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SPIRIT <スピリット> (霍元甲) (Blu-ray) (ディレクターズカット) (香港版) Blu-ray リージョン A

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SPIRIT <スピリット> (霍元甲) (Blu-ray) (ディレクターズカット) (香港版)
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この商品を「燃えよドラゴン (龍爭虎鬥) (Blu-ray) (香港版)」と一緒に注文すると、 さらに US$2.00 オフ!
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SPIRIT <スピリット> (霍元甲) (Blu-ray) (ディレクターズカット) (香港版) + 燃えよドラゴン (龍爭虎鬥) (Blu-ray) (香港版)

燃えよドラゴン (龍爭虎鬥) (Blu-ray) (香港版) Blu-ray リージョン A

Our Price: US$20.99
通常価格: US$23.99
割引: US$3.00 (12%)
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 ジェット・リー、最後のマーシャルアーツ映画と言われている今作で彼が演じるのは、1868年から1910年に実在した武術家・霍元甲(フォ・ユァンジア)。「ドラゴン 怒りの鉄拳」などに登場する精武体育学校(精武門)の創立者で、1910年に上海で行われた史上初の異種格闘技戦で海外の強豪たちを相手に戦った中国の英雄だ。 しばらくハリウッドでの活動が続いていたジェット・リーが、今作では「ワンチャイ」シリーズを彷彿とさせる久しぶりの弁髪姿で、マーシャルアーツの真髄を見せてくれる。アクション監督は、もはや説明不要の大御所・袁和平(ユエン・ウーピン)。霍元甲と最後の死闘を繰り広げる日本人武道家・田中を演じるのは、今作が初の海外進出となる中村獅童だ。このほか、トニー・ジャーの新作「トム・ヤム・クン!」にも出演している元プロレスラーのネイサン・ジョーンズや、「マトリックス」シリーズの鄒兆龍(コリン・チョウ)らも出演。また、主題歌をトップシンガーの周杰倫(ジェイ・チョウ)が歌っていることでも話題となった。監督は、「フレディVSジェイソン」や「チャイルド・プレイ/チャッキーの種」で知られる干仁泰(ロニー・ユー)。衣装は「HERO」「LOVERS」のワダエミが担当している。


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タイトル: Fearless (Blu-ray) (Director's Cut) (Hong Kong Version) 霍元甲 (2006) (Blu-ray) (精裝導演版) (香港版) 霍元甲 (2006) (Blu-ray) (精装导演版) (香港版) SPIRIT <スピリット> (霍元甲) (Blu-ray) (ディレクターズカット) (香港版) Fearless (Blu-ray) (Director's Cut) (Hong Kong Version)
アーティスト名: Jet Li (俳優) | Harada Masato (俳優) | Dong Yong (俳優) | Sun Li (俳優) | Collin Chou (俳優) | Nakamura Shido (俳優) | Nathan Jones (俳優) 李 連杰 (俳優) | 原田真人 (俳優) | 董勇 (俳優) | 孫儷 (俳優) | 鄒 兆龍 (俳優) | 中村 獅童 (俳優) | 尼芬鍾斯 (俳優) 李 连杰 (俳優) | 原田真人 (俳優) | 董勇 (俳優) | 孙俪 (俳優) | 邹 兆龙 (俳優) | 中村 狮童 (俳優) | 尼芬 锺斯 (俳優) 李連杰(ジェット・リー) (俳優) | 原田眞人 (俳優) | 董勇(ドン・ヨン) (俳優) | 孫儷(スン・リー) (俳優) | 鄒兆龍(コリン・チョウ) (俳優) | 中村 獅童 (俳優) | ネイサン・ジョーンズ (俳優) 이연걸 (俳優) | Harada Masato (俳優) | Dong Yong (俳優) | Sun Li (俳優) | Collin Chou (俳優) | Nakamura Shido (俳優) | Nathan Jones (俳優)
監督: Ronny Yu 于仁泰 于仁泰 于仁泰(ロニー・ユー) Ronny Yu
アクション監督: Yuen Woo Ping 袁和平 袁和平 袁和平(ユエン・ウーピン) Yuen Woo Ping
ブルーレイ リージョンコード: A - アメリカ (北米、仏領ギアナ以外の中南米)、日本、韓国、東南アジア (香港、マカオ、台湾を含む) この意味は?
発売日: 2008-10-21
言語: 北京語
字幕: 英語, 中国語(繁体字)
制作国: 香港
アスペクト比: 2.35 : 1
音声情報: DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Digital
ディスクの種類: Blu-ray
レイティング: IIB
再生時間: 141 (分)
発行元: Edko Films Ltd. (HK)
パッケージの重量: 90 (g)
発送単位: 1 この意味は?
YesAsia 商品番号: 1012493715


