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  1. Minority Opinion (DVD) (Korea Version) Minority Opinion (DVD) (Korea Version) Yoon Kye Sang (Actor) | Kim Ok Bin (Actor) | Yu Hae Jin (Actor) | Lee Kyung Young (Actor)
    Also known as The Unfair and based upon the novel by Son Ah-ram, Minority Opinion is a Korean legal drama inspired by a real-life incident involving a forced urban eviction that resulted in several deaths. Directed by Kim Sung-je, making his debut after having served as producer on the likes of Blood Rain, No Blood No Tears and others, the film was a controversial affair due to its harsh and close to the bone view of the government, and perhaps as a result didn't make it to cinemas until nearly two years after it wrapped shooting in 2013, only making it to Korean DVD in 2017, despite it having won a list of prestigious awards on its original release. The film opens in January 20th 2009,... [read more]
  2. Ordinary Person (DVD) (Limited Edition) (Korea Version) Ordinary Person (DVD) (Limited Edition) (Korea Version) Jang Hyuk (Actor) | Son Hyun Ju (Actor) | Jo Dal Hwan (Actor) | Kim Sang Ho (Actor)
    Tales of corruption and moral choices continue to be popular in Korean cinema, more often than not taking a dim view of the activities of the country's authorities and higher-ups. This is very much the case with Ordinary Person, the sophomore effort from writer director Kim Bong-han, focusing on a serial killer case back in the pre-democracy times of the 1980s and following on from his 2013 debut The Hero. The film is headed up by a strong cast of acclaimed actors, with Son Hyun-joo (Hide and Seek), Jang Hyuk (Empire of Lust), Kim Sang-ho (Fabricated City) in the lead roles, and with support from Jo Dal-hwan (A Quiet Dream) and Jeong Man-sik (Asura: The City of Madness). The film takes... [read more]
  3. Asura (2016) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version) Asura (2016) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version) Hwang Jung Min (Actor) | Jung Woo Sung (Actor) | Ju Ji Hoon | Jung Man Shik (Actor)
    Korean director Kim Sung-soo has had a very varied career, from romantic comedies like Please Teach me English and the demon hunting fantasy The Restless through to his recent blockbuster disaster movie The Flu. His latest offering Asura: The City of Madness sees him trying his hand at hardboiled gangster action, reuniting him with regular star Jung Woo-sung, who previously worked with him on Beat, City of the Rising Sun and Musa the Warrior. Its name drawn from Indian mythology, the film is a violent, brutal affair, which premiered at Toronto before going on to win acclaim at a number of other international festivals, picking up a series of awards at home and abroad. Jung Woo-sung plays... [read more]
  4. The Prison (Blu-ray) (Hard Boiled Normal Edition) (Korea Version) The Prison (Blu-ray) (Hard Boiled Normal Edition) (Korea Version) Jo Jae Yoon (Actor) | Kim Rae Won (Actor) | Kim Sung Kyun (Actor) | Lee Kyung Young (Actor)
    Acclaimed Korean screenwriter Na Hyun, known for his work on the likes of May 18, Forever the Moment and other films, makes his directorial debut with The Prison. As its title suggests, the film is set largely in a jail, with Kim Rae-won (Gangnam Blues) as a cop who ends up behind bars, where he encounters a particularly powerful inmate played by Han Suk-kyu (The Royal Tailor). The film enjoyed a lot of buzz during its production, having apparently been pre-sold to over 60 territories around the world, before going on to screen at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and the Far East Film Festival in Udine. The film opens with Kim Rae-won as Song Yoo-gun, a cop known for his... [read more]
  5. Seoul Station (DVD) (Korea Version) Seoul Station (DVD) (Korea Version) Yeon Sang Ho (Director) | Shim Eun Kyung | Lee Joon | Kim Jae Rok
    Having made a name for himself as the leading voice in Korean adult animation with his blistering 2011 debut The King of Pigs and his 2013 follow-up The Fake, the award-winning Yeon Sang-ho returns with Seoul Station. This time around, Yeon marries the kind of biting social criticism that characterises his works with horror genre thrills, following a zombie outbreak in Seoul that starts with the homeless and marginalised living on the streets and under the city's station. After opening with the death of a homeless man from a mysterious bloody bite wound, the film focuses on Hye Sun (Shim Eun-kyung, Hansel and Gretel), a young runaway prostitute living with her useless boyfriend Ki Woong... [read more]
