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  1. Best Japanese Albums of 2020
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Our editors' picks for the best Japanese albums of 2020! Aimyon - Heard That There's Good Pasta Aimyon shot to the top of the charts in 2018 with Marigold. Although no song on this tracklist matches the singular impact of Marigold, the album itself is all the better for it. Where Aimyon's previous albums were aspirational but inconsistent, Heard That There's Good Pasta, deadpan title and all, fits her as a comfortable, cohesive and down-to-earth record. Bright-eyed but not bushy-tailed, her guitar-strumming pop rock and relatable sentiments in "Remember the Days We're Talking Rubbish in the Twilight," Harunohi, "Cigarette" and Chika connect easily with young musers. Aimyon tucks an... [read more]
  2. Best Korean Albums of 2020
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Our editors' picks for the ten best Korean albums of 2020! BLACKPINK - The Album BLACKPINK's first full-length album came fashionably late in 2020, four years after the group's official debut. The "pretty savages" paint youth in black and pink with their music – unleashing sassy and bold energy in black and sweet and sentimental moods in pink. From the pre-release chart-topper How You Like That to the trap EDM Pretty Savage, they go full girl crush with their strong hip-hop beats. The girls also show their emotional sides in the megahit title track Lovesick Girls and dance-pop Love To Hate Me, and wrap up the album with the pithy lines of You Never Know – "But you'll never know unless you... [read more]
  3. Best Japanese Dramas of 2020
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Our editors' picks for the ten best Japanese dramas of 2020! Aibou 18-19 How good does a drama have to be to run for 20 years and 19 seasons with the same lead actor? Aibou good. In a year when nothing seemed to be the same anymore, Aibou has been a reliable old friend, arriving like clockwork with another quality new season of crime investigation and police station politics. Whether it's Season 18 that accompanied us at the start of the year, or the currently airing Season 19 that will carry us to the next year, the brainy buddy cop series just never gets old. The evergreen Mizutani Yutaka and Sorimachi Takashi return as crime-fighting partners of the Special Missions Unit, and this... [read more]
  4. Best Asian Movies of 2020
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Our editors' picks for the best Asian films released on DVD or Blu-ray in 2020! SANWEI'S PICKS Another Child It's no secret that Kim Yoon Seok is a great actor, but it turns out he's also a pretty good director. The award-winning actor casts himself as a cheating husband who cowardly runs off when his affair with the mother of his daughter's classmate comes to light. While he's out of the picture, the two teenage girls form an unexpected sisterhood over their soon-to-be-born sibling, and the two mothers handle the mess left behind like adults. What could have easily been a soap opera instead becomes an empathetic depiction of how the four women face their difficult relationships and... [read more]
  5. Best Chinese Dramas of 2020
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Our editors' picks for the ten best Chinese dramas of 2020! The Bad Kids The Bad Kids cold-opens with a scene of Qin Hao taking pictures of his in-laws on a mountain... and then suddenly pushing them over the edge. The shocking turn from warm family trip to cold-blooded murder in the first two minutes sets the tone for this outstanding human drama. Following the acclaim for 2017's Burning Ice, iQiyi launched the "Light On" series of suspense dramas this year, and the breakout of the lineup repeats the winning formula of star Qin Hao, producer Han Sanping and novelist Zi Jin Chen. Where Burning Ice features a classic police vs. criminal setup, Bad Kids pits the culprit against a trio of... [read more]
  6. Best Korean Dramas of 2020
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Our editors' picks for the ten best Korean dramas of 2020! 18 Again What would you do if you could be 18 Again? After losing his job and marriage at the same time, Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun) is suddenly given the chance to go back to his high school days and live in the body of an 18-year-old. With his new identity Go Woo Young (Lee Do Hyun), he looks back on his past and his regrets while getting closer to his wife (Kim Ha Neul) and their twins again. Eighteen years ago, he gave up his dream for his family; now, he lives out his life again for his family, protecting and loving them as a new friend to make up for his mistakes. Inspired by the 2009 American film 17 Again, 18 Again has a... [read more]
  7. In 2020, more than ever, we've needed sources of entertainment to occupy our time and provide respite from the worries and turmoil of the real world. As we enter the final stretch of this roller coaster year, we'd like to take a moment to appreciate the entertainment artists, shows, games and trends that brought smiles to our faces and helped us get through these stay-at-home days. ANIMAL CROSSING Even if you don't play Animal Crossing, you must've seen people looking for cheap turnips or selling stuff for Bells. While we were stuck at home, Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrived and allowed us to live our best imaginary lives, from creating our own island and visiting friends' villages to... [read more]
