller Sector 7 revolves around an oil rig crew forced to battle a deadly creature at sea. The movie title refers to the setting, a real-life offshore joint development zone that harbors Korea's hopes of one day producing oil and becoming energy independent. But instead of petroleum, the crew discovers a monster. Ha Ji Won flexes her muscles as the tough heroine leading the fight for their lives in this exhilarating CG and action spectacle. Legendary actor Ahn Sung Ki, television heartthrob Oh Ji Ho (Chuno), Cha Ye Ryun (Little Black Dress), Song Sae Byuk (The Servant), Park Cheol Min (Cyrano Agency), Lee Han Wi (Officer of the Year), and Park Jung Hak (Bedevilled) make up the rest of the beleaguered crew.

Hae Joon (Ha Ji Won) works at an offshore rig in Sector 7, and her greatest dream is to find oil, an obsessive quest that has yielded no results. Hae Joon, along with a crew that includes Dong Soo (Oh Ji Ho) and ship captain Jung Man (Ahn Sung Ki), decide to conduct one last drilling before withdrawing as instructed. As they prepare for the final drill, things begin to go dreadfully wrong on the rig, and a crew member mysteriously dies. The crew soon realize there's something else on the oil rig, and it's looking for blood.

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Technical Information

Product Title: Sector 7 (DVD) (Thailand Version) 7號異煞 (DVD) (泰國版) 7号异煞 (DVD) (泰国版) 第7鉱区 (DVD) (タイ版) 제7광구
Also known as: 7號禁地 7号禁地
Artist Name(s): Ahn Sung Ki (Actor) | Ha Ji Won (Actor) | Oh Ji Ho (Actor) | Park Cheol Min (Actor) | Cha Ye Ryun (Actor) | Song Sae Byuk (Actor) 安聖基 (Actor) | 河智源 (Actor) | 吳智昊 (Actor) | 朴哲民 (Actor) | 車藝蓮 (Actor) | 宋 清晨 (Actor) 安圣基 (Actor) | 河智源 (Actor) | 吴智昊 (Actor) | 朴哲民 (Actor) | 车艺莲 (Actor) | 宋 清晨 (Actor) アン・ソンギ (Actor) | ハ・ジウォン (Actor) | オ・ジホ (Actor) | パク・チョルミン (Actor) | チャ・イェリョン (Actor) | ソン・セビョク (Actor) 안 성기 (Actor) | 하 지원 (Actor) | 오지호 (Actor) | 박철민 (Actor) | 차예련 (Actor) | 송새벽 (Actor)
Director: Kim Ji Hoon 金志勳 金志勋 キム・ジフン 김지훈
Release Date: 2012-04-12
Language: Korean, Thai
Subtitles: Thai
Place of Origin: South Korea
Picture Format: PAL What is it?
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1, Widescreen
Sound Information: Dolby Digital 5.1
Disc Format(s): DVD
Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) What is it?
Duration: 102 (mins)
Publisher: Thai CD Online
Package Weight: 120 (g)
Shipment Unit: 1 What is it?
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1030787816

Product Information

Director : Ji-hun Kim

In “Sector 7″, an underwater oil field located south of Jeju Island, Hae-jun is working as a marine equipment manager on an oil prospecting ship called Eclipse. Joining the crew later is Jeong-man, a former colleague of Hae-jun’s father, assigned to Eclipse as captain. Though his job is to oversee the withdrawal of the ship, he suggests conducting some drilling one last time. After 3 weeks of preparation, Hae-jun takes new recruit underwater, but he sinks to the bottom of the sea when his equipment fails. Shortly after crew members begin to turn up dead, one by one, their bodies viciously mutilated. What the few survivors soon discover is a transparent underwater creature they encountered once before. The viral monster infiltrated the ship through the drilling pipe and has been feeding on the crew to survive. For Hae-jun and his colleagues, a fight for their lives begins.
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YumCha! Asian Entertainment Reviews and Features

Professional Review of "Sector 7 (DVD) (Thailand Version)"