  6. A Quiet Dream (DVD) (Korea Version) A Quiet Dream (DVD) (Korea Version) Zhang Lu (Director, Producer) | Han Ye Ri (Actor) | Park Jung Bum (Actor) | Yang Ik Joon (Actor)
    Chinese Korean writer director Zhang Lu returns with his 13th film, A Quiet Dream, following up on his experimental 2015 offering Love and…. The film is a more straightforward affair, following a collection of eccentric characters in a downtrodden area of Seoul as they meander through their daily lives, played by actress Han Ye-ri (The Hunt), plus a trio of actor directors in Yang Ik-joon (Breathless), Yoon Jong-bin (Kundo: Age of the Rampant) and Park Jung-bum (Alive), something which gives it an amusingly self-referential feel. Having premiered at Busan in 2016, the film has gone on to play a number of international festivals, cementing Zhang's reputation as one of Korea's most... [read more]
  7. The Age of Shadows (2DVD) (Korea Version) The Age of Shadows (2DVD) (Korea Version) Gong Yoo (Actor) | Song Kang Ho (Actor) | Kim Jee Woon (Director) | Han Ji Min (Actor)
    Are there any directors more versatile than Kim Jee-woon? Looking at his CV, it would appear that there certainly can't be many, the Korean helmer having switched between action, comedy, horror, science fiction and quiet drama with assurance and ease, earning himself a slew of awards and a reputation as one of the country's most talented filmmakers in the process. Kim follows up his 2013 Hollywood outing The Last Stand with The Age of Shadows, which surely ranks as one of the biggest Korean films of recent years even if only due to the sheer amount of star power in front of the camera, including Song Kang-ho (The Throne), Gong Yoo (Train to Busan), Han Ji-min (The Fatal Encounter) and... [read more]
  8. Derailed (DVD) (Korea Version) Derailed (DVD) (Korea Version) Choi Min Ho (SHINee) (Actor) | Ma Dong Seok (Actor) | Lee Yoo Jin (Actor) | Kim Jae Young
    Korean writer director Lee Seong-tae makes his feature debut with the dark noir drama Derailed, following up on an acclaimed series of short films, including The Ten-Minute Break, which played several festivals back in 2007. Despite being an indie production, the film has a big-name cast, headlined by Ma Dong-seok, currently riding high after his popular turn in the blockbuster Train to Busan, and Min Ho of SHINee fame, taking on his first substantial big screen role after making an appearance in the melodrama Canola. After premiering at the 21st Busan International Film Festival the film has been making waves on the circuit, playing at a number of other events around the world. Min Ho... [read more]
  9. Luck-Key (2DVD) (Normal Edition) (Korea Version) Luck-Key (2DVD) (Normal Edition) (Korea Version) Yu Hae Jin (Actor) | Lee Joon (Actor) | Lee Dong Hwi | Lim Ji Yeon (Actor)
    Lee Gae-byok, last seen directing the 2005 romantic comedy The Beast and the Beauty, returns with Luck-Key, a Korean remake of Kenji Uchida's 2012 Japanese comedy Key of Life. Revolving around the ever-popular theme of swapping lives, the film stars funny man Yu Hae-jin (Veteran) and Lee Joon (The Piper) in the lead roles, and was a major hit at the domestic box office. The film opens with Lee Joon as Jae-sung, a failed actor who decides that suicide is the only answer to his many problems. After his attempt at killing himself fails, he goes to a nearby public bath, where his path crosses with that of hired killer Hyung-wook (Yu Hae-jin), who slips on a bar of soap and knocks himself... [read more]
  10. Pandora (2DVD) (Korea Version) Pandora (2DVD) (Korea Version) Jung Jin Young (Actor) | Kim Nam Gil (Actor) | Kim Young Ae (Actor) | Kim Joo Hyun (Actor)
    Korean writer director Park Jung-woo follows up his 2012 virus thriller Deranged with another disaster-themed blockbuster in Pandora, convincingly depicting the devastating impact of a nuclear accident on everyday people. Inviting parallels with the 2011 nuclear and earthquake Fukushima disaster in Japan, the film is a markedly anti-authoritarian piece, Park offering a scathing portrayal of government incompetence and corruption. Kim Nam-gil (The Shameless) headlines as Jae-hyuk, a man who works in the local nuclear plant despite his father and brother having both died from radiation poisoning, much to the dismay of his mother (Kim Young-ae, Cart) and long-suffering girlfriend Yeon-joo (Kim... [read more]
  11. One Way Trip (2015) (Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version) One Way Trip (2015) (Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version) Su Ho (EXO) (Actor) | Ji Soo (Actor) | Ryu Jun Yeol (Actor) | Kim Hee Chan (Actor)