  8. Like it or not, we can't deny that the Produce 101 audition program series has made a lot of unknown or underrated trainees into K-pop superstars. Following I.O.I, Wanna One and IZ*ONE, 2019's Produce X 101 gathered the top 11 finalists from nine companies to form the project group X1, which was originally planned to promote for five years. Debuting on August 27, 2019, X1 hit it big in just three months of active promotion. They sold half a million copies of Bisang: Quantum Leap in their first week, which set a new record for rookies, and they topped multiple charts and won 11 times on Korean music shows. On January 6, 2020, X1 officially disbanded due to controversies related to the... [read more]
  9. 14th Asian Film Awards Preview: The Nominated Films
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Held annually since 2007, the Asian Film Awards celebrate the best of Asian cinema, from indie favorites to acclaimed blockbusters. This year's Asian Film Awards were always going to be a bit different from the start, because the award ceremony was set to be held in Busan for the first time in alignment with the Busan International Film Festival. Those plans have since been dashed due to COVID-19, but the awards will go on, if not the show itself in its traditional format. Winners of the 14th Asian Film Awards will be announced on the Asian Film Awards Academy's official YouTube channel on October 28, 2020. This year, 39 films were nominated in 16 categories. Read on for quick takes on all... [read more]
  10. Asian Drama Redux: Remaking Korean & Chinese Dramas
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    In Part 1 of Asian Drama Redux, we discussed Asian dramas that are adapted from the same manga or remakes of Japanese dramas. Now in Part 2, we take a look at Korean, Chinese and Western dramas that have been remade across Asia. Korean Manhwa Adaptations While Japanese manga are more well-known, Korean comics, or manhwa, have also inspired TV dramas both in and outside Korea. The classic 2000s dramas Full House and Princess Hours were both based on popular manhwa of the time. Adapted from Won Soo Yeon's original work, the 2004 romantic comedy Full House starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo was a big Korean Wave hit in Asia and got remade in many countries including Philippines, Vietnam and... [read more]
  11. Asian Drama Redux: Remaking Japanese Dramas & Manga
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Ever feel like you're watching the same TV drama over and over again? It's not just you. Beside similar genre formulas, the same stories often get retold across Asia, either through straight-out remakes or adapting the same source material. If a drama is a big hit in one country, there's a good chance another country will pick it up. Particularly popular stories may get adapted multiple times, even in the same country! In the first installment of our two-part Asian Drama Redux feature, we take a look at Japanese manga and dramas that have been adapted multiple times in Japan and beyond. How many of these "same story, different feel" dramas have you watched? Boys Over Flowers Manga are the... [read more]
  12. Co-ed K-pop Groups from Roo'Ra to KARD
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    K-pop is known for boy bands and girl groups, but co-ed groups have started to gain recognition again as well with the arrival of KARD, the rise of project group SSAK3, and the recent wave of Cool remakes. While many co-ed groups made a name for themselves from debut, not all of them are still active in the industry. Expand your K-pop horizons with ten of the most notable mixed-gender groups of the past three decades! 1. Roo'Ra One of the biggest acts of the 90s, Roo'Ra debuted in 1994 with one female member (Kim Ji Hyun) and three male members (Go Young Wook, Shin Jung Hwan and leader Lee Sang Min). When Shin Jung Hwan left the group the following year, female member Chae Ri Na was added... [read more]
  13. YesAsia 2020 Bestsellers - Half-Year Report
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    The below rankings are based on sales of movie, music, TV and book releases on from January 1 to June 30, 2020. Sales of all editions and versions of the same title are summed up to determine the total sales and ranking of each title. BEST-SELLING K-POP RELEASES World star BTS continues to reign over our bestseller chart with their record-breaking Map of the Soul: 7. NCT has been growing bigger globally, and this year NCT 127 rises to #2 on our K-pop bestsellers list with Neo Zone, while NCT Dream enters the top ten for the first time. Dreamcatcher and Loona successfully guard their spots with their latest albums, and IZ*ONE breaks into the top ten with BLOOM*IZ. JYP artists... [read more]
  14. Father's Day Playlist: 15 Songs Dedicated to Dad