January 11, 2012

This professional review refers to Sector 7 (DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)
Sector 7 is a big budget Korean monster film, charting the struggle between the crew of an offshore oilrig and a man-eating horror from the deep. Shot in 3D, the film was directed by Kim Ji Hoon, whose last outing was the considerably more sombre Gwangju massacre picture May 18 and was produced by Haeundae helmer Yoon Je Kyun. Unusually for a genre outing, the film has a particularly strong cast, headed up by Ha Ji Won (Secret Garden) as the roughneck heroine, with support from award winning veteran Ahn Sung Ki, popular TV star Oh Ji Ho (Chuno), Cha Ye Ryun (Little Black Dress), Song Sae Byuk (The Servant), Park Cheol Min (Cyrano Agency), Lee Han Wi (Officer of the Year), and Park Jung Hak (Bedevilled).

The film is set in the titular offshore development zone sector 7, on a rig whose team, led by the headstrong Hae Joon (Ha Ji Won), have as yet failed to find any oil. Despite their lack of success, she refuses to give up, and is rewarded for her determination by her senior officer and her uncle Jung Man (Ahn Sung Ki) with an extra few months. Although they finally strike black gold, things start to go wrong, with crew members turning up dead under mysterious circumstances, and it doesn't take long for them to realise that they're not alone on the rig.

The key to properly enjoying Sector 7 lies in adjusted expectations. Rather than attempting another genre subverting satirical piece of unlikely genius in the manner of Bong Joon Ho's much praised The Host, Kim Ji Hoon has instead simply decided to deliver a good old fashioned creature feature, albeit one with a great deal of blockbuster bang. This is obviously a good thing, and there's certainly an audience for big budget schlock, which Kim seems perfectly aware of, sticking pretty closely to the time honoured monster on the loose scenario. Despite its relative lack of originality the film works perfectly well, partly due to the general lack of such fare seen on the big screen of late, and by neither taking itself too seriously nor ever slipping too far into ludicrousness, it makes for fun, unpretentious viewing.

To a large extent this is down to Kim showing a solid knowledge of the genre, keeping things moving at a good pace and throwing in plenty of action. Although the monster is off screen for the first forty five minutes or so, this helps build a little suspense for its eventual unveiling, and after being seen in all its icky glory for the first time, it's a pleasingly constant presence, claiming a very respectable number of victims as it munches its way through the cast. The set pieces come thick and fast, and though generally obvious are still exciting, with a few extra points being won for the daftness of their often revolving around the decidedly unsafe practice of motorbike racing on an oilrig. Thankfully, though the 3D doesn't count for much on DVD, the special effects are up to the task, not only in terms of the enjoyably aggressive and gooey (if somewhat Host like) monster, but with the production values being top notch all round.

Adding to the overall sense of quality is the fact that the cast are on the whole far better than this kind of film usually deserves. Whilst pretty much all of the characters, right down to Ha Ji Won's Ripley style tough girl (though impeccably made up and cute) protagonist, are broad stereotypes, they're likeable enough, and their various relationships do at least serve to lend a little impact to their inevitable deaths. Decent performances all round also help, and it's hard not to get a kick out of seeing legendary and acclaimed actor Ahn Sung Ki facing off against a giant mutated prawn with a flamethrower.

This scene quite neatly sums up Sector 7 as a fine piece of genre entertainment that whilst scarcely original delivers in all the right ways. With an impressive monster, prestigious cast and a good amount of high octane action, it's definitely one of the best creature features of late, and offers fans of the form daft fun from start to finish.

by James Mudge -

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Customer Review of "Sector 7 (DVD) (Thailand Version)"

Average Customer Rating for All Editions of this Product: Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10 (3)

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January 30, 2012

This customer review refers to Sector 7 (DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)
1 people found this review helpful