    Korean writer director Choi Jeong-yeol, who won the Blue Dragon Award for Best Short Film back in 2008 for his The Unbearable Heaviness of Nagging, makes his feature debut with One Way Trip (also known as Glory Day), a dark drama following the unravelling of the lives of a group of four young men after they make the mistake of trying to help an apparent damsel in distress. The film has an impressive cast in Su Ho from EXO, Ryu Jun-yeol (Socialphobia), Ji Soo (Angry Mom) and Kim Hee-chan (I Miss You), and premiered at the 20th Busan International Film Festival in 2015 before going on to win the Jury Award for Best Feature Film at the 2016 Hanoi International Film Festival. After starting... [read more]
  12. The Last Princess (2DVD) (Normal Edition) (Korea Version) The Last Princess (2DVD) (Normal Edition) (Korea Version) Son Ye Jin (Actor) | Park Joo Mi (Actor) | Park Hae Il (Actor) | Yoon Je Moon (Actor)
    The tragic story of Princess Deokhye, the final princess of the Korean Joseon Dynasty comes to the big screen in The Last Princess. Adapted from the popular 2009 novel of the same name by Kwon Bi-young, the film was directed by Hur Jin-ho, reuniting him with actress Son Ye-jin, who starred in his hit 2005 melodrama April Snow. Following the sad life of Deokhye as she tries desperately to return to her homeland after being forced to stay in captivity in Japan, the film was a major award winner in Korea and boasts a strong supporting cast including Baek Yoon-shik (Inside Men), Yoon Je-moon (The Great Actor) and Park Hae-il (My Dictator). The film opens in 1925 during the Japanese occupation... [read more]
  13. The Hunt (DVD) (Korea Version) The Hunt (DVD) (Korea Version) Ahn Sung Ki (Actor) | Jo Jin Woong (Actor) | Park Byung Eun (Actor) | Son Hyun Ju (Actor)
    Korean director Lee Woo-chul returns with The Hunt, following a considerable hiatus of eleven years since his 2005 horror debut Cello. His latest offering is another genre film, though of a different kind, a thriller following the violent clash between an old hunter and a gang of ruthless gold seekers deep in the mountains, with legendary actor Ahn Sung-ki (Revivre) in the lead. Produced by Kim Han-min, who also worked on the likes of The Admiral: Roaring Currents, the film has a supporting cast of familiar faces, including Jo Jin-woong (Assassination) and Kwon Yool (another The Admiral alumnus) and Han Ye-ri (Haemoo). The film opens with an old woman discovering what appears to be gold... [read more]
  14. Horror Stories III (DVD) (Korea Version) Horror Stories III (DVD) (Korea Version) Kyung Soo Jin (Actor) | Im Seul Ong (2AM) (Actor) | Park Jung Min (Actor) | Ji An (Actor)
    The Horror Stories franchise has proved surprisingly popular and resilient in Korea, returning now with its third instalment of short genre shockers. Undoubtedly one of the reasons behind the success of the series is the fact that it's shown a keen eye for picking talented directors, lifting it above some of the more pick and mix examples of the anthology form, and this time around things are equally promising, with a roster including Min Kyu-dong, Kim Sun and Kim Gok, who all contributed to Horror Stories 1 and 2, joined by Baek Seung-bin (Members of the Funeral). For a horror outing the film also boasts an impressive cast made up of Im Seul-ong of 2AM fame, Kyung Soo-jin (Weightlifting... [read more]
  15. Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (DVD) (Korea Version) Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (DVD) (Korea Version) Yoo Seung Ho (Actor) | Cho Jae Hyun (Actor) | Ko Chang Seok (Actor) | Ra Mi Ran (Actor)
    Writer director Park Dae-min finally follows up his popular 2009 debut Private Eye with Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River, an adaptation of the famous Joseon folktale charting the exploits of the titular rascal and conman. Previously brought to the screen by Han Hong-yeol way back in 1957, this new incarnation of the story stars Yoo Seung-ho (The Magician) in the lead role, joined by a supporting cast that includes Ko Chang-seok (The Con Artists), Ra Mi-ran (The Himalayas) and Cho Jae-hyun (The Fatal Encounter), as well as popstar Xiu Min (EXO), making his big screen debut. After introducing its characters as they feign death during a battle with the Chinese in the north, the film... [read more]