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Father's Day is just around the corner. Have you planned on how to express your love and gratitude to your dad on that special day? Too shy to say it out loud? We've got you covered – here is a playlist of 15 K-pop, J-pop and C-pop songs honoring and celebrating fathers that you can share with him! 1. Beyond – Repay for Life Even the most casual of Cantopop fans would know Beyond's classic song "Truly Love You" dedicated to mothers. But the legendary band also dedicated a song to fathers as well. Released in 1992 on the album Control, "Repay for Life" is about a father's limitless love and sacrifices that can't be paid back in a lifetime. The stirring rock ballad is composed by Steve Wong... [read more]
  15. 20 Asian Actresses Born in the 2000s
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Last month, we profiled 20 Asian Actors Born in the 2000s. Now, it's time for the actresses! From fast-rising new-generation starlets to award-winning phenoms who have been acknowledged for their talents since a young age, these post-00s girls are ready to shine. Meet 20 promising young actresses born in the 2000s! 1. Kamishiraishi Moka Kamishiraishi Moka entered the entertainment industry in 2011 at the age of 11 as the youngest ever winner of Toho Entertainment's Toho Cinderella audition. Her older sister, Kamishiraishi Mone, was discovered through the same audition. She made her TV acting debut the following year in the WOWOW drama Bunshin, and also began appearing on stage in 2016 with... [read more]
  16. While there are many films that are about mothers or dedicated to mothers, those aren't necessarily the ones you actually want to watch with your mother. This Mother's Day, stay in with mom and catch a movie that's fun, funny and moving (but not tragic). Below are ten films that can be enjoyed as an at-home movie date with mother dearest! Bento Harassment A spunky mom (Shinohara Ryoko) "harasses" her moody teenage daughter (Yoshine Kyoko) with awesome lunchboxes filled with messages in this Japanese comedy about the steadfast love and growing pains of being a parent and an adolescent. Now's a good time to thank your mom for all the time and effort she's put into feeding and nagging... [read more]
  17. 20 Asian Actors Born in the 2000s
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    It seems like just yesterday we were writing about those young actors born in the 90s, and now we're already in a new decade and welcoming a new class of rising stars! From child actors who hold their own to teen idols growing into new roles, the post-00s generation hits 20 this year and they're coming up fast. Let's find out more about 20 promising young actors born in the 2000s! 1. Suzuka Oji Debuting less than a year ago, Suzuka Oji is the oldest yet newest face on this list. In the fall of 2016, the Okayama native was a film extra for My Teacher, which was shot at his high school. He caught the eye of lead actress Hirose Suzu, who recommended him to her manager. In 2018, he moved to... [read more]
  18. The K-Drama World of Female Screenwriters
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    It's probably no surprise that women make up the core audience of Korean TV dramas. But did you know that women are also the main writers of Korean dramas? Name any K-Drama off the top of your head, and chances are high that it was written by a woman. Close to 90% of TV screenwriters in Korea are female, a staggering figure considering the entertainment world tends to be dominated by men behind the scenes. What's more, screenwriters occupy an especially important role for Korean dramas, often having greater name recognition and sway than directors. In honor of Women's History Month, we've spotlighted 12 female screenwriters, among many more, who are the movers, shakers and creative minds... [read more]
  19. 2019 may not have been the best year for K-pop, but it did give us numerous super rookies who surprised in different ways. The top rookies of the first half of 2019 have already been covered in Part 1 of this feature. Now, it's time to introduce YesAsia's top 10 best-selling K-pop rookies in the second half of the year! 1. X1 – "Fly High, X1!" Flash MV From I.O.I to Wanna One to IZ*ONE, the Produce 101 series never failed to lead its debut groups to the top tier despite their short period of promotion time. Last year, X1 was born from Produce X 101 with 11 members of different potential. Though most of the members are rather young, X1 surprisingly showed a pretty mature and powerful group... [read more]
  20. YesAsia 2019 Bestsellers - Chinese Music
    Written By YumCha! Editorial Team
    Hong Kong diva Sammi Cheng became the #1 best-selling female Chinese music artist of 2019, and held three bestseller entries with her compilation album and concerts! Ranking third among male artists, Eason Chan had the #1 album and a spot in the top ten concerts. Jolin Tsai's Ugly Beauty landed in second place, and the Taiwan diva rose to sixth among female artists. Hana Kuk unexpectedly grabbed the #3 spot for her 2018 album. Juno Mak, Kay Tse and G.E.M. also broke into the top ten albums, along with perennial bestsellers Hins Cheung and Leo Ku. Veteran Hong Kong singers continued to secure top spots, with Shirley Kwan, Alan Tam, Vivian Chow and Jacky Cheung charting in the top ten albums... [read more]
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