Oily Monster at Offshore Rig (A) Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
“Sector 7” features a good amount of action survival horror, CGI effects and an oppressive industrial setting. The opening approach to the oilrig is good and the visual stuff is excellent. But although visually merited, S7 is a watered down “Alien” type with Ji-won’s ‘Ripley’ lacking a stronger sense of urgency and fierce anger towards the beast, a cartoony sense of fear for survival and all overshadowed by posey clichés like Ji-won’s Evel Knievel bits on a motorbike. S7 is really more a fun send up portrayal of a wrathful ‘monster’ in remote environments than anything. Briefly the crew of the S7 rig are determined to find some stubborn liquidy black stuff, and so they do. But also unearth a tiny luminescent life form in the oily depths that can burn up into new energy. Previous to present circumstances, scientists tamper with the little sea life (to amplify the burning energy for societies gain) and a monster is born and well, you guessed it, the big large mutated one gets all annoyed and dangerous with the crew of the S7 rig. Ill tampering with nature leading to dire circumstances!

But no doubt “Sector 7” has many good points and grabs the attention by lots of great action. The crew shooting the monster in a corridor and flamethrower bits are excellent, as, too, the ‘all stops out’ action packed climatic finish. The slow beginning is a bit swaying, though, so you have to stay with the movie for about 40 minutes before the monster bits kick in and survival horror expectations met. The characters aren’t the usual gritty moody types either, being a more upbeat and determined lot showing off their hard earned ‘battle’ scars (shark bites et al) on the rigs’ hele-pad and even sporting a Rowan Atkinson/Mr Bean type (Yeong-soo Park) smitten with Ye-ryeon’s white coated technician, and who also gets bit on the lip by a tiny sea creature (a sort of milder version of Alien’s face hugger to get S7’s monster ball rolling). But when the crew’s science lab technician gets suspiciously killed (Ye-ryeon, but only a cameo this time) and other crewmembers disappear and killed (with ‘Mr Bean’ firstly getting the blame) and a monster unleashed, S7 accelerates from a loitering feel to full throttle survival horror.
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January 30, 2012

This customer review refers to Sector 7 (DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)
1 people found this review helpful

Oily Monster at Offshore Rig (B) Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
The monster is effective and fast (very fast!) and the CGI convinces well by the creature’s ominous size, swift motion and killer instinct. But S7 is mostly good only in the visual and action elements. If the plot and characters were also more intensely fleshed out, tuned to the social horror and more etched into the happening on the rig, S7 could have been much more, although made for fun entertainment I think. But the meaning behind it all, about unresolved Korean/ Japanese oil situation is underplayed and remote. Energy is important for sustaining societies, but killing a tiny species for such energy isn’t only S7’s big problem, as fiddling with a species genetics for gain creates dangerous mutations that are probably the biggest warning in S7’s plot. Ironically, by the rig’s interior setting, machinery, ‘going down’ (for oil) and monster mutations parallels my current retro gaming of Core’s “Project Eden” and of its horror about gene splicing gone wrong, canine/human mutations within a mega-city of top city affluence ‘bolstered’ by a poisoned and forgotten underclass. Although concerning a sea rig, S7 chums up more with “Cold Fear”; a survival horror game partly on a offshore rig (if you want to play a video horror game on an offshore rig that is).

I could watch S7 again no doubt, but its best to appreciate this no more than a bit of fun. A nice cast of Seong-gi, Ji-ho, Ji-won (and as a breakfast serial tiger once said “she’s Greeeaat!) and Cheol-min and with Ji-won’s tough girl image fighting in ‘end video game boss’ style with a chasing ‘monster’ that doesn’t want die, lots of pyrotechnics and a pretty pulse racing finish makes this all worth seeing. This edition comes in a slipcase with extras (different cover on DVD case), but bonus features are only subtitled in Korean.
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December 28, 2011

This customer review refers to Sector 7 (DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)
1 people found this review helpful

Great Entertainment Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10
I really enjoyed the great actions by Ha Ji Won where she fights with the ugly monster that just refused to die.

It really entertaining if you don't ask the "why(s)".

I was hoping the BTS would be subbed but it was not. Otherwise, I would have given it a perfect score.

Quality was good despite all the scenes with the monster were too dark as compared to watching it on the big screen.

A must-have collection for HJW die-hard fans.
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