  16. The Phantom Detective (2016) (DVD) (Korea Version)  The Phantom Detective (2016) (DVD) (Korea Version)  Lee Je Hoon (Actor) | Go Ara (Actor) | Kim Sung Kyun (Actor) | Lee Min Woong (Actor)
    Korean director Jo Sung-hee has had a very interesting career trajectory to date, having made his mark with his gritty indie debut End of Animal in 2010, which he followed up with the far more commercial and teen-friendly A Werewolf Boy in 2012. With his latest offering The Phantom Detective Jo again tries his hand at something different, an adaptation of the old folk novel Tale of Hong Gil-dong, updated here to more modern times. Mixing action, mystery and comedy, the film features actor Lee Je-hoon (My Paparotti) in the lead role, his first since returning from army service, along with Go Ara (The Magician), Kim Sung-kyun (Chronicle of a Blood Merchant), Park Geun-hyung (Salut D'Amour),... [read more]
  17. Operation Chromite (2DVD) (Outbox + Double Case + Photobook) (Extended Limited Edition) (Korea Version) Operation Chromite (2DVD) (Outbox + Double Case + Photobook) (Extended Limited Edition) (Korea Version) Lee Jung Jae (Actor) | Liam Neeson (Actor) | Lee Bum Soo (Actor) | Jung Jun Ho (Actor)
    Another Korean historical military blockbuster arrives in the form of Operation Chromite, which depicts the events leading up to the Battle of Incheon in 1950, which proved to be a pivotal moment in the Korean War. The film was directed by John H. Lee, returning to the genre six years after his popular hit 71 – Into the Fire, backed by considerable star power in leading men Lee Jung-jae (Assassination) and Lee Bum-soo (The City of Violence), joined by Hollywood star Liam Neeson. Filled with large scale battle scenes and real-life heroism, the film scored big at the domestic box office, opening in the number one slot. The film is set in 1950, with the North Korean army having taken over most... [read more]
  18. Canola (DVD) (Korea Version) Canola (DVD) (Korea Version) Kim Go Eun (Actor) | Yoon Yeo Jeong (Actor) | Choi Min Ho (SHINee) (Actor) | Yang Ik Joon (Actor)
    Korean director Chang is certainly a man who seems to like variety, having kicked off his career with the high school horror Death Bell in 2008, which he followed with action thriller The Target in 2014, and now with the sentimental drama Canola (a.k.a. Grandmother Gye-choon). Charting the relationship between a newly-reunited grandmother and her wayward granddaughter, played by Youn Yuh-jung (The Bacchus Lady) and Kim Go-eun (Coin Locker Girl) respectively, the film also stars Kim Hee-won (Scarlet Innocence), Yang Ik-joon (A Quiet Dream), and Min-ho of boyband SHINee fame, here making his big screen debut. Set on Jeju Island, the film starts off with Hanyeo diver Gye-choon (Youn Yuh-jung)... [read more]
  19. Don't Forget Me (DVD) (Korea Version) Don't Forget Me (DVD) (Korea Version) Kim Ha Neul (Actor) | Jung Woo Sung (Actor, Producer) | Jang Young Nam (Actor) | Lim Joo Eun (Actor)
    An unfortunate lawyer finds recovering lost memories to be more difficult and painful than he imagined in Remember You (a.k.a. Don't Forget Me) from Korean writer director Lee Yoon-jeong, making her feature debut with a full-length version of her acclaimed 2010 short Remember O Goddess. The independent, partly crowdfunded film was produced by popular actor Jung Woo-sung (Asura: The City of Madness), who headlines along with actress Kim Ha-neul (Blind), backed by a solid supporting cast including Bae Sung-woo (Inside Men) and Jang Young-nam (Ode to My Father). The film opens with Jung Woo-sung as Seok-won, a lawyer who finds himself alone in an apartment and unsure of who he is after... [read more]
  20. Love, Lies (2DVD) (Korea Version) Love, Lies (2DVD) (Korea Version) Han Hyo Ju (Actor) | Chun Woo Hee (Actor) | Yoo Yeon Seok (Actor) | Park Sung Woong (Actor)
    Park Heung-sik, director of Memories of the Sword, returns with a historical drama of a different kind with Love, Lies, revolving around a bitter love triangle between two Korean singers and a songwriter in 1940s Seoul. For its three leads, the film reunites Han Hyo-ju, Chun Woo-hee and Yoo Yeon-seok, who starred together in Bae Sung-woo's 2015 romance The Beauty Inside, and proved very popular with Korean critics, if perhaps not with audiences. The film is set in Seoul in the 1940s, during the final years of the Japanese occupation of Korea, with Han Hyo-ju as So-yul, a gisaeng entertainer who plans to rise to the top of her profession. Studying at gisaeng school, she meets Yeon-hee (Chun... [read more]
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