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The Monkey King Trilogy Boxset (DVD) (Hong Kong Version) DVD リージョン 3

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タイトル: The Monkey King Trilogy Boxset (DVD) (Hong Kong Version) 西遊記三部曲 (DVD) (香港版) 西游记三部曲 (DVD) (香港版) The Monkey King Trilogy Boxset (DVD) (Hong Kong Version) The Monkey King Trilogy Boxset (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
アーティスト名: Aaron Kwok (俳優) | William Feng (俳優) | Zanilia Zhao (俳優) | Gigi Leung (俳優) | Lin Chi Ling (俳優) | Him Law (俳優) | Xiao Shen Yang (俳優) | Kingdom Yuen (俳優) | Liu Tao (俳優) | Pan Bin Long (俳優) | Ma Sai (俳優) | Zhang Zi Mu (俳優) | Lin Ke Wei (俳優) 郭富城 (俳優) | 馮 紹峰 (俳優) | 趙麗穎 (俳優) | 梁詠琪 (俳優) | 林志玲 (俳優) | 羅仲謙 (俳優) | 小沈陽 (俳優) | 苑 瓊丹 (俳優) | 劉濤 (俳優) | 潘斌龍 (俳優) | 馬 賽 (俳優) | 張 籽沐 (俳優) | 林 可唯 (俳優) 郭富城 (俳優) | 冯 绍峰 (俳優) | 赵丽颖 (俳優) | 梁咏琪 (俳優) | 林志玲 (俳優) | 罗仲谦 (俳優) | 小沈阳 (俳優) | 苑 琼丹 (俳優) | 刘涛 (俳優) | 潘斌龙 (俳優) | 马 赛 (俳優) | 张 籽沐 (俳優) | 林 可唯 (俳優) 郭富城 (アーロン・コック) (俳優) | 馮紹峰(ウィリアム・フォン) (俳優) | 趙麗穎(チャオ・リーイン) (俳優) | 梁詠琪 (ジジ・リョン) (俳優) | 林志玲 (リン・チーリン) (俳優) | Him Law (俳優) | Xiao Shen Yang (俳優) | 苑瓊丹(ユン・キンタン) (俳優) | 劉涛(リウ・タオ) (俳優) | Pan Bin Long (俳優) | 馬賽(マー・サイ) (俳優) | Zhang Zi Mu (俳優) | Lin Ke Wei (俳優) 곽부성 (俳優) | 풍소봉 (俳優) | Zanilia Zhao (俳優) | Gigi Leung (俳優) | Lin Chi Ling (俳優) | 나중겸 (俳優) | Xiao Shen Yang (俳優) | Kingdom Yuen (俳優) | Liu Tao (俳優) | Pan Bin Long (俳優) | Ma Sai (俳優) | Zhang Zi Mu (俳優) | Lin Ke Wei (俳優)
監督: Soi Cheang 鄭保瑞 郑保瑞 鄭保瑞 (ソイ・チェン) 소이 청
プロデューサー: Wang Hai Feng 王海峰 王海峰 Wang Hai Feng Wang Hai Feng
発売日: 2018-06-15
言語: 広東語, 北京語
字幕: 英語, 中国語(繁体字), 中国語(簡体字)
制作国: 香港, 中国
映像方式: NTSC この意味は?
アスペクト比: 1.78 : 1
アナモルフィック・ワイドスクリーン: Yes
音声情報: Dolby Digital 5.1
ディスクの種類: DVD
リージョンコード: 3 - 東南アジア (香港・韓国を含む) この意味は?
再生時間: 114 (分)
発行元: Panorama (HK)
備考: 3DVDs
パッケージの重量: 140 (g)
発送単位: 1 この意味は?
YesAsia 商品番号: 1066975108


《The Monkey King (2014)》 《The Monkey King 2 (2016)》 《The Monkey King 3 (2018)》
Since the beginning of time, there existed in the world three clans; human, god and demon. As everything was destroyed during the great battle, Nuwa (Goddess of Works) used 36,500 magic boulders to repair Heaven. One of them fell accidentally down onto Earth and landed on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits on an island far across the Eastern Sea. Over thousands of years, the magic boulder absorbed the energies of Heaven and Earth and the sacred lights of the Sun and Moon. A godly creature was nurtured inside the stone-egg and a full-grown monkey burst out from it one day. When the Patriarch Subodhi passed by on his way to collect herbs in the Mountain, he came upon the monkey. Impressed by his exceptional wit and godly airs, he took the monkey back to the Divine Cave of Three Stars in Mountain Mi to teach him the Way and called him Sun Wukong… 500 years after the havoc in heaven, Xuanzang, the Tang Priest, is appointed by the Buddha to go to the West to Fetch the Buddhist scriptures. By accident, Xuangzang undoes the Buddha’s spell on Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. Wukong brought under control by a gold hoop given by the Mercy Goddess. He has no choice but to accept the mission to escort Xuanzang to the Wes. Despite his reluctance, Wukong cuts paths all the way and dutifully helps to subdue Bajie and Sha. But the hoop on this head, effective with his master’s restrictive incantation, always remains a vexation for Wukong.

Lady White Bone Spirit from the White Tiger Ridge aims to kill and eat Xuanzang’s golden body for evading her doom of reincarnation from a demon to any other creature. After dealing with the four, White Bone spirit has an insight into the barrier between Wukong and Xuanzang. So she designs traps to foment discord between them. Humiliated mistakenly, Wukong still fights on with both strength and wit. But Xuanzang can’t see through the real identity of White Bone, and their relationship is thus broken off as she planned…..

On the conflict-packed journey to the West for the scriptures, escorted by Sun Wukong (by Aaron Kwok). Bajie (by Xiao Shenyang) and Sha (by Him Law), Xuanzang (by Feng Shaofeng), the Tang Priest, accidentally enters the Womanland of Western Liang, a mysterious nation where no men has ever been existed. The Queen (by Zhao Liying) falls for Xuanzang at first sight, without knowing what love is, thinking she could be terminally ill with incurable lovesickness. The Preceptor (by Gigi Leung0 warns her that men are all drink the water from the Motherhood River that makes them pregnant rapidly.

Wukong tries to save the three with his almighty transforming sorcery, when Xuanzang gradually loses his stand to falls in love with the Queen. The trespass of the four outsiders also agitates the God of River Oblivion (by Lin Chiling), who completely breaks the peace of the Womanland. The River God floods the whole nation in a fury and puts it at risk of total destruction. What decision would Xuanzang make between loving an individual or all sentient beings? How could the Monkey King fight to subdue the River God and rescue his master and brothers out of their trouble of love? What could the Queen and the Preceptor do to save their people from this crisis?


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