* Video: 1080p High Definition 2.35:1
* Audio:
- Uncompressed PCM 7.1
- DTS-HD MA 7.1
- Dolby Digital 6.1
* Special Features:
- A Fearless Journey
- Cast & Crew Filmographies
- Photo Gallery

Director: Ronny Yu

For as long as he could remember, HUO wanted to learn martial arts. His FATHER was a great fighter, but he did not want his son to follow in his footsteps and refused to teach the boy. This only made Huo even more determined to learn. With the help of his friend, NONG, Huo stole his father's Wushu manual and sets out to teach himself how to fight.

Soon, Huo is able to beat up a schoolyard bully with his new skills. Thrilled by the taste of this small victory, Huo throws himself into training and as the years pass, fight followed fight and victory followed victory until he became known as a skilled and powerful fighter. But as his fame grew, so did his pride. Huo had become an arrogant hothead who was always spoiling for a fight.

When one of Huo's young apprentices is injured by a master named CHIN, Huo is full of vengeful spite and indignation. He forces Chin to fight him, and kills him with no remorse. Only when he returns home does Huo discover that his victory has cost him the lives of the two people he loves most - his mother and his daughter were killed in brutal revenge.

Crazed with grief and shame, Huo flees Tianjin. He wanders for thousands of miles, no longer caring whether he lives or dies. But just as he is ready to give up all hope, he is saved by GRANDMA SUN and her blind granddaughter, MOON, who bring him back to the idyllic village where they live. Guided by their simple kindness and generosity, Huo - who felt he had nothing to live for - slowly began to forget his pain and his desire to fight.

One day, a child from the village runs into trouble with a neighboring Siamese tribe. In order to save the boy, Huo reluctantly parries blows from a powerful Thai boxer named BEI CHA. The encounter reawakened Huo's love of martial arts and he began to experiment with a lighter, less aggressive style that would eventually become the legendary Mizong (Missing) Fist. Huo realized that the future of martial arts lay in the spirit of sportsmanship and not brutality. At last, he has found his place in the world, and he knew that he had to return to Tianjin so that he could do the same for Chinese martial arts.

Back in Tianjin, an American strongman named O'BRIEN is making headlines by defeating China's fighters and dismissing them as 'Sick men of the East'. Huo challenges the hulking wrestler, and beats him easily with his graceful Missing Fist. This startles members of the Foreign Chambers of Commerce, who worry that Huo's victory would fan the flames of anti-Western sentiment in the Chinese people. They hatch a plan to humiliate Huo by pitching him against four fighters representing the four major foreign powers in China. Huo's childhood friend, Nong, suspects a trap, but Huo sees this as a good opportunity to demonstrate the spirit of sportsmanship.

The battle of the century begins! A British boxer, a Spanish swordsman, a Belgian soldier - three formidable fighters step into the ring, and one after another, Huo defeats them all. But the Chamber of Commerce has been saving the best until last. The Japanese challenger, ANNO TANAKA is by far the most skilled competitor. As the two men stand face to face in the arena, the thousand-strong audience waits with baited breath.

What happened that day in September, 1910, is something that nobody would ever forget.

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星願 あなたにもういちど 我吃了那男孩一整年的早餐 烽爆 喜歡妳是妳 中国医生 青春弒戀 假冒女團 Showbiz Spy
  • 地域と言語の設定: Hong Kong アメリカ - 日本語
  • *参考通貨: 参考通貨の指定なし
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